What is so bad about allowing two friends to adopt a child?

Mike Huckabee, America’s worst nationally syndicated talk show host EVER, mentioned this story in his morning update and I am still trying to figure out how he could be against this kind of adoption?

In a first of its kind ruling in New York, a Manhattan judge has given a couple who’re just friends the green light to become legal co-parents to an adopted girl.

The pals identified, only as LEL and KAL, met in 2000 and have been close friends since, according to court papers.

Several years ago, KAL decided she wanted to become a mom, and LEL offered to be her sperm donor.

But when she couldn’t get pregnant, they “decided to instead adopt a child together,” the court papers say.

“They spent years planning and hoping” for a child, and their dream came true in 2011, when KAL was able to adopt a child — identified as G. — from Ethiopia.

The horror!

I would argue the adoption of the Ethiopian over an American baby is a bigger issue.

If these people wanna take a kid off the street or out of an orphanage, why would we stop them?

So what about gay adoption?

Which this is… probably.

G, “a good-natured toddler and quick to laugh,” transitions “easily and smoothly between her two homes” and has “good relationships with LEL’s domestic partner and KAL’s housemate,” the ruling says.

I’m torn.

That scenario doesn’t seem to be the same, BUT you can easily make the same argument I am making here.

3 Responses

  1. Other than insulting Huckabee, you are out of your element in a human relations story Dale. Way too many things we DON’T know about this story.


  2. Like what?


  3. Hi Dale,

    We adopted overseas instead of domestically primarily because overseas options are final. The biological father isn’t going to suddenly come forward with a lawyer and extort money, or otherwise interfere with the child’s life, as is fairly common with domestic adoption. US Social workers and liberals are stakeholders in the existing US foster care system. Its sad for the kids.

    How did the liberals fix this? They figured out a way to essentially closed down overseas adoption, that’s how…. China, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Guatemala, through UNICEF and something called the Hague convention. There’s a great documentary called “Stuck” (http://www.stuckdocumentary.com) where someone finally got pissed off enough at these liberals and morons in Washington to make a documentary to expose these child-killing liberals.

    After the liberals shut down the countries mentioned above for “documentation irregularities”, its interesting that UNICEF kept Ethiopia and Haiti adoptions open. Sounds fishy to me.

    Bob Sorrells


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