Parker Griffith is ALABAMA STRONG! Now someone tell me what this means…

Is he running for Governor?


State Senate?

State School Board?

Mayor of Gurley?

Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

He recently launched this website and I read the WHOLE thing…

Alabama Strong is a grass-roots movement that brings together the resilient people of Alabama. Together – with one voice united – we can overcome the economic and social challenges facing our great state. We’ve excelled in the face of adversity: from the civil rights movement to engineering a rocket that put man on the moon. Join the conversation where your voice matters today.

If I am Alabama Strong, I  don’t play up the civil rights movement…

That doesn’t help.

I still have no idea what this means.


You have talk jocks who are just mindless fools who have a microphone.

Come on, at least say my name.

They are just spewing this stuff in to society and people who are not informed, it is changing their attitude, their becoming depressed, their enthusiasm level is going away. Their saying “woe is me, America is in the decline”. Bullshit.

Yes. Bullshit.

Not only is Alabama strong, America is strong.


What is the goal!?



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