Positions and Interviews on Alabama’s Constitutional Amendments…

Parts of the summaries are stolen from State Representative Ed Henry

Amendment # 1 – Re-authorize “Forever Wild” for another 20 years. Interview with Senator Dick Brewbaker here. He is the sponsor and is a NO, vote NO. (Dr. Jess Brown is a YES)

Amendment # 2 – A YES  vote allows the state to refinance existing bonds and authorizes a never ending line of credit to never exceed $750 million. Sponsor Representative Jay Love crashes and burns as he tries to explain it here, Alabama’s Deputy Finance Director Clinton Carter does a much better job here. As of now I am a soft YES because the state HAS to compete for jobs and this allows that to happen without getting into a massive hole, that can change. (Dr. Jess Brown is a YES)

Amendment # 3 – This is a local issue pertaining only to the Stockton community and surrounding area of Baldwin County, therefore I will be leaving it blank and I don’t care.

Amendment # 4 – This amendment removes the racial language added to the 1901 Constitution of Alabama. The AEA claims it is a move to end public education, which is moronic. Senator Arthur Orr is the sponsor of the Amendment, he can be heard here. He is right, vote YES to repeal this language. (Dr. Jess Brown is a NO)

Amendment # 5 – Like amendment #3, this is a local amendment and does not pertain to anyone other than those living in the city of Mobile or Prichard area, therefore I will be leaving it blank and I don’t care.

Amendment # 6 – This amendment sets up a Constitutional challenge to Obama care. Vote YES. (Dr. Jess Brown is a YES) We talked to Former Representative Blaine Galiher who sponsored the Amendment. Listen here

Amendment # 7 – This is an amendment to the Alabama Constitution that provides a right to individuals to vote for public office, public votes on referenda, and votes of employee representation by “secret ballot”. Every other election in out nation requires a secret ballot, vote YES. (Dr. Jess Brown is a YES) We spoke to State Representative Kurt Wallace who sponsored the bill. Listen here

Amendment # 8 – This amendment drastically alters the way our legislator’s salaries are calculated. It will also prevent the legislature from being able to give itself another 62% pay raise like the 2007 democratically controlled legislature gave itself. Vote YES (Dr. Jess Brown is a YES)

Amendment # 9 – This amendment revises the Alabama Constitution regarding business entities. Over the years the nature of business in Alabama has changed and evolved. Today, the language in Article XII of the Alabama Constitution is extremely outdated and at times irrelevant in the current business environment regarding the different types of business entities we now have, such as; corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. My vote is YES. (Dr. Jess Brown is a YES)

Amendment # 10 – This amendment will revise and recompile the sections of the Constitution concerning banks and banking. Like amendment #9, this is a “clean up” amendment and updates Alabama’s current banking practices. My vote YES. (Dr. Jess Brown is a YES)

Amendment # 11 – This Amendment prohibits any municipality outside of Lawrence County from imposing any municipal ordinance A Yes Keeps Decatur from extending their jurisdiction outside the city limits into Lawrence County. Vote NO on this Amendment, citizens in Lawrence should be able to join Decatur if they wish FINE I WILL STAY OUT OF IT! If you don’t live there don’t vote, if you do, I recommend a YES. (Dr.Brown is NON VOTER on this)

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