Explaining “The Republican party platform plank on a Human Life Amendment”… Kinda.

From the GOP committeeman responsible for the position…

Since 1980, the Republican Party Platform has endorsed the adoption of “a Human Life Amendment” to protect unborn life and to reverse Roe v. Wade. Carl Anderson, now head of the Knights of Columbus of the U.S., and I drafted this plank, and it has remained the same and in the platform since then. In addition, I was Co-Chairman of the Subcommittee on Restoring Constitutional Government of the Platform Committee which readopted this platform plank this year.

In 1980, there were dozens of different versions of a Human Life Amendment then pending in Congress. The approaches included a state’s rights version, one reversing the right to abortion, one endorsing restoring personhood, one permitting abortion only to save the life of the mother and some allowing abortion in instances of rape and incest.

The Republican Party plank endorsing a Human Life Amendment does not take a position on which version of a Human Life Amendment should eventually be adopted. We leave that decision to Congress and the people of the United States at that time. Thus, we do not take a position on which exceptions should be included in a Human Life Amendment.

The same approach is taken in the platform when it endorses a constitutional amendment for a Balanced Budget and protecting traditional marriage.

James Bopp Jr.
Co-chairman of the Subcommittee on Restoring Constitutional Government
Convention Committee on Resolutions
National Committeeman, Indiana

Some have exceptions for rape and incest, some do not.

Is that a cop-out? Maybe… Probably…

Will it get a ton of play, yes because of Todd Akin. But read the text, it has been this way since 1980.

And from Sen Cam Ward this AM, The plank forbidding abortion in cases of incest and rape was defeated.

Claiming that is a core plank is disingenuous.

But to imply the position is held by every member of the party is absurd. It is also absurd to pick out the most “extreme” position and claim that the whole party holds that as well.

The GOP is made of of what I find to be social conservative loons like Rep. Todd Akin and “Fiscalconservative and Socially “Mehs” people like me.

I believe in In Vitro Fertilization…

I believe abortion should be legal and rare…

I believe partial birth abortion is evil…

I believe that not telling parents that a minor is getting an abortion is absurd.

So find me that and a group that wants to cut spending as well and I will consider joining that party.

Until then, I will roll with those I hate the least and against those I hate the most.

This is how politics works.


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