Can we hurry up and put Don Siegelman in jail now?

Surprise his lawyer says not to

A lawyer for former Gov. Don Siegelman is asking a judge not to send Siegelman back to prison — or at least to cut his sentence substantially — arguing the one-time titan of Alabama politics already has been punished enough.

Siegelman lawyer Susan James wrote in a sentencing memo filed Tuesday that Siegelman — who has served nine months of his original 88-month sentence — has been humiliated and punished, and that a sentence of community service would allow him to put his considerable skills to good use for the state.

“Returning Governor Siegelman to prison is not necessary and would serve no stated penological purpose,” Siegelman lawyer Susan James wrote in a sentencing memo filed in federal court Tuesday.

Siegelman, 66, is scheduled to be resentenced Friday after a long appellate battle to try to overturn his 2006 conviction on bribery charges. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out two of the honest services fraud charges against Siegelman, which prompted the resentencing. But the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the entire case, as Siegelman had hoped.

A federal jury in 2006 convicted Siegelman of selling a seat on a hospital regulatory board to former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy in exchange for $500,000 in donations to Siegelman’s 1999 referendum campaign to establish a state lottery. He was sentenced and began serving in prison in 2007, but he was released in 2008 to pursue his appeal. Scrushy, who was not released, has completed his sentence and is living in Texas.

The Executive Editor of the Mobile Press-Register, you know the government watchdog says not to

Mike Marshall

Agree! He has been sufficiently punished, and we can’t afford to keep him in prison in any case…


Stupidity is right…

Yeah, Don Sieigelman’s illegal deal with Schrushy was not his only questionable deal…

Posted on June 8, 2012 by Dale Jackson

I really am tiring of liberals whining about Don Siegelman’s conviction on bribery charges is somehow indicitive of a flawed law and a corrupt system.

Do they honestly believe that a judge, the court, the appeals court, the Bush and Obama DOJ, the Bush and Obama AGs and the Supreme Court are all part of a conspiracy against the former Alabama Governor, who is in their mind innocent of all wrongdoing. It makes no sense.

Reality check, Sieigelman is shady and has always been.

Next time someone brings this up to you point them to this

Long story short, Sieigelman sold a $125,000 for $250,00 while Governor.

Pretty damning stuff in that book, especially the chapter titled, “Selling a house, Seigelman style”.


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