5/8: On location in Washington DC, Rubio’s DREAM Act and Biden’s stance on gay marriage is totally gay…

Coming to you live from DC this AM for the The Federation of American Immigration Reform’s annual Hold Their Feet To The Fire rally…

Will be here through Wednesday to focus on the issue of illegal immigration with specail guests and topics.

We will however continue to focus on Alabama and North Alabama in particular.

Guests today:

  • 6:00 AM – Congressman Brooks believes the federal government has been derelict in its border protection
    and immigration duties with both short-and long-term adverse effects. A former Special
    Assistant Attorney General for Alabama, Congressman Brooks seeks to use his office to uphold
    the rule of law and protect Americans from the costs of illegal immigration. Congressman
    Brooks supports and will vote for substantive measures that remove illegal aliens from
    America. Brooks has also witnessed firsthand the effects of illegal immigration on Alabamians
    which drove the state to enact of the more comprehensive immigration enforcement laws in the
  • 7:30 AM – Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” is a name Arpaio has certainly earned as head of the nation’s third largest Sheriff’s Office which employs over 3000 people. His jurisdiction is Maricopa County which includes Phoenix, the kidnapping capital of America, with more incidents than any other city in the world outside of Mexico City and over 370 cases last year alone. Over 500,000 illegal aliens reside in AZ, many of them in his county. Sheriff Arpaio’s strong rule-of-law stance against illegal immigration has put him front and center of Arizona’s hot debate over SB-1070 and made him a target of special interests attacks. Part of his “toughness” is his ability to take the punches and continue serving the interests of
    legal residents who put him in office and who heartily support his efforts. Arpaio’s popularity is unquestionable; he has been reelected to an unprecedented five 4-year terms.
  • 8:00 – Mark Krikorian. Director, Center for Immigration Studies, CIS is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985. It is the nation’s only think tank devoted exclusively to research and policy analysis of the economic, social, demographic, fiscal, and other impacts of immigration on the U.S. Mark has written multiple books on the effect of massive immigration on America and in his latest, How Obama Is Transforming America Through Immigration, he lays out President Obama’s mass amnesty, open borders immigration policy and the detrimental consequences it will have on American’s future. Krikorian writes, “high levels of immigration, regardless of legal status, would progressively move the United States in the direction of more government and less liberty.” It is one of the few publications to track the Administration’s effort to weaken immigration enforcement.
  • 8:30 AM – Alex Schiver, Chairman of the College Republican National Committee

Marco Rubio is pushing amnesty?

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) aims to have his alternative to the DREAM Act proposal on paper in the next few weeks and passed by the end of the summer.

“Our goal is to pass something this summer in time for kids who plan to go to school this fall,” Rubio press secretary Alex Conant said Monday.

I don’t like this one bit, especially considering that he could be the VP-nominee.

He says this is not amnesty…

“We use the existing immigration system to deal with a humanitarian issue. And that is these children who entered this country illegally or have overstayed visas illegally, through no fault of their own,” Rubio said on Fox News Sunday. “These are children, they follow their parents. The parents put them in this predicament.”


That is amnesty.

The reality is I could get behind this IF it included some real enforcement of the actual law breakers.

Great piece on the reality we are facing… PAIN NOW OR PAIN LATER?

With more than half of the 17 Eurozone countries slipping back into recession in recent months and popular discontent reaching a crescendo, overseers of the European common currency may be more likely to heed the hurting countries’ calls for stimulus spending now in hopes of generating growth to pay down debts later.

Elections in Greece and France that gave a resounding rebuff to painful austerity measures imposed by the European Union to protect the euro have raised concerns that citizens of countries with bloated government budgets may still be in denial about what needs to be done to bolster the euro.

The two Eurozone nations that voted out leaders supportive of the painful belt-tightening that has driven up unemployment and cut deep into public benefits did so for different reasons and with glaringly disparate prospects for success, say economists and political scientists who study Europe.

“Austerity measures are needed in most of these countries, especially Greece, Portugal, Ireland, because these countries have been living far beyond their means. There has been totally irresponsible spending by both the governments and the populations,” said Ivan T. Berend, a Hungarian-born professor of European economic and political history at UCLA.

People love free stuff, run and say the other guy wants to take that free stuff away.


Joe Biden is for gay marriage… Let’s all freak out

n the wake of Biden’s assertion that he is “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriage on Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press and a similar comment from Arne Duncan on Monday morning, reporters pounced on the White House press secretary during his press conference yesterday, desperately trying to transmute the officials’ remarks into some long-awaited clarity on Obama’s gay-marriage stance”

Obama can’t decide?

Still, Obama’s the president, gay marriage remains a divisive, hot-button issue, and his stance on it makes no sense. To review: Obama is, overall, pro-gay-rights. At the risk of overgeneralization, let’s say his presidency has been generally well-reviewed by gay-rights advocates, with whom he gained serious capital by repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, ordering the Department of Justice to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, and beefing up the ability of same-sex partners to visit each other in the hospital and designate each other as surrogate decision-makers.

He’s made it clear, in short, that he views this as a civil-rights issue. But as president (and as a presidential candidate), he’s never come out in support of gay marriage. “My feelings about this are constantly evolving,” he said in late 2010, explaining that he was in favor of civil unions, but not marriages. “This is something that we’re going to continue to debate, and I personally am going to continue to wrestle with going forward.”


4 Responses

  1. On the Gay Marriage issue…… Can’t stop it if you wanted to and there are bigger fish to fry. But what every Tax Payer should care about is the additional people that this will put on the government check mailing list. That is the “Why Would You Care” answer. Many of those new ” spouses” will qualify for tax benefits, a social security check, a government employee retirement check, a military retirement check, full benefits for active duty military, and so on. I can look the other way about who somebody else marries. Somehow I just don’t feel like it is right to be forced into paying for it.


  2. Either its a legally recognized civil union, or its not. Why should the marriages of gays receive any less benefit that that of heteros?
    If you dont want gays to marry, just say so, be proud of your opinion.


  3. Why should marriages of gays receive less benefit than those of hetero’s…..because it’s WRONG? Hello? Dale wants to make this issue out to be PERSONAL…like people have an issue with JOE because he’s GAY, and they don’t want JOE to get married…yada yada… and then make it also a POLITICAL issue, when it’s not. It has nothing to do with JOE, or POLITICS, it has everything to do with what is right and what is wrong. Some people believe that homosexuality should be considered a RACE, because they are ‘born that way” and can’t help it that they are attracted to the same sex…..but in keeping with that theory, why do we not also attribute that same mantra to Pedophiles? They can’t help it either…Oh I know, because Homosexuality is consensual, and pedophilia is not. So Homo ok, pedo, not ok. But the “attraction” is the same, is it not? What about people into Bestiality, I guess they can’t help it either, they were “born that way”…..so let’s let them marry their barnyard animals if they want to…Hell let’s give EVERYONE the chance to get MARRIED!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

    Do you not see how absolutely ridiculous this is? Just like Rush said, 10 years ago…Marriage meant between a Man and a Woman, and then somewhere along the line, someone has come along and said “I want to CHANGE that definition to include sexual deviance”…..and now, we have to DEFEND what has always been. What’s up with that? Dale wants to say “How does a gay getting married harm anyone?”…. It CONDONES THE SEXUAL DEVIANCY!! HELLO?!!! It may not HARM anyone, but what it does is give license for the WRONG behavior. Does that mean I HATE JOE because he’s gay? No….Joe may be a great guy…may be a prick….that has nothing to do with anything… Most people (and primarily OBVIOUSLY in North Carolina) believe that homosexuality is just as wrong as pedophilia….and necrophilia, and bestiality….and categorize it ALL as wrong…..do consenting adults have the right to corn hole each other? Sure!! Nobody is stopping them from doing that…..they have that freedom…but to take an institution, good, bad, indifferent, and CHANGE it after EONS and EONS of existence so that sexual deviance can be condoned is not right…..and it’s NOT personal…..but some/most people just don’t care for it.

    So no, I don’t hate anyone who is Gay, nor do I believe they can’t have relationships, I just don’t believe they should be allowed to destroy the definition of the word “Marriage”……Civil Unions are fine….but not marriage…and NO Dale…it’s not personal or political….sorry.


  4. A few thousand years is not an eon.
    Equating pedophiles with gays means you lose the argument, not to mention quoting Limbaugh. The age of consent rationale is a standard in our criminal and civil justice system.
    A marriage is nothing more than a civil contract. The fact that many chose to get married in a church has bearing on the contract in the eyes of the courts.
    Trying to make laws of the USA adhere to some “Christian liberty” construct is not going to work anymore. The ruling that the Defense of Marriage Act is unConstitutional is imminent, meaning that any marriage contract made in any of the states that currently allow gay marriage will have to be recognized by all 50 states.


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