5/7: On location in Washington DC, immigration reform and campaign finance laws being enforced…

Coming to you live from DC this AM for the The Federation of American Immigration Reform’s annual Hold Their Feet To The Fire rally…

Will be here through Wednesday to focus on the issue of illegal immigration with specail guests and topics.

We will however continue to focus on Alabama and North Alabama in particular.

Guests today:

  • 7:00 AM – Tom Fitton, President Judicial Watch is a conservative, non-partisan educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law. Under Fitton’s leadership, Judicial Watch was named one of Washington’s top ten most effective government watchdog organizations by The Hill newspaper.
  • 7:30 AM – Leah Durant, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform, (PFIR). PFIR is a growing, left-of-center group that is working to reduce immigration levels so that demands placed on limited jobs, energy supplies and our environment are lessened. Prior to her tenure at Progressives, Ms. Durant served as an Attorney with the Civil Division of United States Department of Justice. Ms. Durant’s experience spans several years of involvement with population and sustainable living initiatives and examining the global impacts of U.S. population growing, left-of-center group that is working to reduce immigration levels so that demands placed on limited jobs, energy supplies and our environment are lessened. Prior to her tenure at Progressives, Ms. Durant served as an Attorney with the Civil Division of United States Department of Justice. Ms. Durant’s experience spans several years of involvement with population and sustainable living initiatives and examining the global impacts of U.S. population growth.
  • 8:00 AM – State Rep. Mike Ball

Two interesting stories from FAIR….

#1. FAIR on HB56, it does not mention how HB56 raped your mother and killed your father

HB56 was enacted to reduce the state’s attractiveness as a destination for illegal aliens and to ensure that all of the state’s residents respect U.S. immigration law.  HB56 protects Alabama’s most vulnerable residents who are often discriminated against in hiring because illegal aliens are willing to work off the books for wages that undercut American workers. HB 56 was also adopted in order to strengthen Alabama’s economy and it includes a number of aspects that offer significant future economic benefit to the state.

Economic Benefits

  • Increased opportunity for currently unemployed and underemployed Alabamians;
  • Increased wages for legal workers which means less dependence on social assistance and greater tax revenue for state and local governments;
  • More money spent locally rather than sent out of the country as remittances, which means greater spending, production, and job growth as well as tax collection;
  • A more stable workforce and a level-playing field for all employers;
  • Reduced expenditures on educating the children of illegal aliens, especially with respect to cost of special English instruction;
  • Reduced emergency medical expenditures as well as reduced competition for the limited resources of emergency treatment centers;
  • Increased incentives to modernize and mechanize production that has depended on exploiting low-wage workers.

Again, we ignore reality and say things like  “Hispanic students are scared“.

The U.S. Department of Justice has issued a stark warning against Alabama’s controversial immigration law, which feds say has caused “increased hostility, bullying and intimidation,” leading to a surge in school absences among Hispanic students, and will have “continuing and lasting” consequences.

The immigration law HB 56 and Section 28 have “diminished access to and quality of education for many of Alabama’s Hispanic children, resulted in missed school days, chilled or prevented the participation of parents in their children’s education, and transformed the climates of some schools into less safe and welcoming spaces for Hispanic children,” Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Thomas Perez wrote in a letter to Alabama Superintendent of Education Thomas Bice.

The Justice Department sued Alabama last fall over that statute in the state’s H.B. 56 — signed by Republican Gov. Robert Bentley in June — that requires schools to collect information on the immigration status of students who seek enrollment, though it does not block undocumented students from enrolling in the public school system. A federal appeals court last October blocked the state from implementing the statute, but ruled to stay parts of the law.

Why is this the case? Because the media lied and pretended that kids were going to be met with immigration officers at school.

Screw em, if you are too stupid to actually know what is going on then maybe you fleeing the state isn’t so bad.

#2… Jobs

Q. LEGAL immigrants are taking jobs?
A. Yes. The “LEGAL” immigrants our government admitted over the last two years landed hundreds of thousands of jobs, while Americans lost millions of jobs. Check out this data from Pew Hispanic Research. Yet today our government continues admitting more than a million legal immigrants and temporary foreign workers per year. Even with 14 million Americans unable to find a job.

Q: Whose jobs are they taking?

A: While the jobs new immigrants are taking cross many categories, lower wage jobs are disproportionately affected. That’s translating to higher unemployment rates and downward wage pressure for all lower income Americans, especially African- Americans, Hispanic Americans and first-generation immigrants.

Q: I thought our LEGAL immigration system was designed to bring in the world’s smartest people to drive America’s economy?
A: That’s a myth. Less than 6% of immigrants are admitted based on economics or job skills. The majority of immigrants admitted to America reflect the same lower education levels associated with illegal immigration. And they compete for the same jobs as Americans with lower education levels.

Q: America admits more than 1,000,000 LEGAL immigrants per year. How does that compare to other countries?
A: America admits more LEGAL immigrants than any other industrialized country in the world. More than France, Great Britain, Ireland, Mexico, Italy, Canada and Switzerland, combined.

Alabama Republican Party oddly does the right thing, not sure if they did it for the right reason or not…

The Alabama Republican Party has voted to disqualify the candidacy of Chris Messervy, who won a district court judge runoff here two weeks ago, after determining he committed a violation of the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

Messervy, 33, missed several campaign finance disclosure filing deadlines, but Messervy said a party candidate committee focused on a late filing that was submitted on the date of the March 13 primary.

“I appreciate everyone’s support. It’s difficult to be removed on a technical issue especially after all the hard work everyone put in,” Messervy said. “I had one of the best election lawyers, Algert Agricola, in the state representing me in the hearing and we’ll weigh options going forward.

The rules are the rules. Unfortunately, these rules are almost never followed and IF the ALGOP appoints Linda Coats they have no credibility moving forward.

Alabama law requires candidates to file monthly and, during the final months of a campaign, weekly financial disclosures showing itemized contributions of $100 or more and campaign expenditures.

According to Alabama Secretary of State records, of the 22 filings required since September 30, Messervy had at least 15 late filings, 11 of which were less than a week late. One filing due March 9, was filed on the date of the primary election, March 13. His March monthly filing due March 31, was a month late.

Coats has two late filings, according to the secretary of state’s website.

So what now?

The state Republican Party now has the authority to select a new nominee to be on the ballot in November. There is no Democrat opposition for the seat, currently held by District Judge Lynn Sherrod, so party officials will be effectively selecting a judge, not just a nominee.

The ALGOP picks a judge. It should not be Messervy or Coats.


  • Jeff Enfinger (SD-7):  Brian at Flashpoint has covered State Senate candidate Jeff Enfinger’s “2006 irregularties” in campaign reporting: a $92k discrepancy and transfers from Enfinger’s personal accounts to his PAC.
  • Steve Raby (AL-05): And people have been all over AL-05 candidate Steve Raby’s PAC activities.
  • Kay Ivey (AL-Lt. GOV): Had a continuing pattern of “loaning” her campaign a million dollars right before reporting cash on hand and then repaying the “loan” a few days after filing her report. Not illegal, but damned misleading.
  • Ron Sparks (AL-GOV): Included almost a quarter million dollars worth of contributions mainly from PACs received in January 2010 on his 2009 year end report.  According to the reporting rules, these contributions should not have been on the report since the 2009 reports cover Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2009.
  • Robert Bentley (AL-GOV):  Bentley amended his report on 10/12/10 to show an in-kind contribution from AEA.  That organization (surprise!) amended its report on the same day to show an in-kind contribution to Bentley.  As Danny at the Political Parlor points out, this is especially noteworthy because Bentley had previously denied he received support from AEA or worked with them in the primary.  So much for that “innocent bystander” story.
  • Wayne Johnson (HD-22):  According to a complaint (PDF!) filed last week with the Alabama Attorney General’s office, Johnson’s 45-day FCPA report wasn’t notarized and his 10-day report wasn’t received until June 9, 2010 – long after the primary was over.

Did any of these people get booted? No. But they had contested elections to win.

People like free stuff and don’t like being told they aren’t going to get it anymore

With final results of the French presidential election announced on Monday, the socialist challenger, François Hollande had secured 51.62 percent of the runoff vote, defeating Nicolas Sarkozy as polls had foreshadowed.

In broad terms, the French vote unsettled center-right governments across Europe, while their center-left adversaries felt emboldened, hoping that the triumph of one socialist leader presaged a wider resurgence.

But the real nub of the ideological and fiscal contest lay in the continent’s traditional driving axis between Berlin and Paris, with Mr. Hollande promising to rewrite the austerity-driven pact struck between Mr. Sarkozy and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, whose own electoral fortunes are also uncertain.

2 Responses

  1. We have one way in returning the power to the American people, is to retire the majority of Democrats, Liberals and Republican politicians, and give that influence to the Constitutional TEA PARTY leadership. Under Obama we have seen the U.S. deficit rising to an almost fanatical 16 trillion dollars. In Sen. Harry Reid’s party no move towards a balanced budget. Then both parties have deliberately ignored the astronomical $113 billion dollars a year, pander to the 20 plus million illegal migrants and immigrants already settled here. Our only real chance to stop the illegal invaders is adopting more Tea Party Senators and Representatives. Millions of demoralized Americans of different racial make-ups, religions and political parties have joined the Tea Party that represents all citizens, permanent residents whether of Hispanic, Latino, European, and Asian, Pacific Rim or any part of the world’s population who came here legally.

    Beginning with Arizona v. the justice Department who revolted against the high court’s unfunded mandates, that STATES must give health care, an education and welfare programs to anybody who can slither past our fences or just lie to an agent, when they alighting from a jet plane from another country. Other than Sanctuary states, the rest are waiting for the outcome in June by SCOTUS. Patiently waiting is Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina and the majority of other states to at least have some confirmation, whether they can advance a policing policy to check a person’s eligibility to be in the United States?

    Senator Marco Rubio has his own plan for the Dream Act, other than the very incendiary law that Democrats have in mind. For any realistic chance of the Dream Act gaining passage in Congress, certain provisions must be in effect. The central government has to enact a nationwide mandatory E-Verify program, that Chain Migration must be rescinded from immigration law, that only children below the age of ten would be considered and that all recipients to obtain a path to citizenship, must depart the country and apply for a entry at an Embassy, as every other patient immigrant must do. A larger majority of the Tea Party members would also insist that the Birthright Citizenship law be amended, so no pregnant illegal alien mother or parents could take advantage any more with their child/children getting instant citizenship. That no baby/infant should become a taxpayer’s burden, unless one parent is a U.S. citizen. Over the years this law has become mutated, and should not be a foothold, for every illegal migrant or immigrant who smuggles themselves into America to gain admittance to welfare and public assistance. Our own pregnant females suffer a large disadvantage by the hospital clogged by illegal alien Mothers, whereas citizens and residents must pay maternity fees, while others get a free uncompensated ride. These programs should only be available to citizens, naturalized citizens and green card holders.


    That the farming and agricultural commerce have an obligation to pay the benefits for their labor and not the state’s taxpayers. There will no importation of migrant poverty anymore, by cutting off access to welfare, food stamps, and section 8 housing programs. Taxpayer doesn’t need or should we accept any new low skilled workers, instead we must necessitate in supplying our own citizens with more occupational programs. Further we must safeguard our voting system which has been compromised by the far left, its Liberal associates, Democrats and groups like ACORN that became a vital factor of a growing number of state requiring official ID to vote. Illegal aliens are voting and will again in local, state and federal elections and this dishonesty must be ended. Another set of regulations to amend, would be a careful examination of the current visa system allowing around a million legal immigrants annually into the U.S. No further violation can be tolerated from businesses and we should only permit the highest intelligence in engineering, the sciences, mathematicians and computer technology professionals to immigrate.

    Illegal immigration must become a thing of the past by securing our border fences. Business that intentionally ignores E-Verify should face harsh sanctions, including prison. Elected officials, who allow such provisions as Sanctuary City ordinances, should be punished and government legislators should sever funds to these perpetrators. All federal and state legislators, governors, majors, police chiefs should be put on notice, that voters will unseat them, specially the Tea Party members. Any illegal alien invaders of this sovereign country, should be prosecuted as a Felony, not a civil infraction, with ID theft or Voter Fraud should be mandatory prison sentence, with no exceptions.

    America is bleeding badly from years of neglect by both political parties and pampering of foreign nationals cannot be accepted any more as the norm. Internal enforcement is more urgent than ever before, because of supporting illegal aliens is skyrocketing and taxpayers are on the hook. Illegal aliens have also found a way, to obtain $4.6 billion dollars annually by defrauding the IRS and the taxpayers, using non-existent children tax credits. Elections are no longer safe as Democrats and their less honest followers are participating in voter fraud. We either need a national ID card or that all voters must possess a government picture ID for proof of who they are?

    If you cherish your freedoms from the corruption in Washington that benefits all of us, we need a balanced tax system with no subsidies, a right to drill on the Peoples National land and sea for plentiful reservoirs of oil, natural gas to alleviate our out-of-control deficit. No more government bail outs for the friends of the White house. Throw out all the profiteering lawmakers and by cleaning house, put recognizable TEA PARTY leaders in their place. Voters need to demand from Congress, specifically from GOP House speaker, John Boehner of Ohio and Dave Camp of Michigan, as the Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee to stop blocking the 50-state E-Verify bill. Call the central switchboard at 202-224-3121 Washington, DC. For further information on this crisis subject, check with NumbersUSA website, where even Congress consults on immigration matters.

    Latest News: Governor of Oregon, a Democrat of course has allowed police to accept the Mexican Matricula Consular ID cards as proof of citizenship for driving. The FBI has stated that this Picture ID, is very unreliable document for representing the individual of who they say they are?
    One commentary on the Internet states:

    There is a small farming community in Texas, about 160 families, that has a Post Office with 1,500 PO Boxes. Mexicans cross the border every year to pick up their IRS checks for “Families with dependent children tax credit”; in fact these are welfare payments to illegal aliens.


  2. Amnesty is a plank in the compassionate conservative platform. Reagan started it, BushII would have done it again. Rinomney will not speak against it in hopes of getting at least a few percent of the Hispanic vote.


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