4/23: Economic terrorism, BULLYING SOLVED and judge race talk!

Guest today:

  • 6:30 AM – Madison County GOP Executive Committee Member Glenda Reitzell
  • 7:00 AM – Limestone County Commission Candidate Richard Lauderdale
  • 7:30 AM – Madison County District Court Judge Chris Messervy
  • 8:00 AM – State Rep. Mike Ball

Political economic terrorism continues…

N.O.W. gets in on the anti-Rush crying…

Title: For NOW Leaders Only: Enough Rush Strategy Session with Media Matters
Date: Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. EDT

A vicious attack on Sandra Fluke for daring to speak for contraception access is only the latest salvo from Rush Limbaugh. Through the years NOW has taken leadership to stop the blatant hatred spread by Rush Limbaugh. Please join us and our friends at Media Matters by webinar on Wednesday, May 2, at 8 p.m. EDT for an overview of the current status of Rush Limbaugh and his airers and sponsors, as well how your chapter can take action to get Rush off the air once and for all.

This is a strategy session for NOW leaders only. Please do not publicize on broader lists or public web pages.

Register by clicking the REGISTER NOW button above, or by clicking this link:

“do not publicize”???

Rush just lit a $400 dollar cigar with a $1000 bill.

Meanwhile, ALEC is having supporters drop like flies over “Stand Your Ground”

A coalition of public advocacy groups, including Common Cause, has been pressuring companies to drop their ALEC memberships following the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. The shooter, George Zimmerman, claimed self-defense under the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows individuals to use deadly force if they feel threatened. Similar laws have been enacted in other states with the support of ALEC and the National Rifle Association.

McDonald’s Corp. (MCD), Kraft Foods Inc. (KFT) and the Coca-Cola Co. (KO) are among companies that have announced that they won’t renew their ALEC memberships.

ALEC said on April 17 that it will focus on economic issues as it abolished the task force that drafted the “Stand Your Ground” measure and one requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls.

Here is the amazing part from Kraft, who dropped earlier this month…

We belong to many external groups, including ALEC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that promotes growth and fiscal responsibility.

ALEC covers numerous issues but our involvement has been strictly limited to discussions about economic growth and development, transportation and tax policy. We did not participate in meetings or conversations related to other issues. Our membership in ALEC expires this spring and for a number of reasons, including limited resources, we have made the decision not to renew.

So they believe in the cause, but had to drop out because if they didn’t they would be attacked by terrorists. Never give in to terrorists, IT WILL NEVER STOP!


To further drive home the effectiveness of economic terrorism, look no further than the Congressional Black Caucus….

The U.S. Justice Department has used its powers under the Voting Rights Act to challenge ALEC-inspired voter laws in South Carolina and Texas, saying the measures disproportionately disenfranchise minorities.

Bloomberg reported this month that 13 of the 22 companies and trade associations represented on ALEC’s private enterprise board also contributed at least $2 million to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. The Congressional Black Caucus has said that voter-ID laws “suppress” the right to vote of minorities.

These groups support ALEC but still gave money to the Congressional Black Caucus, a group that opposes all the things ALEC does.


Racism, that’s why, as in you give us money or you are racist.

Terrorism works.

Waaaaaaaah! I did not get endorsed.

The Republican Madison County District Court Judge race heated up the generally quiet runoff campaign season after five sitting local judges offered a rare endorsement of a candidate, Huntsville attorney Chris Messervy.

Messervy’s opponent, Huntsville attorney Linda Coats, was the top vote-getter in the March 13 primary, winning 48 percent of the vote.

Coats, 44, a veteran GOP official and volunteer, questioned the judges’ endorsements and called them “divisive to the party” during a candidate forum Saturday at the Madison County Republican Men’s Club breakfast.

“I strongly believe that public endorsements by sitting judges improperly uses the office to influence an election and this is not in keeping with the reserve and impartiality that should be shown to the office,” Coats said in an interview Friday.

Should Messervy not have accepted those endorsements?

The sitting judges endorsing Messervy are presiding Madison County Circuit Judge Karen Hall and Circuit Judges Billy Bell, Dennis O’Dell and Jim Smith and District Judge S.H. “Dick” Richardson. Hall, O’Dell and Richardson are Republicans, and Bell and Smith are Democrats. Three retired circuit court judges, Daniel Banks, Loyd Little and Bud Watson, also endorsed Messervy.

Hall said she was endorsing Messervy, 33, based on his character, reputation and ability to handle the position.

“A judge must be a person of integrity and must honor and respect the high position

Why Coats is even talking about this is beyond me, no one would have even known about it had she not said anything. The only thing that could make this worse is if she cried sexism.

The Huntsville Times nailed it today…

With no hot races on the ballot and only two other races that Republican voters countywide will decide, the two candidates have been on the go since the primary election six weeks ago to remind voters to cast their ballots Tuesday.


Zimmerman walks out of jail today

George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot an unarmed teenager, was released from jail about midnight Sunday, two days after a Florida judge set his bond at $150,000.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, said in court Friday that Zimmerman would probably continue to live in hiding while he awaited his trial date, as he had done for weeks leading up to his April 11 arrest on second-degree murder charges in the slaying of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

An initial decision by police and prosecutors in Sanford, Fla., to decline to arrest Zimmerman after his fatal Feb. 26 encounter with Martin, an African American, set off protests and debate nationwide over perceived racial disparities in the justice system. Zimmerman’s father is white and his mother is a Latina from Peru.

Zimmerman and his family say they have been the subject of violent threats.

Zimmerman will walk eventually and here is why

Can someone please explain to me how this is anti-woman?

ThinkProgress noted Grenell’s tendency to make cutting remarks about the appearances of prominent women in media and politics, including his tweet advising MSNBC host Rachel Maddow “to take a breath and put on a necklace,” and another suggesting she resembled a Justin Bieber.

In another tweet, Grenell wrote that “Hillary is starting to look liek Madeline [sic] Albright.” He discussed First Lady Michelle Obama working out and “sweating on the East Room carpet.” He also asked whether Callista Gingrich’s “hair snaps on,” and on another occasion, commented how Gingrich’s third wife “stands there like she is wife #1.” Politico flagged more examples and noted Grenell’s “old pastime” of “ridiculing the Gingriches.”

When contacted about Romney’s hiring of Grenell and his removal of online writing, a campaign spokesperson referred The Huffington Post to a response Grenell gave to Politico. “My tweets were written to be tongue-in-cheek and humorous but I can now see how they can also be hurtful,” Grenell said. “I didn’t mean them that way and will remove them from twitter. I apologize for any hurt they caused.”

Maddow certainly didn’t think Grenell’s tweets were so “tongue-in-cheek” or “humorous,” pointing out the ones written about her during Friday night’s show, while asking if the Romney campaign sees “any sign that they understand that a long, string of really nasty, sexist tweets about Callista Gingrich’s appearance might be alienating to people who might otherwise consider voting for Mr. Romney.”

But Maddow’s not the only member of NBC/MSNBC who Grenell has knocked in recent months. Grenell described NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Twitter as “a commercial for the Democratic Party & its radical feminist agenda,” while taking a few shots at chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell and political director and White House correspondent Chuck Todd.

“[A]re any reporters asking HillaryClinton tough questions?” Grenell asked on April 3. “NBC has expert foreign policy reporter Andrea @mitchellreports asking non-questions.” On March 27, Grenell tweeted that MSNBC “has ushered @chucktodd so far left he’s lost his ability to see a Russian video moment as anything more than a 2nd term reality.” That same day, Grenell said what he “love[s] about twitter and facebook is that it has outed reporters from their phony facade of pretend non-partisan commentary.”

Seems to be pointed criticism directed at women… Is that anti-woman now?

Iowa newspaper

In a rare and forceful act of advocacy, an Iowa newspaper devoted the entire front page of its Sunday edition to an anti-bullying editorial after a gay teen committed suicide.

Relatives have said 14-year-old Kenneth Weishuhn Jr. suffered intense harassment, including threatening cellphone calls and nasty comments posted online, after coming out to family and friends about a month ago. He died April 15 from what the local sheriff’s office described only as a “self-inflicted injury.”

The Sioux City Journal’s front-page opinion piece calls on the community to be pro-active in stopping bullying and urges members to learn more about the problem by seeing the acclaimed new film, “Bully,” which documents the harassment of a Sioux City middle school student. It notes that while many students are targeted for being gay, “we have learned a bully needs no reason to strike.”

Yes, we are a few weeks away from ending bullying… or something. There is no way to end bullying, there are two things that should be done though.

  • Insanely tough punishment
  • Teaching kids how to deal with it

Outside of that, get ready for this hand wringing by newspapers and people pretending they are doing something…

Social Security could be involvement?


An aging population and an economy that has been slow to rebound are straining the long-term finances of Social Security and Medicare, the government’s two largest benefit programs.

Those problems are getting new attention Monday as the trustees who oversee the massive programs release their annual financial reports.

Medicare is in worse shape than Social Security because of rising health care costs. But both programs are on a path to become insolvent in the coming decades, unless Congress acts, according to the trustees.

Last year, the trustees projected the Medicare hospital insurance fund for seniors would run out of money in 2024. Social Security’s retirement fund was projected to run dry in 2038, while the disability fund was projected to be drained by 2018.

New projections in March gave a more dire assessment of the disability program, which has seen a spike in applications as more disabled workers lose jobs and apply for benefits.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the disability fund would run out of money in 2016. Social Security’s trustees are again urging Congress to shore up the disability system by reallocating money from the retirement program, just as lawmakers did in 1994.

Correct, it is already insolvent…

Howard Kurts is becoming a parody

Forget liberal bias. A new study reveals that the press covered Romney twice as favorably as Obama during the primaries—and declared the GOP race over weeks ago, reports Howard Kurtz.


During the bruising Republican primaries, there was one candidate whose coverage was more relentlessly negative than the rest. In fact, he did not enjoy a single week where positive treatment by the media outweighed the negative.

His name is Barack Obama.

That is among the findings of a study by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, a Washington nonprofit that examined 52 key newspaper, television, radio, and Web outlets.

“Day in and day out, he was criticized by the entire Republican field on a variety of policies,” Mark Jurkowitz, the group’s associate director, says of Obama. “And he was inextricably linked to events that generated negative coverage”—including rising gas prices, the ailing economy, and the renewed debate over his health care law.

Why? He was the most moderate GOP, Kurtz’t pretends you don’t get it…


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