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4/18: Ted Nugent is an idiot, Democrats cry and legislators try to poision a pay raise repeal…

Come out!

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Guest today:

  • 7:00 AM – Congressman Mo Brooks

Ted Nugent is still around, I guess he was a musician or some crap. Now he spends his time threatening to do stupid things and embarrassing himself…

The media is attempting to make this a Rev. Wright/Obama deal for Mitt Romney…

Ted Nugent, rock star and Mitt Romney supporter, stirred up controversy during an interview at the National Rifle Assn. convention in St. Louis in which he called President Obama’s administration “vile, evil and America-hating.”

Yeah, a guy sitting in an anti-American pastors church for decades and a musician are exactly the same thing.

HB56 revisions are in…

An Alabama House committee Tuesday approved revisions to the state’s stringent immigration law but only after lawmakers disagreed over whether the bill will encourage racial profiling.

The House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee approved the bill on a 6-3 vote split down party lines. The full House of Representatives is scheduled to debate the bill Thursday when the controversial legislation tops the day’s proposed agenda.

Bill sponsor Rep. Micky Hammon, R-Decatur, said the changes clarify lawmakers’ original intent and strengthen what is already the “toughest law in the nation.”

“We are trying to make it easier on businesses, easier on private citizens and harder on lawbreakers,” Hammon said. Hammon said the changes make the law less cumbersome for legal residents and provide guidelines for law enforcement.


The existing law allows an officer to question and detain a suspected illegal immigrant when he has a “reasonable suspicion” the person is in the country illegally. The revision bill specifies that the officer can only make that inquiry when giving the driver a traffic citation or making an arrest. The current law allows the inquiries to be made during traffic “stops.”

But committee Democrats criticized another a proposed change that would spell out that officers, in certain circumstances, could also question and detain passengers. The bill would allow an officer to also question passengers in the car about their citizenship if he is giving the driver a ticket, or arresting him, and provided the officer has “reasonable suspicion” that the passengers are illegal immigrants.

Here comes the stupid…

“My 16-year-old daughter should not be asked for her identification because I was speeding,” Rep. Napoleon Bracy Jr., D-Prichard, said.

Bracy said he is afraid the provision will encourage racial profiling of “black people and brown people” and that minorities could see themselves treated differently during traffic stops.

“If you were a white person that was a passenger in the car, you wouldn’t be subject to this. That is where the racial profiling comes in,” said Bracy, who is black.

And blacks would? Come on… that playbook is worn out.

Amazingly you can search for drugs on passengers, which like illegal immigration is illegal.

Hammon disagreed and likened the situation to any other traffic stop in which a police officer becomes suspicious another crime is in progress.

“You still must have reasonable suspicion. You can’t randomly start asking them for their documents,” Hammon said.

“I think we are assuming we will have racial profiling, and I don’t think we will,” Hammon said.

Hammon said the training law enforcement officers receive and language in the law expressly forbidding racial profiling should eliminate those concerns. Bracy, who said he has been the victim of racial profiling, said he didn’t agree.


The committee approved an amendment, at Hammon’s request, to try to put additional safeguards on church activity. It added language that the law would not prevent churches “from ministering to or providing material goods or services to all individuals, regardless of immigration status.”

The original law was designed to make it difficult for illegal immigrants to live and work in Alabama. In addition to the changes about traffic stops, other changes include limiting the types of transactions in which local governments can ask for proof of citizenship and doing away with a requirement that schools check citizenship status.

Stop crying…

Democrats cry about ethics laws… that they fought against…

A Montgomery grand jury, investigating complaints that various groups broke the state campaign finance law, returned no indictments but harshly criticized the state’s law, saying it is lacking and has problems that prohibit successful prosecution.

A Montgomery County grand jury released findings Friday after investigating complaints of 12 possible violations of campaign finance law. The complaints included accusations that Republicans broke the 2010 law they pushed banning transfers between political action committees, which Republicans have denied.

The grand jury did not return any indictments. However, grand jurors said they “found a number of problems with the law as written that prohibit successful prosecution.” They cited that no one is policing campaign finance filings and that it’s not a crime for a PAC to accept money from another PAC.

“The issues are sufficiently serious in our minds to warrant the Alabama Legislature revisit the Alabama Fair Campaign Practices Act before the next election cycle,” the report read.

Top Democrats seized on the findings, saying that proved the GOP’s much heralded ethics reform was a “sham.” But a GOP spokesman fired back that Democrats had their chance to pass reforms, but didn’t.

Grand jurors said they were asking District Attorney Ellen Brooks to forward the report to state and local authorities.

Grand jurors found that:

— No individual is identified to be held responsible and prosecutable for criminal violations pertaining to a PAC.

— It is not a crime for a PAC to receive, or solicit, an illegal contribution such as a transfer from another PAC. The 2010 PAC transfer ban says it is illegal for a PAC “to make a contribution” to another PAC.

— It is unclear who the violators are, “the PAC, the chair, the treasurer or the person who physically does the act.”

— Because venue lies in the county where the alleged violator resides, there is no ability to prosecute an out-of-state PAC that makes an illegal contribution.

— There is no agency to review filings. Some agency should have subpoena power over election laws and the ability to investigate and refer complaints.

— While an attorney general’s opinion addresses the issue, there is no timeframe spelled out in the statute for returning a contribution.

They are right, but not because they wanted them stronger.

Republicans should strengthen them… Like I said at the time…

Pay raise repeal called a “monstrosity“…

State lawmakers are closer to passing legislation that would deal with the controversial pay raise that they voted for themselves in 2007, but one Senate leader acknowledged the version passed by the Senate on Tuesday is a “monstrosity” that they expect to work with the House of Representatives to change.

“The House is not going to concur with this. I am going to beg them not to concur with this,” said Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston. “What came out today was a monstrosity that we want to correct in conference committee.”

The Senate passed, 28-6, a version that would immediately repeal the 62-percent pay raise, require those lawmakers serving in 2007 to repay any of that money, and allow voters to decide in November if they want to amend the state’s constitution to take legislative pay out of the hands of lawmakers and tie it to the state’s median household income.

That repeal is good, the repayment is idiotic.


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