Dale Peterson and Kathy Peterson, a pair of gutless liars that need to be exposed….

Well… well.. well…

It looks like my interview with Kathy Peterson has really struck a cord with her irrelevant punchline of a husband.

Dale Peterson has decided the best way to discredit me is not with facts, but by running around telling people that I am “gay”.

It must really to want to be relevant so badly that you are willing to destroy people for merely telling the truth.

I challenge Dale Peterson to come on my show and bring whatever ammo he has for me.

I am not Troy King, I will reply to Peterson with an obvious response, “No douchebag, I am not gay”.

But I understand… If another man destroyed and derailed my wife they way I did Kathy Peterson, I might be upset about it too.

Dale Peterson and his wife are lying fools.

Best, part is last time I talked to Dale Peterson was when he was begging me to be an emcee for an event with Herman Cain. Phony bitch.

His wife is running an inane and insane campaign for Public Service Commission President that is filled with lies and innuendo. Surprise.

Keep in mind this guy wants to be in politics BADLY and is resulting to absurd 8th grade insults.

Even if I was gay, you are still a moron and a loser, your wife is still a mentally unstable lunatic that I destroyed for 50 minutes.

Be a man, say it to my face live on air.


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