2/29: Biscuit Bailout, Romney wins in Michigan/Arizona and another day, another anti-hb56 rally…

Guests today:

  • 7:30 AM – Madison County Commissioner and Candidate for Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong
  • 8:00 AM – Candidate for Madison County Commission Chairman Wayne Parker
  • 8:30 AM – Candidate for County Commission District 5 Drew McKay

Romney wins in Michigan and Arizona

Mitt Romney scored two big primary victories Tuesday in Michigan, the state where he was born, and in Arizona, solidifying his claim to be the front-runner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

Romney led chief rival Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, by more than 30,000 votes with nearly all precincts counted from across Michigan. Two other candidates, Texas Rep. Ron Paul and former House speaker Newt Gingrich, put up little effort in Michigan and were running well behind the two leaders.

“We didn’t win by a lot but we won by enough, and that’s all that counts,” Romney told cheering supporters in Novi, Mich., referring to that state’s close outcome as “a great victory.”

It is for the best.

The media keeps pretending GOP voters hate him, when the reality is they like other folks better. This is nothing new, go back to every primary ever and you will see people voting for the guys who were not the nominee.

This is not the problem liberals and the media are pretending it is. By the way, if the GOP is heading off the cliff why are they “concerned”.

Chicks, man….

Female voters in Michigan spoke out Tuesday night, but they weren’t singing Rick Santorum‘s tune. The former Pennsylvania senator lost the Michigan primary to Mitt Romney by three points due in large part to his weakness among Michigan women. Although Santorum lost among Michigan men by just one point, he lost the women’s vote by a full six-point margin, leaving him well behind Romney and unable to close the gap with male voters in any way.

Santorum’s loss came after weeks of talking about issues that did him no favors with the moderate and independent women who voted Tuesday, including his past statements that working women had been convinced by “radical feminists” that working outside the home is the only route to happiness, that Barack Obama is a “snob” for advocating that high school students go on to post-graduate training or college, and his opposition to contraception and abortion under any circumstances.


Here are the facts…

Along with the improving economy, the long and increasingly harsh campaign, in which Gingrich and Santorum have challenged Romney as insufficiently conservative, has prompted some officials to express concern about the party’s chances of defeating Obama in the fall.

Exit polling showed a plurality of Republican voters in both Michigan and Arizona saying the most important factor to them in the primaries was that a candidate be able to beat Obama in November. Romney won that group in Michigan, where it mattered most, and also prevailed among voters in the state who said experience was the quality that mattered most.

Santorum ran particularly well among voters who cited a desire for strong conservatism or strong moral character.

There are more peeps that want Obama out then want social conservatism. More people care about the economy than contraception.


Democrats went for Santorum?

Did the Santorum campaign’s effort to get Democrats to vote for him — as well as the left’s push to support Santorum over Romney — work?

It has produced results, according to the exit polls. But it’s unclear — so far — if it was enough to help Santorum win in tonight’s Michigan primary.

Per the exits, 9% of GOP primary voters in Michigan are Democrats, and Santorum gets a whopping 53% of these folks, compared with 17% for both Romney and Paul. (By contrast, 60% are self-described Republicans, and Romney wins them over Santorum, 47%-37%.)

Santorum also overperforms among those who describe themselves as “somewhat liberal.”

This crossover effect, in fact, has produced this striking phenomenon: Santorum is winning the most conservative voting groups (“very conservative” voters, evangelical Christians), as well as the most liberal groups.

Liberals want Santorum? Duh.

Yawn, morons rally for stuff…

Dozens of pastors and other religious leaders from across Alabama rallied here Tuesday and signed a letter requesting the repeal of the state’s immigration law.

Alabamians are a ‘spiritual people who must at some time answer to a higher spiritual law, a law of love that says the most important commandment of all is to love our neighbor as our self,’ said the Rev. Bart Thau, a pastor at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church in Bessemer.

‘We are all children of God, and today I call upon our legislators and I call upon the people of this state who elected them to live up to that higher calling, and call for the repeal of a law that brings only hate, fear and separation,’ Thau said.

Organizers said 50 pastors and other religious leaders signed the repeal letter, which said in part that the immigration law ‘unfairly targets a very vulnerable segment of our society, but also is contrary to our faith teachings to welcome the stranger in our midst and to love our neighbor regardless of race, country of origin or immigration status.’ The letter called on Alabama’s U.S. senators and representatives to help bring about ‘comprehensive federal immigration reform.’ Alabama’s immigration law as written makes it a crime for someone to even be in Alabama without proof of legal presence in the United States, among other provisions. Parts of the law are on hold while courts determine their constitutionality.

Blah… Blah… Leap Year…


A leap year is a year when an extra day is added at the end of the month of February. This happens approximately (but NOT every) four years. This applies to anyone who uses the Gregorian calendar – which is pretty much the whole world.


We have a leap year because a standard year is not actually exactly 365 days long – it’s 365.2422 days long, so slightly longer than we count in a standard year calendar.

That long number – 365.2422 – is the number of days it takes the planet Earth, on average, to make a full rotation around the sun.

So, an extra day is added onto our shortest month, about once every four years, in order to keep the calendar months in light with their assigned seasons. If we didn’t add the day, the wintry month of February would occur during summer.

The concept of the leap year dates back to Julius Caesar and the ancient Roman Empire, when he commissioned scientists to create the Julian calendar in 46 BC.


Well, this may surprise you, but not exactly.

In general, leap years occur every year that is divisible by four. But the first year of a new century is generally NOT a leap year – EXCEPT if that year is a multiple of 400.

For example, 1900 was not a leap year, but 2000 was.

Why? Pope Gregory XIII made up these rules in 1582. Adding one day to the calendar every four years still puts us just a smidge too far ahead of the season, so we use the calendar system he created to this day.


Not necessarily. Scientists have long tried to get rid of leap years and simplify the calendar.

Most recently, two professors at Johns Hopkins University, Richard Conn Henry and Steve Hanke, proposed a new system that would keep each date on the same day of the week year after the year (imagine never having to buy a new calendar!).

Under the Henry-Hanke model, most years would be 364 days long, and an extra week would be tacked on to the end of December about every six years.

Clearly guilty morons will walk…

A prosecutor in the State House corruption trial told jurors Tuesday that casino owner Milton McGregor bribed lawmakers to protect his millions in gambling profits, while a trio of state senators were willing to put their votes on the auction block for campaign contributions. “These defendants are guilty. They corrupted the Alabama Legislature. They robbed each and every Alabama citizen of the right to honest government,” prosecutor Edward T. Kang said concluding his closing argument. But defense lawyers fired back, saying the prosecution’s star witness was “one of the biggest con men this state has ever seen” and the rest of the case was based on assumptions and sound bites of calls taken out of context.

It will happen.

“The only people who have committed crimes are the people that the government has made deals with,” said Bill Baxley, a lawyer representing lobbyist Tom Coker.

How does anyone ever get convicted with a judicial system this stupid.

Closing arguments began Tuesday and will continue today in the case accusing McGregor and five others of offering or accepting bribes – largely in the form of campaign contributions – in connection with a 2010 gambling bill. The bill was aimed at letting electronic bingo casinos operated by McGregor and others stay open by authorizing a statewide referendum on the legality of the slot machine look-alikes.

Kang began his closing argument by quoting expletive- filled statements by McGregor that were captured in FBI recordings as he talked about his need to get legislation approved since a state task force was trying to shut down the casinos.

“I’m fighting for my … survival. … My … is on the line,” Kang said, quoting McGregor. Closing arguments resume this morning. McGregor’s defense will make their closing argument, followed by prosecutors’ rebuttal statements.

.Tax holiday…

Flashlights, batteries, radios, first aid kits, duct tape and more of the things you need in severe weather may soon be a bit cheaper, at least for a day. Gov. Robert Bentley said Tuesday he expects a bill to grant a yearly one-day sales tax holiday on such supplies to be introduced in the Legislature as soon as this week. Bentley said he hopes lawmakers will approve the tax break in time for shoppers to use it during the last weekend of April, close to the one-year anniversary of the deadly series of tornadoes that moved across the state April 27. If the bill is approved, the sales tax holiday in future years would fall in the last full weekend of February, close to Severe Weather Awareness Week. Bentley called the tax holiday a practical way to help people prepare for bad weather. He also said the holiday would help drive shoppers to stores, and that would help the state’s econ­omy. But Bentley said whatever positive economic impact the proposed sales tax holiday had is not the reason the Legislature should approve it. ‘This will help save lives,’ the governor said. Bentley said the one-day tax break would cover a host of items that cost $60 or less, except for generators, which can cost $1,000 or less.

Big deal.

This will pass and people will go shopping like they are saving a ton of money, they won’t. But whatever works.

Tommy Tubberville accused in fraud case?

Tommy Tuberville has been listed in a federal suit that alleges the former Auburn coach and his partner defrauded investors out of more than $1.7 million. The complaint, filed Friday afternoon in the in U.S. District Court in Montgomery, claims Tuberville and TS Capital cofounder John David Stroud “employed devices, schemes, and artifices” to commit fraud. Seven plaintiffs from Alabama and Tennessee are seeking damages against the Auburn-based investment company.

Tuberville has served as head football coach at Texas Tech since Jan. 9, 2010. Tuberville, who coached Auburn to a 14-0 record in 2004, resigned after the 2008 season.

By July 2009, Tuberville was the subject of a Birmingham News story that touted him as an “amateur stock guru.” In the story, Tuberville is reported as working at TS Capital Partners, looking to “drum up a little business for a big-time hedge fund run by Stroud Capital.”

Did he use the money to pay Cam?


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