10/21: Huntsville Times Correction Watch -Day 9, more Bama embarrassment and Sen. Butler must be worried…

Guest today:

  • 7:00 AM – Democratic Candidate for Madison County Sheriff Tim Clardy
  • 7:45 AM – Operation Christmas Child with Robin Gerrish (e-mail here @ robin.gerrish@charter.net)
  • 8:00 AM – Political Guru and Doctor of Political Science at Athens State university Dr.  Jess Brown

Bless their hearts, just bless their stupid, lazy and incompetent hearts…


The Editor of the Huntsville Times wanted a correction, it took me 1 day to admit my mistake. I then laid out 7 mistakes they have made this election cycle and asked for corrections. They haven’t. Will they ever get the stories right?

They try. The Huntsville Times really tries, half-assed but they try.

The Huntsville Times finally responds to our Huntsville Times Correction Watch on day 9…

Piece by piece:

2. Surprise! Jeff Enfinger ran a PAC called 2006 that he never disbanded and never filed reports for, but this doesn’t warrant a mention in any of the Huntsville Times coverage of PAC problems.

Finally covered in today’s paper under the headline “Enfinger dissolves 2006 PAC”

3. Jeff Enfinger has claimed in a Huntsville Times story that he disbanded the 2006 PAC, he has not. He claimed he would file reports for that PAC, he has not.

Let me make this clear, Enfinger straight up lied to The Huntsville Times and only after WHNT blew that lie to hell, did The Times begrudgingly correct the record. Pathetic.

Enfinger said he would have submitted the termination report for 2006 PAC sooner but just got the necessary bank records Tuesday. He created the PAC with several like-minded Democratic state senators in early 2005 and served as its chairman

They fail to mention the report was only filed after a TV station was going to run a story on the matter. The Enfinger campaign had 17 days to file the report and was never going to do it. Pathetic.

Who beat the Huntsville Times to the story?

4. Jeff Enfinger never filed his last campaign disclosure form when he decided not to run for office in ’06 even though he was the head of the campaign finance committee that makes the rules over such things. He claimed he gave his money to State Senator Gerald Dial, yet Dial shows no receipt of those funds…

The Times actually mentions that Enfinger’s finance forms and forms of the people he allegedly gave money to do not match.

The Times checked the transactions against campaign finance records of the listed recipients. The $13,000 to Means was not reflected on Means’ disclosure forms.

Means said he does not recall receiv ing any money from Enfinger or 2006 PAC.

‘They may have given me money,’ he said Wednesday, ‘but I just don’t remember getting it.’ Enfinger said he has a copy of the canceled check to Means.

‘We reported it accurately,’ he said. ‘There’s no question that’s where the money went.’ Enfinger’s critics say there are also unanswered campaign finance questions involving his 2006 re-election bid.

Enfinger reported that his election committee gave $20,000 to then-state Sen. Gerald Dial on June 1, 2006. He has provided a photocopy of a canceled check made out to First Commercial Bank, with a note in the memo field directing the money to be sent to Dial’s campaign by certified check.

Dial’s campaign finance reports on the secretary of state’s website do not reflect any contributions from Enfinger in 2006.

Enfinger needs to release those bank records and clear the air. The Huntsville Times needs to join the fight in calling for those records because of the questions this has cause.

Way to go guys at The Huntsville Times, you are gonna make it after all slugger. Now get on the rest of this…

On Jeff Enfinger:

1. Jeff Enfinger decided not to run for office in ’06 because of a sex scandal involving his fiance’, co-worker and her husband. Drugs were involved as well. This for some reason does not warrant a mention in The Huntsville Times “coverage” of the race.

On Steve Raby:

1. Trumpeting of the Steve Raby lie that he has nothing to do with his own PACs. Headline: Raby washes his hands of gambling. Odd, did he sell them? No. Did he disband them? No. Did he install his nephew to control them? Yes. Are we to believe that they don’t talk about Steve Raby’s business? I guess you could believe that, if you are mentally ill or work at The Huntsville Times.

2. Failing to mention the guy running for Congress had lied about not representing gambling interests after The Decatur Daily ate their lunch I believe they finally did this…

3. Refusing to reference Steve Raby’s PACs, which were used in illegal bribes, in an editorial about the evilness of PACs and the illegal bribes.

A little depressing to see Sen. Tom Butler go negative.


The race between he and Bill Holtzclaw has been very clean and that seems to be over.

Butler has robocalls claiming something that is blatantly untrue.

Hi – Bill Holtzclaw says he is a republican even though he indicated on a voter survey that he would support the bill being proposed by gamblers that resulted in 4 state senators being indicted.  On his survey Holtzclaw even wrote out the exact same language being done (…garbled…..)  the gambling lobbyist were using to promote their bill. Don’t gamble with Bill Holtzclaw – Tom Butler was one of only two democrats to stand up to the gamblers and vote against their bill as he continues to be the leading conservative in the Alabama state senate. Vote Tom Butler for Senate.  This message was paid and authorized by Election Research – goodbye.

Here is the reality

In response to false robo-calls being conducted by Election Research, a pseudo name used by the Alabama Farmer’s Federation on behalf of incumbent Democrat Senator Tom Butler, Bill Holtzclaw released the following statement:

“I was beginning to believe that Senator Butler and I were going to have the only negative-free campaign in all of Alabama, but he turned the tide today by sending out false, misleading robo-calls about me to the citizens of District 2.

“In the calls, he insinuates that I supported the corrupt bingo bill (SB380) passed by the state senate earlier this year.  That can’t be farther from the truth.  I do support a vote of the people on the issue because the Alabama State Senate has proved it is too corrupt and inept to solve the matter on its own.  However, I would only support clean legislation that provides a straight up-or-down vote – a far cry from the language in SB380 which was written by gambling bosses.

“The people of this district will see through the desperation of my opponent to protect his 28-year incumbency. I intend to take the high road and run on my message of new leadership for the state senate.”

See Bill’s stance on gambling/gaming in Alabama, read his response to the Alabama Eagle Forum.

Huntsville Times story regarding Bill’s stance on gambling.

We shared this video with you yesterday, but it warrants another mention…


District 71 State Representative Artis McCampbell (D) threatens a journalist with a golf club… http://bit.ly/90RyBb #alpolitics

Rep. A.J. McCampbell responds

McCampbell, D-Linden, first waved off the reporter, Dan Lieberman of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Lieberman, working on a project for ABC News, then asked whether McCampbell was out golfing instead of attending the conference.

“I have nothing to say,” McCampbell replied.

When Lieberman, who had followed McCampbell a few feet to his car, tried to ask the question again, the Alabama lawmaker pulled out a club from his golf bag.

“Look,” he said, “if you don’t want me to take this to you, leave,” McCampbell said.

McCampbell, a former police officer who now sells insurance, said Wednesday in a telephone interview that he’s not sure whether he overreacted.

“Overreacted? I don’t know,” McCampbell said. “When someone puts a camera and sticks a microphone in my face and they keep doing it — I’m one of those people I don’t appreciate that. You respect my space.”

McCampbell said he told the reporter more than twice he didn’t want to talk.

“They came around and stuck it in my face again,” McCampbell said. “That’s when I told them, if you keep doing this we’re going to have problems.”

“I don’t bother anybody. But you just aren’t going to do that to me,” McCampbell said.

McCampbell said he was golfing with a U.S. Steel official. He was unsure who paid for the outing.

“I don’t know who sponsored it or anything of that nature,” McCampbell said.

Most embarrassing part?

McCampbell said he’s been getting mixed reaction about the footage being on the national news.

He is probably right.


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