No debate in AL-05 race for Congress?

I have been trying for a month to facilitate a “Town Hall” forum with Mo  Brooks and Steve Raby. Mo Brooks was in right away and Steve Raby was non-committal and we agreed to set up a lunch to discuss it.

I knew that my support of Mo made a straight up debate untenable. I pitched it to them as a “Town Hall” debate with questions from the audience. WAFF-48 was interested in this concept as well.

Myself, my producer Jason Marks, my promotions director Aaron Hurd and my news superstar Mecca Musick have attempted at different times to make contact with the Raby campaign to move this conversation forward.

I/They (mostly them) failed.

Today, I was informed that Steve Raby turned down a straight up debate that would have been co-hosted by the Rocket City Dems and Right On Huntsville.

These events are disappointing and tell me there will probably not be a debate at all between Mo Brooks and Steve Raby unless the public demands it.

Do you demand to know the positions of candidates before election day?

PSSST… Huntsville Times!

You may want to get in on this.

This looks familiar… very familiar.

We eventually pushed Parker Griffith into some town halls where this fun went down…

Can Steve Raby be nudged in the right direction?

UPDATE: The cat got out of the bag and The Rocket City Dems have changed their tune

Joey Aiello This is not accurate. This was a Rocket City Dems’ decision not to go forward with this event. It was not Raby’s decision, and Rocket City Dems do not speak for him. Rocket City Dems decided not to do this event and instead we are considering to do a joint event with Right on Huntsville about the non-partisan municipal elections. We just thought we would get along better if we did a nonpartisan event. That was the basis of the decision, which was made by the Rocket City Dems.

Do you buy that?

Keep in mind that they are about protecting their brand. They don’t want to anger Raby or institutional Democrats.

I don’t.

I assure the Rocket City Dems’ take is not accurate.

I spoke directly to Joel Jaqubino and was told Raby declined and Joel Jaqubino stands by that.

Joel P. Jaqubino The message communicated to me by the leadership of the Rocket City Dems was that Raby was not interested. That is the truth. I communicated that message to Mo Brooks and the Board of Right On to inform them that the debate would not happen….

I can understand the Rocket City Dems not wanting to come off bad in this and they should not. Raby was not interested and that does not reflect bad on the RCD’s. The leadership of the RCD’s are friends of mine and although I disagree with their politics I respect their involvement in the process.

So just to be clear. The post by Dale is correct. Although maybe stating that Raby was not interested would have been the better choice of words instead of refused it is correct.

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