Political Hack Watch: Bentley took money this election cycle from AEA…

Let me share the hackery with you first (you may have to read some of these twice, the authors are dangerously insane morons…

First the dumbest person to ever use a computer, Victoria Linker:

Sad day for AL-we now have to vote for either a Democrat, another Democrat or a political insider for Gov http://www.al.com 1:02 PM Jun 18th via TweetDeck

@victoria_29: @AZHorse lol what’s sad @BradleyByrne is as much a Dem as @ronsparks some ppl wouldn’t know RINO if bit in butt #alpolitics 1:25 PM Jun 18th via TweetDeck

Second the person hired by Rick Barber, one of dumbest people Glenn Beck has ever seen, to be his online presence Deanna Frankowski

Before you vote for @bradleybyrne look at his relationship with AEA – took money – backed Roy Johnson – supported Paul Hubbert #alpolitics about 24 hours ago via TweetDeck

@ALPatriot1960 I heard @BradleyByrne is a former LIB DEMOCRAT & would tell voters anything to get elected #alpolitics 2:04 PM Jun 19th via TweetDeck

RT @LassoDevelopers Sand Mtn Repter Bad decision by @Bentley2010 is telling http://ow.ly/20FOL #alpolitics | WORSE decision is @bradleybyrne

The problem with this ridiculous wet-dream that Byrne is an AEA tool, is the fact that the AEA wants Byrne dead (politically speaking). Hubbert has been attacking Byrne the entire election season through a PAC with ties to Tim James.

Now the reality… This is a two-man race and the nuts above can’t back Tim James  so they are now behind Bentley because Byrne is a “friend of the AEA”.

It makes no sense

Hubbert is a vice chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, but AEA traditionally gives to candidates of both parties. Hubbert said AEA is concentrating its contributions on legislative candidates in 2010 and expects to give little in the governor’s race. He said, so far, it has contributed to two candidates for governor.

AEA’s campaign finance reports show it has given $35,000 to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ron Sparks. Hubbert said the organization also gave $10,000 to another political action committee with the understanding it would go to state Rep. Robert Bentley of Tuscaloosa, one of the Republican candidates for governor and a member of the House committee that helps write the state education budget.

I am fine with political attacks, hell I love them. But can we at least get the information right?

11 Responses

  1. Not exactly a shocker. I noted on Left in Alabama a little while back that the very same “bingo bots” over on al.com that had been pushing for Ron Sparks were also pushing for Bentley– telling me that both candidates are backed by the exact same special interests. Now, at the time, that meant for me that the gambling interests were behind Bentley. But those do tend to go hand in hand with the AEA, so it shouldn’t be that big a surprise.


  2. Uh, since everyone has been accused of everything does anyone know if either of the candidates took money from gambling interests or the AEA? To be honest I really don’t care for either of them but I have a lot of friends that like Bentley. The fact that the AEA does not like Byrne does not mean I have to like him but I would like to know any actual facts if anyone knows any.


  3. I just showed you that Paul Hubbert/AEA gave money to Bentley.

    What makes it worse to me is the PAC to PAC transfer being used to do it.


  4. Hmmm, true, not sure how much “pull” you get for $10K, to be honest the governor race seems to be a total loss as far as good candidates IMHO. I still view Byrne with skepticism for his past votes and Bentley is still a mostly unknown to most folks it seems and any ties with the AEA is suspect.


  5. byrne lumped BP and obama together in a statement-ad that made them equally culpable. real classy guy.


  6. These morons aren’t like the paid bingo bot shills. These are legitimately nutty folks.


  7. Byrne and everyone else including Obama is trying to figure an angle to get political advantage out of this disaster, anyone who really believes ANY politician including Obama gives a damn about them is delusional at best. I truly believe good men don’t get into politics anymore and that is why it continues a downward spiral of corruption until the day we no longer believe our votes are counted accurately and then violence is the only path left (or find another country).


  8. Does the fact that the AEA gave his campaign money through a PAC to PAC transfer show that Bentley is in any way obliged to the AEA? I’ve heard this guy loaned his own campaign $1 million. How much pull can the AEA have on him for a $10k donation? I have no regard for the AEA, but I don’t think it necessarily means that Bentley is now somehow their “tool” just because they gave his campaign money. I think it does imply that the AEA would like to have influence on him, but without some other information we cannot automatically assume that the man is corrupt or is for sale because he took their money at election time.


  9. Take that 10,000 and this cover and put them together. What does it show you? The AEA has a preference.



  10. I’d be more concerned why he was willing to borrow $1,000,000 of his own money for a job that pays pennies on the dollar.


  11. […] not true. It makes no sense… Hubbert is a vice chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, but AEA […]


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