5/25: Dale Jackson: Journalism Professor, Troy King: Loser and ideas to save money for schools…

Guests today:

  • 7:00 AM – Candidate for State House (HD-20) Frances Taylor
  • 7:30 AM – Gangta Rapper Candidate for Treasurer Young Boozer

At 8AM I will do something no one in this town has done in a long time… in depth political reporting.

Stay tuned

Troy King is a  joke…

He got bitch-slapped by the Alabama Supreme Court.

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled today (.pdf) that Attorney General Troy King has no authority over Governor Bob Riley’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

In so doing, the Court answered two questions:

  1. Can the governor authorize legal and law-enforcement action without the approval of the attorney general or local district attorneys? (yes)
  2. Does the attorney general have the right to assume control of legal and law-enforcement actions initiated by the governor? (no)

But here’s how the Court worded it:

…we hold that the actions of the attorneys and other officers authorized by Governor Riley to act in this case are not “nullities,” despite the lack of approval by the Attorney General and the District Attorney, and that the Attorney General may not take over or countermand the litigation efforts of those officers in either the trial court or in this Court. The counsel authorized by the Governor have the right to represent the State in this case and to see it through to completion.

He then claims he is “washing his hands of bingo issues“…

Alabama Attorney General Troy King said Monday he is pulling out of the legal dispute over electronic bingo and leaving it to Gov. Bob Riley, who won a state Supreme Court ruling saying King can’t take control of the governor’s gambling task force.

King was disappointed by Friday’s ruling, which he said was a blow to the authority of his office. But he said he would abide by it.

“Accordingly, the Office of Attorney General will immediately turn over to the governor all bingo matters,” King said in a statement.

He is getting destroyed by Luther Strange in the polls

The independent poll was commissioned by Montgomery-based Public Strategy Associates and conducted May 10-11 by Baselice & Associates, an Austin, Texas-based polling firm.

The poll also showed Luther Strange with a substantial lead over incumbent Troy King in the Republican primary race for attorney general, with Strange at 50 percent of the vote and King at 25 percent.

And he is running ridiculous ad blaming Luther Strange for the oil spill…

Obama to bail out unions next?

A Democratic senator is introducing legislation for a bailout of troubled union pension funds.  If passed, the bill could put another $165 billion in liabilities on the shoulders of American taxpayers.

The bill, which would put the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation behind struggling pensions for union workers, is being introduced by Senator Bob Casey, (D-Pa.), who says it will save jobs and help people.

What will Parker Griffith do?

14 Responses

  1. I don’t think it’s going to be hard to predict what Parker Griffith will do. The unions are already against him, and he still needs to strike a conservative pose. This one’s a no-brainer for Dr. Do-Nothing.


  2. Dale, as much as you detest Troy King this is NOT a good thing. IF we elect an AG to do the job you vote him out if he does not. You don’t just let the Governor decide he is now the top law enforcement authority in the state. This is a very bad precedent I think. You comments are more personality driven (which I understand) but we have these divisions of power to prevent abuse and we seem to have just rolled right over one of the safeguards.


  3. TK has been asleep at the switch (corruption, 2 year college scandal) and has gotten himself mixed up in numerous controversies(Alabama Power, bingo).

    Good riddance.


  4. Not even questioning that but I am concerned anytime one politician usurps the power of another office. The precedent of this action makes the AG office more of a lackey to the governor than a truly independent office (which is what I thought we all wanted in our AG). Take this one step on down the road and you get situations where the governor tells the AG what cases he will and will not prosecute, I still say this is a bad thing.


  5. What happened here is King tried to usurp Riley’s power and got smacked for it. Not the other way around.


  6. Ok I see I can get nowhere with you on TK, but the Governor was never given the power to become the law enforcement authority he is/has become by lining up law enforcement personnel and directing them to his “crime of the day”. No matter how poorly TK may have been doing it (or not doing it at all) it was not the governor job to become the policeman for bingo or any other crime. You can talk all day long but this is a very bad precedent and we have just gutted the authority of the AG office IMHO, these type things take years to become horror stories but what will the next thing be that requires a governor to independently prosecute? Regardless of the ruling by the court here (which I find suspect) this is not the governors turf. The last time we needed such actions was long ago when John Patterson took on gambling interests as the AG, we have now given the governor the right to fight any crime HE decides he wants to fight and he can steal resources (manpower & money) that might be needed by the guy we elected to do the job. If I am the only one that can’t see the potential dangers of this action maybe I need to get a drink and decide I really don’t care. We have procedures for removing people that are corrupt or incompetent, they are slow and arduous for a reason, it keeps the requirement for facts in the forefront and tries to keep politics at bay. What Bob has done ranks right up there with Obama type tactics. Huey Long would be proud.


  7. Dale, I have to agree with Douglas. Giving the Governor carte blanche power to investigate anyone he deems worthy of investigating and/or prosecuting gives far too much power to one person.

    Let’s suppose the governor of this state is running for re-election, and he faces an uphill fight against a tough opponent. He could get a political crony to create a phony scandal, and start a taxpayer funded investigation of his own opponent, creating the impression that his opponent has done something wrong.

    The investigation may prove fruitless, after the election of course, but it could swing elections.


  8. I am not arguing any of that. I am making the point that the law is clear and Troy King was wrong… again.


  9. I agree that Troy King was never qualified for this job, and has been an embarrassment to the state, but I still can’t agree with the court decision taking power away from the attorney general and ceding it to the governor.


  10. That is not what happened…. Riley initiated an investigation and then Troy King tried to kill an ongoing investigation with no authority to do so. King did not have any power taken away.

    Go read the ruling.


  11. Dale! Who cares how it reads??? The fact is the governor is running his own team of law enforcement personnel who apparently will not answer to the guy we elected to have that authority and THAT is dangerous. I know you hate TK but damn you seem to be blind to this. No matter HOW bad a job he did or how good the governors intentions, we have allowed him to take the job away from the guy we elected to do it, is that so hard for you to see over your personal vendetta? If we are going to give the governor this power then we need to just cancel the f&^king election for AG since he is just a yes man to the governor. You think thats OK Dale??? We The People want the AG office to be 100% independent (forget who is in the job at the moment) and that is why it is an elected office and not an appointment in Alabama. If you liked having the AG office as an appointment you must be a huge fan of Eric Holder (an appointment) and thought the election we had that put TK in office should be thrown out since the wrong guy won. Did we waste our time voting for AG since it seems he can only do his job at the whim of the governor? You ain’t that dumb, you might be that vindictive but you ain’t that dumb.


  12. You think it’s OK for Troy King to try to stop an ongoing investigation because his donors are involved?

    This is not about Troy King, it is about the role of the AGs office in the state of Alabama and how King overstepped his boundaries.


  13. Last post on this

    “You think it’s OK for Troy King to try to stop an ongoing investigation because his donors are involved?”

    Uh, lemme think ….. NO!

    “This is not about Troy King,”

    Your nose is getting longer

    ” it is about the role of the AGs office in the state of Alabama and how King overstepped his boundaries.”

    and I say it is about trying to take over a law enforcement operation that SHOULD never have taken place outside the AG office? Never-mind his motives (you can’t get away from this instance) and never mind that Bob was using Alabama’s governors office to answer to HIS donors in Mississippi, we have set a very bad precedent for all future AGs who might want to take on corruption that the governor does not like. You go ahead and keep fighting your old battles while we gut the AG office just so you can laugh at TK. This will come back to haunt us if we ever get an honest AG and a corrupt governor (nah, could never happen). Think that about covers it for me.


  14. King has failed to do his job on numerous occassions…

    Two year college scandal and the issue of corruption in Alabama. If King followed the law and did his job, Riley would not have got involved.

    This boils down to this… King is wrong, Riley is right.


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