Show notes 4/12: Policy differences with AL-05 candidates, AL State House to kill SB 233 and Les Phillip’s ticking clock…

Today”s guests:

  • 7:30 AM – Candidate for State House (HD-05) Don Hudleston –
  • 8:00 AM – Leader of the Huntsville Tea Party Chad Capps will talk to us about the 2nd Annual Tax Day Tea Party
  • 8:30 AM – AJ Smith – Democratic campaign operative, former staffer of Les’ campaign and eyewitness to Les Phillip’s lack of credibility/integrity/honesty.

What are the difference between the candidates for the AL-05 GOP candidates?

  • Congressman Parker Griffith: Voted for Pelosi and Cap and Trade while voting with the Democrats 85% of the time. Also, he has no integrity.
  • Les Phillip: Against a balanced budget constitutional amendment, against term limits and for the government enforcing mandatory health care insurance (now he is against it) and the FAIR Tax. Also, he has no integrity.
  • Mo Brooks: For the Fair Tax and Flat Tax, a balanced budget constitutional amendment and term limits.

Here is what it boils down to folks… integrity.

Les Phillip’s lies will not go unchallenged…

I would like to issue a challenge/ultimatum to Les Phillip.

Come on my program. Explain all of the issues I’ve raised and acknowledge to my listeners that you did in fact take that picture and make the comments about “playing dirty”, or I will close my door to your campaign. Maybe you feel that is irrelevant, but you didn’t feel that way in the past when commenting that if Parker Griffith couldn’t face down Dale Jackson, he couldn’t fight for us in DC, or when you called him a coward for ducking me.

Are you a coward, Mr. Phillip?

Also, if you do come on by 9AM, Tuesday, April 13th, I will also give you one 3-hour show on WVNN to push your candidacy before the June 1st primary.

What will Les do?

Will he man up and take on big bad liar Dale Jackson… OR will he, like Parker Griffith, attempt to marginalize the largest voting block that will go to the polls on June 1st?

Will he only frequent friendly media outlets like Parker Griffith?

Is he, like Griffith, afraid of hard questions?

How is that working out for ‘The Good Doctor’?

He can ignore me all he wants, I will not ignore him.

tick… tock…

Will the AL State House bring up SB 233?

Immediate action is needed to push the Alabama Health Care Freedom Act: SB233

Phone calls are needed right away on the Alabama Health Care Freedom Act. We got it to pass the senate several weeks ago and now we need to push it in the house. Please call and email Speaker Seth Hammett, House majority leader, Ken Guin, and the members of the House Health Committee. Please be polite and brief, but make it clear that you want them to pass SB 233 as amended. The House has to pass the bill that has already passed the Senate with the amended referendum date. Anything else will kill the bill.

House Majority Leader and Head of the Rules Committee:
Ken Guin (334) 242-7674

Speaker Seth Hammett: 334-242-7668

Alabama House Operator – then ask to speak to one of the representative below:

If interested, these are all the House of Reps email addresses.  You may want to forward them to your Alabama email list and ask them to write a letter to the reps to urge them to vote yes on SB233 Health Care Freedom Act .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

E-mail them.

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