Les Phillip can’t be trusted (alternate title: Les Phillip is Parker Griffith)…

Before I get into this post, I want to explain a few things…

I don’t do this lightly, but I feel it is necessary for a few reasons.

  • This race (AL-05) has been framed as those with integrity vs. those without.
  • I have built my name, my ratings and my position in The Tennessee Valley by being brutally (sometime obnoxiously) honest, so when I am called a liar, I will respond.
  • To paraphrase John Wayne in The Shootist, “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.” Now, you’ll notice I deleted the ‘I won’t be insulted’ line. The reason I did is simple. I insult people daily and am fine with being on the receiving end of insults. However, I will not let someone try to tarnish my name and my career with BS. I will not be wronged and no slight is too small.
    • This is the main reason why I did not take a plea deal from Troy King when his office tried to roast me over the greatest joke ever told. They had no case and they knew it. They wanted to make me pay for asking King if he was gay and I was gonna be damned if I went down without a fight. So, I fought. I was right. I won. (Sidenote: The Phillip campaign is actually trying to make this State Seal issue a problem for Mo Brooks, after repeatedly voicing support for me during the ordeal. That includes asking me to emcee the Mike Huckabee debacle. I declined because I didn’t want to draw attention away from his event.)

That said, Les Phillip is a liar and when backed into a corner, he has no problem taking a page from Parker Griffith’s book. He’s lying to salvage the BS narrative he is selling.

This is unacceptable, based on the message this man has been deceptively selling to Alabama’s 5th Congressional District. You can tell a lot about a man’s character and true nature when his back is against the wall.

That’s when you have two options:

  1. Fight honorably and maybe lose.
  2. Fight dishonorably and deserve to lose.

Les has sadly chosen option #2.

Since the beginning of Les’ campaign for Congress, people watched an exciting newcomer play the political game. Little actual attention was given to his candidacy, other than a Mike Huckabee fundraiser, the purchase of the Huckabee endorsement and the exposure of the bust of that fundraiser.

But, political nerds like you and I watched as Les gave running for Congress a crack.

It has been fun watching conservatives, who complained about Obama not being vetted, latch onto Phillip– who is actually more unknown.

He’s run on a message of being different and being outside of the system. Part of that is true. He is outside the system and because of that, he’s surrounded himself with idiots.

Sadly, these idiots thought it made sense to smear a candidate with religious bigotry (a tactic Parker Griffith is now using) and crazy accusations without factual backup.

  • Thomas Beach, Director of Nuttery, says Mo Brooks is a secret Mormon and supports ‘Cap and Trade.’ If you listen to Phillip, he actually continuously floats the Sierra Club line without the guts to try to pin it on Mo Brooks. Innuendo and garbage is all this about.
  • Jamie Gilliam, former PR manager, floated the ‘secret Mormon’ crap as well. (Note: Gilliam quit after Les’ embarrassing ‘good ol boy’ press release and other issues.)

Les’ strategy has been to let his minions do the attacking, while he tries to play nice guy.

Good idea.

Sadly he has morons executing that plan. Still, that seems like a “top down” strategy. Now, he could have actually been a good guy. Unfortunately, that requires integrity and Les has none.

These guys actually thought voters would be amazed by a Navy Veteran, who loves the constitution, but ignored the fact that Les was/is unable to articulate anything outside of that framework. People tried to help him broaden his message. He refused or could not.

This amateur campaign is yielding amateur results. Here are some examples:

  • Being taken by a questionable fundraising entity.
  • Whining about being ‘in the race first.’
  • Being unable to substantiate any claims of being a business man other than his wife running a restaurant (which is very good). Question for his supporters (answer in the comments): What has he done since his time in the Navy? I don’t know. Is there a resume? Why don’t we get specifics of job creation?
  • Focusing on out-of-district support.
  • Childish and stupid press releases.
  • Tantrums, including telling the local black chamber of commerce he is the only one who cares about black businesses, yelling at bloggers who dare be critical and attempting to take pictures of a talk show host talking with his old (Democrat) campaign consultant, David Driscoll.

That last one just shows what Les Phillip is all about: garbage politics.

His goal was to ‘get dirty’ (his words) and use that photo to somehow hurt me. How? I’m not sure, but he gave me a great radio bit when I “got out in front of it” and admitted my indiscretion to my listeners.

Phillip’s response was to then go on a radio station with 1/30th (and I am being kind) the audience and call me ‘Dr. Evil’, accusing me and my listeners of having ‘tin foil hat fantasies.’ He followed up that embarrassing display with a lie so ridiculous, it makes me feel stupid typing it out.

Here is what he said… (audio)

Les: Actually what happened was, I, because I am a  little bit older and I don’t have the 20/15 vision anymore. I was reading an e-mail and then I said “Ohhhh! i tell you what there’s he is over there and I snapped a picture, showed it to my friend who was sitting with me. It was a bad picture anyway because I couldn’t see anyone because I was sitting DOWN, not standing up going, “Oooh I need to get this” and then we deleted it and that was that.

Keep in mind, this is after telling members of his staff that he didn’t take any pictures and had no clue what I was talking about.

I will quote it…

Les says he never took any pic.

The host, who Phillip in the past has called “a joke”, of course did not ask about the key part of this: the “getting dirty” comment. They were too interested in cackling over Austin Powers’ quotes. Good radio there. Makes me wonder why I am the dominant political talk show in the area and will be until the day I choose to leave.

That aside, Les Phillip and his answer says a lot about the man.

He knows damn well he took the picture, so he wasn’t going to deny it, especially given the number of witnesses I have (including a Les Phillip contributor and another former employee of his campaign).

He sure as hell wasn’t going to come on my show and deny it because I would eat his ass alive and he knows it. But, this is the second time in a week he has gone on lesser radio shows with a fraction of the audience to trash me when he knows damn well he can come here to this website (as he has in the past) or come on my show (as he has done dozens of times) and set the record straight, face to face.

But, when you don’t have the facts right on your side, he decides to go and hide.

Is this what they teach Naval aviators about courage? Doubtful.

I thought he was going to bring ‘blood and guts’ to DC and fight everyone he had to to protect the Constitution… or something like that.

A candidate’s integrity should be a huge concern for all voters. Les Phillip, like Parker Griffith, has none. And when pushed into a corner, he had two choices:

  1. Fight honorably and maybe lose.
  2. Fight dishonorably and deserve to lose.

Remember, he chose #2.

And he deserves to lose.

His website hilariously states, ‘this is no time for politics’, while he attempts to run a campaign that would make Cheryl Baswell Guthries’ train-wreck look respectable.

I promise you this, he will not top her performance at the polls in ’08.

I would like to issue a challenge/ultimatum to Les Phillip.

Come on my program. Explain all of the issues I’ve raised and acknowledge to my listeners that you did in fact take that picture and make the comments about “playing dirty”, or I will close my door to your campaign. Maybe you feel that is irrelevant, but you didn’t feel that way in the past when commenting that if Parker Griffith couldn’t face down Dale Jackson, he couldn’t fight for us in DC, or when you called him a coward for ducking me.

Are you a coward, Mr. Phillip?

Also, if you do come on by 9AM, Tuesday, April 13th, I will also give you one 3-hour show on WVNN to push your candidacy before the June 1st primary.

What will Les do?

Will he man up and take on big bad liar Dale Jackson… OR will he, like Parker Griffith, attempt to marginalize the largest voting block that will go to the polls on June 1st?

Will he only frequent friendly media outlets like Parker Griffith?

Is he, like Griffith, afraid of hard questions?

How is that working out for ‘The Good Doctor’?

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