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  1. I think most of the listeners to WVNN and the Dale Jackson show are supporters of Mo but I have not seen or heard any political ads supporting him.The word needs to get out there to the outlying areas so that Parker Griffith’s name recognition can be overcome.I donated to his campaign,if you support him,you need to put your money where your mouth is,time is running out.


  2. I assume you will hear more ads as we get closer to the primary.

    Griffith is running ads because he needs to do damage control.


  3. Dale is there a way of reporting how many people voted or have I missed a step?


  4. Im tired of messing around with polititians that say and do what most expediant and advantagious at the time to get elected and then getting to Washington and turning into MILK-TOAST men. We need LEADERS and not polititions that do the right thing by the Constitution and We The People. This country is in serious danger and reaching an epiphany,…a point of no return. I will not vote for anything less than a Reagan conservative. Parker Griffith has been all over the place in what he suposedly stands for,…depending on which way the wind blows. Im sick of it and MAD AS HELL that this country has been taken over by sissy-fied men with NO PRINCIPLES. A MAN THAT STANDS FOR NOTHIN FALLS FOR EVERYTHING !!!!


  5. Okay – who is playing me? Too funny – don’t think this has ever happened to me before – I just want to be Ajay – haha!


  6. As we continue to skid off the rails with Les Phillip let’s look at some of his supporters well thought out arguments.

    But I guess u have to stand up for your old friend after what he did for you, so you are a little biased.

    How many time do I have to repeat this. I called for Mo Brooks to be our Congressman on 4/15/09. My political prosecution started in July of 09. Mo Brooks defended me and would have defended me in court even if I would have lost my job as a result. It was a political prosecution and if anything he put his career on the line to do the right thing. I am not ashamed to point out Mo Brooks helped me, I have never hid it and for Les Phillp’s campaign and people to bring it up is laughable because he told me numerous times I did nothing wrong and he supported me 100%. More Les Phillip’s supporters embarrassing themselves.

    Mr. Jackson, following the constitution is never a crutch. Congress is full of “career” politicians that have forgotten how business really works. It appears that they think taxes are like a never ending stream to tap. We need businessmen to fix this mess and get jobs back. Also we need whose loyalties are not to government. Loyalty to government is what we have in Congress now. Look where it has gotten us. I guess this is a tired and lame argument as well.

    Read what I said, he needs to formulate more than that as an argument. His consultants and real friends have told him the same.The hanger-ons and nutcases honestly believe screaming “CONSTITUTION” is a winning strategy. Furthermore, is Mo Brooks anti-constitution?

    LOL keep putting your eggs here Dale….

    Victoria. Keep running Les’ online campaign. Those founding father quotes are really persuasive. AND please keep being active for him… 9%.

    OK – so according to you, Dale, being a defender of the Constitution is “lame” and being a “career politician” is a good thing. Seriously? I guess you must support Girffith now also since he has also quickly become a career politician. Bet it will be hard for you to decide which one of those “career politicians” to elect. WOW!

    Again, there is a difference between being a bad politician and a good public servant. Mo Brooks is a good public servant.If he is not, tell me why.

    Mo Brooks isn’t a “career politician” as much as he is a perennial loser. Thank goodness he’s got the Madison County Commission to keep falling back on. Apparently Mo’s level of competency is as a county commissioner. Any attempt to rise above that office results in failure. Also, something definitely smells of good-old-boy racism about this attempt to marginalize Les Phillip– you even misspelled his name in the poll. Nice.

    Again, there is a difference between being a bad politician and a good public servant. Mo Brooks is a good public servant.If he is not, tell me why.

    Racism? Really? So I bent over backwards to give Les name recognition only to throw out racism now. Sorry for the misspelling.

    The only arguments Les supporters have been able to make are based upon stereotypes and intentionally misrepresented facts. Dale gave you guys 6 hours of air time to hit Mo Brooks with every negative fact that you could find. Dale’s audience watched and waited while nothing came to the surface. Your attacks are now perceived to be as baseless and as petty as they actually are. The longer your attacks last, the more your campaign will be dismissed by those who understand Mo Brooks to be an honorable man.

    Quoted for truth.


  7. Something I’ve noticed that I think is very telling from candidate’s supporters online:

    Griffith supporter: *Crickets*

    Les Phillip supporters: “Mo Brooks sucks!”

    Mo Brooks supporters: *Defends against Les supporters’ attacks* “Here is why Mo Brooks is good.”

    I’d really like to see more from Les Phillip supporters about what he brings to the table that others don’t. I’ve heard military service, and that is a good point, but what else is there? He’s a businessman. Okay, what’s his job history? What businesses has he started? How many employees has he had? Was his business successful?

    I’ve heard a lot from Mo Brooks supporters about his numerous qualifications to be a Congressman, complete with numbers, facts, and references. I’d be very interested to see the same from some of the Les Phillip groupies.


  8. The only pro-Les statements that I’ve heard are about how he’s sworn allegiance to the constitution as a military man and how he’s been a businessman creating jobs. Okay, let’s compare the two candidates from that perspective.

    Mo Brooks is also a businessman. He co-owns a law firm that has ~13-15 employees with bread winning incomes. Les’ catering business has created no high paying jobs if any jobs at all. Les has sworn allegiance to the constitution once while Mo Brooks has sworn allegiance almost a dozen times when being sworn into public office. Mo Brooks has a career of 25+ years and, in a time period spanning almost 3 decades, Les Phillip supporters cannot find a single factual complaint. Les Phillip has served his country in the military which is certainly admirable; Mo Brooks has served his country at home by being an honorable public servant which is far less common and more needed at present.


  9. Please help us fight Parker Griffith. He has proven he is NOT a fiscal conservative (or any other type of conservative). Les may be a decent man but he does not have the experience to go for the big guns in DC. And for pity’s, PLEASE do not vote in another democrat for District 5. The only clear choice is Mo Brooks. Go to his site and see what he’s done in the interest of helping North Alabama. I’ve known him for 30 years and have seen his integrity and doggedness first hand. He is a fighter. He’s not afraid. He’s putting his life and his career and his sacred honor on the altar of patriotism. It’s not corny for me to use words drawn from those of our Founding Fathers. What was true in 1776 is just as true today. We MUST fight tyranny and oppression. We must not let money, corruption, and hunger for power win. We must send Griffith into retirement and put aside the false dreams of deocrat Pelosites and Obamites. For the love of our Republic, ourselves, and our children, please vote for Mo Brooks.


  10. Guys/Gals, you’re playing right into Parker Griffith’s hands. If you make this campaign a war between Mo Brooks and Les Phillip, the bitterness will probably propel Parker Griffith to a runoff win, as the supporters of the candidate who doesn’t make the runoff votes for Griffith as a protest vote, because of lingering resentment between candidates that should have a common goal at this time. Pool your resources to go after the REAL culprit, and then you can duke it out in the runoff. As it stands now, Parker Griffith is smiling all the way to November, and the GOP will be stuck with a RINO instead of a true conservative. PEACE!!!!


  11. Well said Johnny. If there is a runoff I would much rather it be between 2 conservatives than a conservative and a RINO with tons of left over Democrat money! There’s only one way Parker Griffith has a real chance and that is if lots of ignorant and ill-informed voters show up to vote in the primary in June. Lets keep spreading the word so that Parker Griffith can retire early!


  12. Wrong… the runoff will be Mo and Griffith.

    Unless Griffith wins outright in a primary there is no chance for him.


  13. As I have been able to step away and take a look at this race, it will be very interesting for sure. Here are some possible scenarios:
    1) Mo Brooks vs Parker Griffith in a run-off – Mo wins, but loses in general to either Raby or Shepard.
    2) Parker Griffith wins on June 1. A third party independant runs as a conservative, and from there, it’s a crap shoot.
    3) Parker Griffith wins on June 1 and defeats a VERY well funded challenger from the left in a VERY close race.

    I hate to seem so pessimistic regarding the chance of a “true conservative” winning the general – but at least if PG wins (and I am not supporting him) he will be “guilted” into voting like one for at least the next term, as he has voted with the party 100% since his “come to Jesus” switch on 12/22.

    Just my $.02


  14. The real Steve Boyett is a Les Phillip guy.

    The link here goes to Boyett’s site (http://www.alabamadistrictfive.com/).

    Why did you jump off the USS Phillip?


  15. I want someone who will truly represent his constituents and that will take someone who “truly cares” about them. I know that Mo Brooks does. He’s not running for personal prestige or gain (in fact, the opposite is true). I once complained about an issue to the Sherif’s department, and Mo Brooks was kind enough to reply to my email. I asked questions and he patiently answered those questions and explained the “lay-of-the-land.” I was new to Al in 2006 and had no idea who this man was. He had no idea who I was, but he cared enough to take his time to answer my questions even when he wasn’t running for office, and he “listened” to me! Really listened. I was impressed with his knowledge of politics and legislation from local to national. He was honest, he was sincerely concerned about all of us. This is a hard-working, family man, who cares about this county, this state and this country. He has exceptionally good morals, the determination and strength of character we need of someone who would give us responsible, accountable and sane representation. He is “Mr Right”, He is “Mr Sane”. I want someone elected that will do what’s right and best for “all” of us and stop the chaos and the insanity. And I know the man for job!


  16. Will the real Steve Boyett, please stand up (haha). This is really me, the Gator fan who is named after, you know who. I resigned from the staff a little more than a month ago. This blog is not the place for the reasons – but wanted to let you know. Go Gators!


  17. As much as it pains me to say it, the time has come for Les Phillip to withdraw from the campaign. It’s time for Mr. Phillip to realize his candidacy undermines Mr. Brooks and makes the likelihood of a run-off between Brooks and Griffith a real possibility. Conservatives need to rally round the cause and defeat Griffith on the first round. Phillip is no longer a contender. “The better part of valour is discretion; in the which better part I have saved my life.” Mr. Phillip needs more experience before he embarks on a campaign of this magnitude. The House of Representatives is no place for on the job training.


  18. I am caught a bit off-guard by the “belittling” of Les Phillip supporters. I have always maintained that Conservatives are very respectful. Making comments like “The only arguments Les supporters have been able to make are based upon stereotypes and intentionally misrepresented facts.” (Italics added). From the interactions that I have had with my circle of friends that like Les Phillip, I have NO IDEA how you can make that kind of a statement. I don’t know where you have been Dale, but I have been to your “meet and greets” and I have listened to your radio show when you had Les Phillip as a guest. The reason I like Les Phillip is because he is a strong Conservative, believing in SMALL government. He is a follower of our founding fathers and believes in a strong central government whose MAIN purpose is in defense of our country (He named two other things…road systems and something else – but the main point is that he is against the “mommy-state”). He really knows his history too. I put him in the Newt Gingrich column on that one. So far, I am aligned with his beliefs on 100% of the issues discussed (including illegal aliens, taxation, free market, etc.). Now, these are my own PERSONAL experiences; not based on a shred of stereotypes and I will swear on a Bible as to my representation of this man. He is smart, conservative, and has integrity. Please refrain from making ridiculous statements like the one quoted above. Simply state the facts, as you have done, and suck it up.  (BTW, I really appreciate you!)


  19. Les Phillip supporter claims that Mo Brooks had sex with Christie Carden (Founder of Alabama’s Tea Party) to get her endorsement.

    Victoria Linker, (victoria_29) who is probably the most active volunteer on Les’ campaign, calls Mo Brooks a political hack and makes multiple random accusations without backing any of them up with facts.

    Les Phillip paid campaign staffer, Thomas Beach, argues that Mo Brooks should not be elected because he is Mormon (side note: Mo Brooks is not Mormon).

    Despite his volunteers and staffers who are clearly within Les’ realm on control mudslinging in the most ridiculous fashion, Les Phillip tells his supporters to relax after Dale called him out.

    Les Phillip accuses Mo Brooks of using racism without any facts to back it up.
    Dale Jackson’s show 2/17


  20. Katherine,

    Everything I stated in that post was a response to a Les Phillip supporter.

    I opened up my door and my show to Les Phillip on many occasions (including hosting it while I was gone) and to be accused of lying and racism is rather ridiculous.

    Les is not beyond criticism and neither is Mo, but I have stated and backed up that most/if not all of the criticism of Mo are ridiculous (liberal, environmentalist nut, too tough on immigrants, loves taxes, secret Mormon etc). I have sought a anti-Mo argument before I did my endorsement and I no one could offer one.


  21. Thomas,

    Thank you so much for your fact supported response. I completely agree with Dale in calling them nut jobs. I hadn’t read any of these things and had no idea that these ridiculous accusations were even going on. I don’t believe that these people are part of a “Les machine” (because I and many of my dear friends are supporters and we have NEVER REMOTELY ascribed to any of this nonsense). Les was right in calling these nut jobs on their behavior and asking any of his supporters to act with “integrity and honor”, only discussing the issues.

    Now, I want to preceed this noting my GREAT APPRECIATION for Dale Jackson! He is so wonderful in informing the public on local politics. I have never seen anyone like him in my life. And I LOVE his gatherings so that I can actually talk to the candidates. Wonderful and greatly appreciated. My whole point was that Dale was grouping ALL Les Phillip supporters into one group saying that the ONLY arguments that we have are based on stereotypes… That is wrong also. That is what I call a liberal response. They find some weird right wing nut job and try to label all conservatives as one way. There are always going to be these types of people in politics, so I was just stating that he should simply CORRECT the nut jobs (so that that these things don’t become gossip) and don’t let the nut jobs ruffle your feathers so much that you let your ego run amuck to the point of reacting like a lib.


  22. I don’t know if Dale is reacting like a lib but for those paying attention it is pretty clear that this is coming from LP’s campaign.

    I have read this blog every day and it seems that this is pretty well documented.


  23. Christie Carden is the founder of Huntsville Tea Party*. I just noticed that mistake.

    As for Les orchestrating this – there are no facts to directly back this up which is not surprising. Les would be a fool to admit it. That being said, Les pays Thomas Beach (the man who claims that Mo Brooks is Mormon and argues that this disqualifies him from serving his country) to work on his campaign. He also has Victoria Linker organize his volunteers and control his online presence. Victoria Linker believes that Obama should be tried and executed as a traitor according to her twitter account http://twitter.com/victoria_29/status/9637283047. One of the links I posted shows Victoria lying repeatedly about Mo Brooks while using innuendo about Mo’s ‘past dealings on the county commission/as D.A.’. Les Phillip supporters use stereotypes about politicians and lawyers day in and day out as their arguments against Mo Brooks. Below are quotations from his supporters on his facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Phillip/132222908489). Les Phillip has claimed that Mo Brooks has been using racism against him but presents no facts to prove it. Les also put out a press release calling Wayne Parker’s endorsement of Mo Brooks “good ‘ol boy” politics as if Mo was paying Wayne Parker back for something or would repay him in the future. Again, Les Phillip provided no facts to back up his attack.

    Sure, I can not link to you something that proves that Les Phillip is orchestrating a smear campaign, but I can read the writing on the wall when written in such gigantic font.

    Facebook page quotes from 3/31 to today:
    “Les, I hope the voters come to their senses and stop voting in career politicians and vote for you – someone like us, who understands us, and will actually do something for us. The people get what they deserve by voting in the unqualified uncaring self-serving candidates and then the people complain why things are the way they are. Go figure!”
    “I endorse Les Phillip because lawyers and democrats are the ones who got us into this mess!”
    “If we are really going to change washington we must change the people we send there. No more Lawyers No more Professional Politicians.”
    “To define insantity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. So I have decided even though Mo Brooks maybe a good conservative he is a lawyer and professinal politician, we have enough of those people in washingtion…”
    “We don’t need anymore Lawyers in Washington.”

    All of the attacks above are based upon stereotypes and contain no facts about how Mo Brooks is a bad politician or lawyer.


  24. Marcus,

    Yeah, I’m playing catch up in the informatin loop! That’s the only reason I was checking out these blogs. Nobody seems to get my main point though… I SUPPORT LES PHILLIP ON THE ISSUES. My problem was with the word “ONLY”…that if you supported Les, you could ONLY have these feeble arguments. Which is a FALSE STATEMENT. Outside of all these bloggings/accusations/innuendos, I support Les on the issues. He is a true conservative.
    I did talk to Dale, and the comment that I was having a problem with was in response to one of the “nut jobs”. Currently, I am trying to catch up on what has been going on the last few weeks. But I think you should still take into account that I, and quite a few Les Phillip supporters that I am aquanted with, have no connection with those that are making these outrageous statements. I tend to take these “bloggers” with a grain of salt…(as I am sitting hear blogging, which I NEVER do!!! LOL!).


  25. Thanks again. I really appreciate all the information.


  26. No problem. It’s easy to miss the little things like that. I agree with most of the positions that Les takes too.


  27. Les Phillip is a true conservative who has not been on the attack mode against other candidates. He has chosen instead to tell people where he really stands on the issues. Les is a true conservative that knows the constitution. If the constitution is not important to any candidate or person then that person is not a conservative. Les is in favor of a limited government. A strong defense. He understands the important principles that were laid out by the founding fathers. Les has proven that he is not afraid to take on the issues. He has chosen to not attack other people and resort to name calling. Les has defended his country in the Navy after graduating from the US Naval Academy, he has been the project manager of a Fortune 500 company, he is an entrepreneur. Les is very intelligent and is a principled conserative who has integrity. Meet him and you will agree.


  28. He has not been on the attack mode?

    Good ‘ol Boy” politics?
    Playing Dirty?
    Nut case supporters?
    Lying supporters?
    Religious attacks?
    Lie Squad?

    Are we watching this same race?


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