My on-air apology to my listeners for my unforgivable indiscretion last night…

Listen here.

What did I do?

Text an underage boy?

Have a wide stance?

Punch a woman?

Racial slur?


Again I am very sorry I sat down and talk to a Democratic political operative last night.

Candidate for Congress Les Phillip took a photo of it and was going to “get dirty” with me because I have “got dirty” with him.

Was he going to destroy me?


How does a marginal last place fringe candidate destroy anyone?

It is rather funny. If  my sin was talking to a Democratic consultant then I need to point out where I originally met that damn dirty Democrat.

I met David Driscoll (campaign consultant) at an event where that damn dirty Democrat was working for…

wait for it…

wait for it…




Les Phillip is Cheryl Baswell-Guthrie.

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