With Wayne Parker out, Cheryl-Baswell Guthrie is IN!!! UPDATE: CBG is Les Phillip

UPDATE: Yikes folks, it was a joke. The point is Les Phillip is the Cheryl Baswell Guthrie of 2010.

The press release at the bottom is Les Phillip’s release from yesterday.

April Fools.

Unbelievable day of news yesterday…

First the 2008 GOP nominee for Congress in North Alabama Wayne Parker endorses Mo Brooks.

And now Wayne Parker’s bitter primary opponent in 2008 Chery Baswell Guthrie decides to enter the race for the AL-05 GOP nomination.

She and Wayne had real bad blood from the rough primary season and she wants to stick it to him anyway she can.

Before we get into her asinine, embarrassing and sad press release let us take a look back at her campaign in ’08 to get a taste of train wreck heading down the track.

Radio ads…


TV ads…

[Another of the famous monkey ads

Press releases…

After losing to Bud Cramer for the second time, Wayne Parker went to Washington, D.C. to become a federal lobbyist. There he took advantage of his father-in- law’s position as Chairman of a powerful Congressional committee and sold his family ties to the highest bidder.’

Wayne Parker lobbied to get federal contracts and funding for a company that isn’t even in the region, directing much needed federal dollars away from North Alabama and putting jobs and businesses here at risk.*

Wayne Parker denied about how long he lobbied in Washington, D.C. saying that he hasn’t lobbied since 1998. But, according to federal reports, Wayne Parker lobbied for several years longer.

Whose interest would he represent?

Yours, or someone outside Alabama …

Say NO to Wayne Parker,

because we don’t need another lobbyist in Washington.

More silliness

* In the WHNT candidate forum she said that teachers have been “over-exhumed.” Does she think we dig up dead teachers to deal with shortages or something?
* In an interview with Dale Jackson of WVNN she referred to her two part campaign commercials (more on those later) as “sequel one and sequel two.” Last I checked a sequel implied that it was, you know, after the first and consequently the first in a series can’t be a sequel.
* In the same interview with Dale Jackson she bragged about having conferred with “senators and house of representatives.” We’ll get to what she was bragging about in a minute, but first let’s talk about the specific job she is running for. She is running to be a representative, not a “house of representative.” She should know this.

Those are just three things that popped in my head, but it is certainly not a comprehensive list. What kind of goofy things would Guthrie say as an elected “house of representative?”

But Guthrie is more than just a verbal challenged candidate with money to burn. She has also proven to be a less than honest and credible candidate as well. The first obvious deviation from honesty and integrity was when she issued misleading press releases about her “fund raising” only to pull them from her website after her first FEC report showed that she intentionally misled voters. She followed up this incident by flat out lying about her opponent, Wayne Parker. Using references that couldn’t possibly prove her claims (if they were true) she went deep into the mud attacking Parker.

This thing was a freaking mess.

But she doesn’t care, here she comes again…

Look at this pathetic press release attacking Wayne Parker and Mo Brooks for… um… um… well it appears their sin is Wayne Parker’s endorsement.

Cheryl Baswell-Guthrie campaign comments on Wayne Parker’s endorsement in the 5th District Race

HUNTSVILLE, Ala– Cheryl Baswell-Guthrie, candidate for Alabama’s 5th district congressional seat, issued a statement today dismissing 3-time losing candidate Wayne Parker’s endorsement of county commissioner and perennial candidate Mo Brooks as “good ol’ boy politics.” Mr Parker made his endorsement after months of speculation that he might return to the race for a fourth time to face his former Democrat foe in the GOP primary.

“The people of North Alabama deserve a representative who will serve their best interests in Washington. This person should be chosen on their record of leadership, expertise in the issues that matter most to the district, and a proven record of job creation in the private sector. People are tired of the political games, and that’s what this endorsement amounts to. We’re tired of our representatives being beholden to a few special interests and big donors. I intend to go to Washington with the endorsement of the voters of North Alabama, and that is far more important to me than aligning with the old guard that has had a stranglehold on our government for too long. Congress should not be a social club anymore,” said Baswell-Guthrie.

“I plan to bring good, stable jobs back into the district by getting government out of the way of our employers. As a former lawyer, I understand the intricacies of the defense industry that is the lifeblood of this district, and know what must be done to keep North Alabama at the top. As a businesswoman, both for myself and in the corporate world, I understand the challenges that our private sector faces as they struggle to remain viable under the supervision of many layers of government. The other candidates can’t offer that background, and I trust the people of this district to vote on that background. I was the first one making my case to be the representative of this district, and I’m the only one with a tangible plan to bring long term growth to the district. The days of being elected by having a few of the ‘right friends’ are coming to an end.”

Any campaign that puts out a press release this pathetic needs to be put out of it’s misery immediately.

Please join me in calling for this candidate to abandon this race by e-mailing them here.

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