Les Phillip issues a statement on the tone of the AL-05 primary…

Some of the stuff coming from Les Phillip’s supporters are crazy and ridiculous.

I wrote this last night

I am growing very sick of the Les Phillip supporters, they are stupid and borderline crazy.

They have formed sham Tea Parties, used fake online names (Steve Boyett I am looking at you “Ajay”), called for Obama’s death, brought bigotry into the campaign and ridiculously claimed Mo Brooks is a liberal.

Stop. Keep in mind that this is just a taste.

Open letter to Les Phillip,

Dear Les,

Drop the nuts.

Dale Jackson: Kingmaker

But this evening Phillip has issued a statement trying to reign his most ardent online supporters in

“Just wanted to say thank you to all of my supporters. Your support means so much to me personally and my campaign but I do need to ask that we focus only on the issues that are important to the people of the 5th District. I entered this race to defend, protect and restore the Constitution and to win this race to fight for the people of North Alabama.

We do not need to be distracted away from our message. Let’s win this race with integrity and honor. There are too many important issues that need to be discussed and debated. Let’s get out there and win!”


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