The NRCC hearts Parker Griffith…

Really they do.

Yesterday I told you about this fundraisng letter attacking Parker Griffith for being an Obama/Pelosi shill.

Well, the braintrust at the NRCC wasn’t to happy with that, so today they sent a love note out for Parker Griffith…

“This was simply a minor administrative mistake, nothing more and nothing less; the solicitation was actually intended for Bobby Bright’s district. However, the chairman’s letter was spot-on in the most important regard: North Alabamians have abandoned the Obama-Pelosi party in droves because its liberal agenda is dismissive of their values and hostile toward their interests. Rep. Parker Griffith – who stood up to Democrat Party bosses time and time again on issues like cap-and-trade and healthcare – clearly recognized that, and we are delighted to have his conservative voice in the Republican conference.” — Andy Seré, NRCC spokesman

Andy Seré
Regional Press Secretary
National Republican Congressional Committee
(202) 479-7070 – ofc
(713) 806-7720 – cell

Just in time for Valentines Day, wonderful…

But just for fun let’s look at some love the NRCC gave Griffith in the past…

They called him a murderer…

They said he was the friend of terrorists…

But now that Griffith has an R after his name they are in bed together.

Parker Griffith = unprincipled idiot.
NRCC = unprincipled idiots.


Christie Carden, head of the Huntsville Tea Party, makes a great point…

Isn’t Bright’s voting record more conservative than Griffith’s? I think he only voted with Pelosi 70% of the time, while Griffith 85%.

Yes it is!

While the left is dismissing Parker Griffith as an unreliable Democrat who often sided with Republicans on big issues, one Democratic aide points out that Griffith actually voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 85 percent of the time.

According to these rankings compiled by, Griffith has a higher party loyalty score than Democratic Reps. Heath Shuler (N.C.), Frank Kratovil (Md.), Glenn Nye (Va.), Harry Mitchell (Ariz.), Gene Taylor (Miss.) and Walt Minnick (Idaho).

Griffith has been far more reliable for Pelosi than his Alabama counterpart, Democrat Bobby Bright, who’s near the bottom of the loyalty list at 71 percent.

So they are defending Griffith, while he was more loyal TO PELOSI than Bobby Bright, who they are attacking.

I repeat…

Parker Griffith = unprincipled idiot.
NRCC = unprincipled idiots.


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