What products have been created by NASA and space exploration?

From spacecoalition.com

360 Degree Camera
3-D Synthetic Vision Flight Displays
Advanced Hydrogen Sensors
Advanced Lubricants
Advanced Welding Torch
Aerodynamic Bicycle Wheels
Air Catalysts for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Aircraft Collision Avoidance
Aircraft Design Analysis
Airline Wheelchairs
Airliner TV Transmission Via Satellite
AiroCide TiO2 Air Purifier
Anthrax Smoke Detector
Arteriosclerosis Detection
Artificial Heart
Astronaut Plant Bag
Athletic Shoes
Audiometric System for Hearing Assessment
Automated Urinalysis
Automatic Insulin Pump
Automotive Design
Automotive Insulation
BAFCO Linear Actuators
Balance Evaluation System
Biomass Production System for Education
Bioreactor Demonstration System
Bioreactor Human Tissue Growth
Bone Analyzer
Breast Biopsy
Breast Cancer Screening
Bridge Safety Improvements
Cabin Pressure Altitude Monitor and Warning System
Camera on a Chip
Cardiac Pacemaker
Cataract Surgery Tools
Chemical Warfare Hood
Chromosome Analysis
Clean Room Apparel
Clean Water for Homes
Coastal Zone Color Scanner
Compact Blood Diagnostic Equipment
Compact Fire and Rescue Extraction Devices
Composite Forceps
Composite Materials Development – Golf Clubs
Computer Joysticks
Computer-Aided Tomography (CAT Scanner)
Computer Reader for the Blind
Convection Oven
Cool Vest Therapeutic Suits
Cordless Power Tools and Appliances
Corporate Jet Wing Designs
Corrosion Protection Coating
Crop Dusting Improvements
Crop Growing Improvements
DeBakey Heart Pump
Dental Arch Wire
Digital Mammography
Diving Optical Profiler
DMI Remote Sensing Fish-Finding Service
Doppler Radar
Ear Thermometer
Edible Toothpaste
Electric Car
Emission Testing
Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron Remediation
Energy Storage Systems
Engine Coatings
Engine Design
Engine Lubricant
Failsafe Flashlight
Fetal Heart Monitor
Fire Detection Systems
Firefighter Breathing System
Firefighter Radios
Firefighting Equipment
Fireman’s Air Tanks
Fitness Equipment
Flame Detector
Foam-In-Place Seating Technology
Freeze Drying Technologies
Gas Detector
Gasoline Vapor Recovery
Geosynchronous Orbiting
Golf Ball Aerodynamics
GPS Navigation
Helmet Padding
High Temperature Soldering Blocks
High-Pressure Waterstripping
Historical Document Condition Analysis
Home Insulation
Human Tissue Stimulator
Implantable Heart Aid
Improved Aircraft Engines
Inertial Motion-Tracking for Virtual Reality
Infrared Camera
Infrared Thermometer
Insulin Pumps
Interactive Computer Training
InTime Agricultural Remote Sensing
Invisible Braces
Kidney Dialysis
Land Mine Removal Device
Laser Angioplasty
Laser Heart Surgery
Laser Wire Stripper
Lead Poison Detection
Lifeshears – Emergency Rescue Cutters
Lightning Protection
Low Vision Enhancement System (LVES)
Lubricant Coating Process
Machine Tool Software
Magnetic Bearing System
Magnetic Liquids
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Medical Gas Analyzer
Methane-Powered Vehicles
Microelectromechanical Systems
Miniature Accelerometers
Modified Carbon Nanotube Materials
Ocean Fluorometer
Ocular Screening
Oil Spill Control
PackBot Tactical Mobile Robot
Palate Surgery Technology
Personal Storm Warning System
Pesticide-Free Mosquito Killing System
Phenotype MicroArray
Photodynamic Therapy
Physical Therapy
Pill Sized Transmitter
Plantronics Wireless Communications Devices
Portable X-Ray Device
Precision Lightning Strike Location System
Programmable Pacemaker
PRO-SAN Non-Toxic Microbicidal Santizer
Prosthesis Material
Protective Clothing
PureSense Water and Air Purification Systems
Quartz Clock
Radiant Barrier Technology
Radiation Hazard Detector
Real-Time Emergency Action Coordination Tool
Remote Controlled Light Switch
Remote Command and Control Appliances
Ribbed Swimsuit
Robotic Arms
Robotic Hands
Satellite Computer Data Transmission
Satellite Computer Image Transmission
Satellite Crop Growth & Monitoring
Satellite Fishing Technology
Satellite Stabilization
Satellite Telephone Signal Transmission
Satellite TV Transmission
School Bus Improvements
Secure Mobile Router System
Self-Locking Fasteners
Self-Righting Life Raft
Ski Boots
Skin Care Product Effectiveness Technology
Smoke Detector Improvements
Smoke Penetrating Forest Fire Analysis
Solar Power Technologies
Solid State High-Power Transmitters
Space Pens
SpiraFlex Resistance Exercise Device
Stadium Roofing Fabric
Standing Wave Reflectometer Wire Analyzer
Studless Winter Tires
Sunglasses Blocking Harmful Rays
Surgical Brain Tumor Probe
Temper Foam Technology
Temperature Pill
Thermal Gloves and Boots
Thermal Protection Insulation
Three-dimensional Thermal Tomography in Radiation Oncology
Tire Deflating Devices – MagnumSpike
Tollbooth Air Purification
Ultrasound Scanners
Ultrasound Skin Damage Assesment
VEGGIE – Deployable Vegetable System
Vehicle Brake Improvements
Vehicle Tracking
Video Stabilization
Virtual Reality
Vision Screening System
Voice Controlled Wheelchair
Warfighter Accelerated Recovery
Waste Heat Energy Conversion
Waste Water Purification
Water Purification
Weight Saving Composite Materials
Welding Sensor System
Whale Tracking Technologies
Windshear Prediction
WindTracer for Tracking Aircraft Wake Vortices
Wireless Communications

19 Responses

  1. Since the Obama administration increased NASA funding, we should see even more innovations like this. Good thing the majority of Americans voted for him.


    • You really need constant attention don’t you?

      It’s not about the funding it’s about the programs being cut midstream.


    • Obama is an money spending fool. Of course he would increase spending. He has never seen a dime he wouldn’t spend. Hence the reason Republicans need to take office in 2012 or the national debt, gas prices, and inflation will do nothing but increase under a money spending party. The Obama administration is a mess. Watch a real news channel for once in your life. Fox news.


  2. I actually had a conversation last night with my mother who works for a NASA contractor (and is working on the Constellation project). While NASA has undeniably had a lot of great spin-off inventions, if what we’re concerned about is creating new technology, launching people into space atop giants rockets isn’t the most cost effective way of doing it.


  3. SO, the government getting involved in the free market is good?


    • The question isn’t about that at this point in Space Development and Technology. The private sector would have (and is having) a hard time devoting the resource needed to take this mission on, especially before the current shuttle goes dark.

      By the way, I get the game… conservatives are hypocrites because they don’t want the space program scrapped. Simple boxes don’t always apply.


      • consertives are hyprocrites because the only thing they want to conserve is thier own wealth , envorment naa,education,naa


        • I’m sorry. You seem to have suffered a mild stroke while typing…

          For that reason, I will momentarily ignore the fact that you are completely and utterly wrong.


  4. The big question is, if you’re increasing the funds but cancelling the mission, what are we, the tax payers, buying? It is the mission that creates new technology. If you want to cancel the mission then fine, just give it to private industry in whole. Get rid of NASA alltogether. What is being proposed is paying NASA more money to not explore space that we were paying them to explore space. We will get no technological advances unless NASA’s goal is to build something. If NASA develops new technology then the taxpayers historically get their money’s worth. If NASA becomes a research think-tank that does nothing but research and weather monitoring, the taxpayers get nothing for their money. This is akin to paying police officers more but changing their mission from fighting crime, to simply studying crime.


  5. The major problem with BO’s NASA budget is: zero plans for manned spaceflight. So we would pay for Russia and China (and perhaps India) to take our astronauts into space, probably for the next 10-15 years (until a visionary president starts a new spaceflight program). And of course these other nations will lay claim to anything worthwhile beyond earth orbit.

    BO said “HE WILL NOT ACCEPT 2ND PLACE” for America (in his SOU address). Expect 3rd place at best, after ~15 years of this technology lag. BO also said:


    Then why would we send a significant sector of our human space exploration jobs and expertise overseas? Nations should be coming to America for these capabilities. Outsourcing our space launch capability should not even be an option on the table, if America is to remain a science and technology leader of the world.


    Cancelling the Constellation program would stop the momentum of a an organization that provides some of the best jobs in the world, and will have a significant secondary impact on our economy. Private companies have staffed up to support the program, and would need to downsize if the program is cancelled.

    Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK) is a prime contractor for the Ares-I program and much of its business is based on Ares-I. Its stock fell about 10% during this last week in January, because the President’s proposal was made public. 2010 jobs in ATK and several other businesses depend on Constellation.

    I give Obama a D- on leadership in general, but this NASA “redirection” is a solid F.


  6. Constellation was another of little Georgie Bush’s photo-op programs. He never funded it close to what it needed. The result was one – count ’em – one launch. The previous NASA administrator instructed his employees not to talk to the President-elect’s auditors about Constellation and got out of town before they could indict him.

    There was never a chance for Constellation to succeed even if Walnuts McCain had won.

    If you want to get your hate on about the President of the United States, go right ahead.

    He hates you right back. But he’s President and you aren’t. You lose. Again.


  7. Once again Dale missed the big story: the real bad news for Huntsville.

    Huntsville has built its economy around weapons of war.

    According to the Defense.gov – Quadrennial Defense Review, they’re useless weapons for the wrong damn war.

    As you sowed, Huntsville, so shall ye reap.

    Better get our smart people started on building a sustainable economy.


    • What is the wrong war Bob?

      Are you talking about Iraq? The weapons were not/are not built for Iraq.

      Missile Defense is for the national defense.

      You need to get a grip Bob.


  8. If it wasn’t for NASA or space exploration we wouldn’t have Star Wars.

    Don’t forget to add Princess Leah in gold bikini to that list.


  9. The depthof ideas on this site is very enjoyable I consider anybodycanbenefit from exploring andlearning all the different avenues of choices.


  10. Velcro was invented in Switzerland in 1948 by George de Mestral. NASA made it famous but they don’t deserve credit for it.


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