Show notes 12/11: The Huntsville City Board of Education has decided on the “we didn’t do it first” defense…

Guests today:

  • 7:00AM & 830AM – CJ Grisham, the victim of a vengeful principal, an inept superintendent and a cowardly school board.
  • 7:30AM – Huntsville City Councilman Mark Russell on the huge swing in appraisal in recent property moves by the city of Huntsville.
  • 8:00 – CSM Steve Valley an Iraqi Freedom Veteran who wrote a book on Baghdad’s Green Zone titled “Inside the Fortress”. Buy it here.

I am very disappointed in the Huntsville City School Board, but don’t get me wrong, the pretty much destroyed any credibility they had with this stuff…

Here is the latest attempt by the school system to get cover on this…


Dr. Anne Roy Moore:

I talked to the Col. and he told me himself that it was reported by a PTA officer. He also told one of my board members the same thing in front of me. I question whether the Army Times is an official Army publication. Yes I read the entire piece and if you read it all perhaps you will see some additional very interesting information going back to 2008. I have no problem with Mr Grisham however my expectation of him regarding behavior is no different from what I expect of anyone (military or civilian) who enters our doors.

It doesn’t matter who was first, it was the fact that it went down at all. The school actively persued his censure via his employer.

Here is an example e-mail from Williams Middle School’s Principal Avis Williams, which Dr. Moore was copied on…

Can his supervisor be contacted? I feel harrassed [sic] to be honest. His attitude and rhetoric is so antagonistic against me and the school that it could be detrimental to our progress and to the other relationships that I am establishing. He got his way. The uniforms are optional through the end of this school year. Yet he is still demanding to speak out against me and the school. Al Lankford was at the entire meeting last week and has advised me not to meet with 1SGT Grisham without security present. Please help!!!


So who gives a crap who did it first (if that is true)? She wanted him shut down.

Board Member Laurie McCaully:

Thank you for your inquiry and the passion you have displayed in your writing.  However, the document that you have forwarded to me which you state Dr. Moore was copied on (see below) only reflects the considerations of Mrs. Avis Williams not if she actually acted upon any of them.

Therefore at this time, I cannot and do not agree with you about the untruthfulness of the Superintendent.  Thank you once again for sharing your insights.

She includes this e-mail that Avis Williams wrote, where she says she wants to contact the military and then highlights the passages she thinks proves the school system did nothing.

“I do have a problem with Mr. Grisham and would like to make a formal complaint to his superior. I am very glad that Al Lankford [the school’s security supervisor or something] was at the meeting; otherwise I would have feared for my safety and would’ve called security and HPD. Even after being threatened [sic] at Terry Heights, I have not experienced the concern that I have about this parent. He was disruptive, disrespectful and attempted to publicly humiliate me and a threatening tone. The vast majority of the parents were supportive and appreciative of the fact that the meeting was held and that vouchers were provided. He concerns me. I am considering taking further action (a trespass order or something) but wanted to mention it to you first. I understand parents wanting to express themselves but this man is scary.

Please let me know if there is anything that you can do or offer any other suggestions. He is a First Sergeant and I’m told that he has PTSD.

This is your defense? She was trying to contact his command and clearly did.

Welcome to the enemies list Ms. McCaulley

Dr. Jennie Robinson (in response to the Army Times article):

The article is in error. A civilian made the first contact with Col. Pastorelli. Mr. Grisham admits that and the Army has confirmed it.

First contact is now what they hinge EVERYTHING on.

And even that is in dispute AND even if it wasn’t it is still ridiculously weak and irrelevant.

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