Show notes 12/10: Huntsville City Schools continue to embarrass Huntsville, Les Phillip comments on Sen. Reids slavery stupidity…

The Army Times has done a cover story on the heavy handed silliness of The Huntsville City Schools in their continued mishandling of the CJ Grisham disaster. (Full article here)

Grisham’s most recent battle with his superiors grew out of his blogging about disagreements he had with the local school board after they decided to im­plement a student uniform policy halfway into the year without input from parents.

Grisham, who had two kids in the school, posted unflattering video he shot of school officials fumbling through a meeting. School offi­cials called the Army to complain. His company com­mander, Capt. Brian Hawkins, called Grisham in to talk about it. “I felt like this was a matter be­tween him and the school,” Hawkins said. “They were con­cerned about him being a threat. I can tell you he’s not a threat. I read what he wrote. I didn’t take it as threatening.” Hawkins’ message to the school: “If you feel threatened by him, if you feel threatened by anyone, you should call the police.” School officials instead took their complaints up the chain of command.

When they didn’t get what they wanted from his supervisor they went further up the chain…

But more importantly the above passage talks to the fact that the school went to the military.


School offi­cials called the Army to complain

Now it is time for the Huntsville School Board to make this right.

Dr. Jennie Robinson stated on my show that she would call for Dr. Moore’s head if she found that Dr. Moore was being untruthful

“I’m saying he doesn’t have any proof and we have every indication from the Arsenal staff that it was someone else who contacted them. Someone OTHER than a school system employee…Dr. Moore and I have had our disagreements. However, in THIS instance, I absolutely believe that Dr. Moore is telling the truth…If I didn’t have faith in her to that extent (telling the truth), I’d be asking for her resignation.”

When is that happening?

The story goes on…

In the weeks that followed, Grisham says, Redstone Arsenal garrison commander Col. Robert Pastorelli and Command Sgt. Maj. Rickey Cooper repeatedly called him on the carpet, ordering him to remove posts.

Grisham said he was ordered to see investigators at Criminal In­vestigation Command to deter­mine whether he’d broken any laws.

“They said the only threat I made was to threaten a lawsuit and, of course, that’s not illegal,” Grisham said…

“It’s not a lawful order and it goes to the heart of free expres­sion,” said Capt. Mike Lebowitz, an Army lawyer for the Virginia National Guard who regularly lectures at Yale University on mil­itary free speech issues. “Filming anyone at a public meeting is fair game.” “I don’t know how he disgraced the NCO Corps,” said Sgt. 1st Class Chad Vervaet, an instructor at the NCO Academy, who has moved his son out of the same school because of problems there. “This never should have been a military issue in the first place. I was at all the same meetings at the school with C.J. and he never once threatened anyone.”

“This is a failure of leadership on the Army’s side,” said Dale Jack­son, a former soldier and local radio journalist who has been cov­ering the controversy. “Instead of the commanders protecting their soldier, they just tried to make the problem go away by telling C.J. to shut up. Except C.J. stood his ground. He’s not one to be bullied.”

This is a stupid mess and they need to clean it up now.

We are looking at you Dr. Robinson.

Les Phillip takes on Harry Reid over his “slavery” comments…

Senator Reid should take a few minutes to go back and study the anti-slavery and Civil Rights movements of our nation. It was the Republican Party, led by such great men as Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, that led the anti-slavery movement in America.

It was with the support of the Republican Party that the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was ended, and the bill was brought to the floor for vote.  The historic legislation then passed the Senate with 82 percent of the Republicans voting for the measure while only 69 percent of the Democrats voted for the bill.

Reid, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and the White House are willing to go to any length to see that one-sixth of our nation’s economy is hijacked and put under their control.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the liberals are desperate beyond measure.  Senator Reid himself is among the many Democrats who will be looking for new employment next year when the American voters turn this tide of Liberalism and Marxism that is the current trend in our nation’s capital.  These incumbents like Reid will not stop until they have kidnapped our liberty.

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