Show notes 11/24: Master Sergeant CJ Grisham needs your help, tax hike in Madison and Saban to Notre Dame…

CJ Grisham is in trouble for daring to stand up to a SCHOOL PRINCIPAL.

They are trying to destroy his career over him slamming his hand on a table.


From CJ…

This is the absolute WORST time of the year to ask for help.  The economy is down the tubes, people are out of work, and the little bit of money we do have is worth less that before.  It’s also the holidays.  Before I ask for anything, let me tell you what we’re doing.  We have cut off all of our extra expenses like cable and telephone.  We’ve canceled all magazine and newspaper subscriptions.  We will also be scaling back some of our allotments to charity.  We’re doing this because the bottom line is that this is my problem and I need to make the sacrifices to fight the fight.

However, it’s going to be expensive.  I have two lawyers helping me to fight this case.  A civilian one to handle the lawsuit against the school system and a military lawyer to defend me against the Army’s heavy handedness.  My military lawyer is Mr. Neal Puckett, the famous lawyer who defended CPT Roger Hill.  We had Mr. Puckett on our radio show back in May.  My civilian lawyer is Mr. Joel Jaqubino with the law offices of Wolfe, Jones, Boswell, Wolfe, Hancock & Daniel, L.L.C. (yeah, long name).  I’ve known Joel through the tea party movement and fighting government health care locally.

If you or someone you knows is able to help, I set up a separate PayPal account for contributions (  I’m working with USAA to set up another option for those that don’t like Paypal.  I’m just waiting on Joel to let me know what legal constraints, if any, there are in doing that.  My immediate need is $2,500 for two retainers after our part is added in.  If you or anyone you know is able to help us, Emily and I would be truly grateful.

If you would like any further information or would like to include stipulations with your help, please feel free to contact.  I don’t mind not getting a free ride but I can’t sell my body.  It’s against my religion!

This is an embarrassment to our community that this is continuing like this.

How do the Huntsville City School Board members sleep at night?

Tax hike passes in Madison.


In a 5-to-1 vote Monday night, the Madison City Council passed a half-cent sales tax increase to pay for the city’s proposed second high school.The tax will go into effect Jan. 1 to repay the $36 million interest-free stimulus loan Madison schools received to build a high school along County Line Road.

The vote was met with applause from the packed chamber.

Madison City Schools Superintendent Dee Fowler said he is “very excited and humbled to get a vote of confidence” from the council. “We pledge to do everything we can to have the best high school in the nation.”

For Madison Mayor Paul Finley, who took office in August 2008, it has been a long haul to see this vote come to fruition.

“If I had a vote, it would have been yes,” said Finley, who said he campaigned on the promise of fixing the school overcrowding problem. “My family lives in Madison because the schools are so good.

“Education is our strength and this vote will ensure we will keep our schools strong. Increasing our sales tax base will be my No. 1 focus in 2010. It will make a difference for our city.”

This may not be such a  horrible thing… the main attraction in Madison is the school system and Bob Jones has 2,200 students, that can not bode well for the future.

Even if the property tax referendum does make it on the 2010 ballot, it could be two years before a single penny of money (if passed) could be collected, and the stimulus money must be repaid beginning next fall. By that time, Bob Jones’ enrollment is estimated to be at 2,700 and it is already bulging at the seams with 2,200 students.

Iron Bowl Week!


The game is on a Friday this year, which means about 90,000 people will find themselves on a college campus on a weekday for the first time in their lives.

So here is my question…

If Notre Dame is firing Charlie Weis AND Urban Meyer has no desire to go there AND Jon Gruden is staying at ESPN, what does that mean for Nick Saban?

In a somewhat shocking turn of events Coach Nick Saban of the University of Alabama has been contacted by officials from Notre Dame according to an anonymous official.

According to the source Notre Dame is emphatically interested acquiring Coach Saban and will be traveling to Tuscaloosa this week with a blank check.

“Notre Dame has found a coach that has a proven track record of turning once proud programs back into the powerhouses that they were accustomed too”

Has anyone asked him?

Would he tell the truth?

Can he be trusted?

Read the article I linked.

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