Show notes 11/20: School Board digs in, CJ Grisham is a terrorist and we “talk turkey”…

The Huntsville City Board of Education meeting was sad last night.

As sad as this face…

The meeting was heavily attended, which of course got everyone in the room scolded for not showing up to more meetings. (I find this funny because the last thing these idiots want is more attention)

There was also an absolutely ridiculous stream of parents and teachers praising school uniforms and Williams Middle School (how odd).

NEWSFLASH: The uniforms issue was the catalyst for this issue it is not THE ISSUE.

The issue is whether or not it is appropriate to use the Army Chain of Command as a tool to silence parents.

I made this point when I spoke

Next up was Dale Jackson of WVNN, who offered the name and phone number of his employer just in case the Board and Superintendent felt threatened.  Jackson reviewed the issue, then asked for the Board to apologize – saying it was not acceptable for the schools to contact an employer about a policy disagreement.  Jackson also quickly described the email discussions between the Superintendent, the principal, and the Army; disproving the school system’s claim that they didn’t contact the Army.  He closed by asking the Board to apologize to the Grisham family.

Board member, Dr. Jennie Robinson acknowledged, without saying it, that she was lied to by Dr. Moore and the school system

Board member Jennie Robinson appeared on Jackson’s show earlier this week. Robinson said she believed no school system employee called the Army about Grisham. She took back that statement Thursday.

“While I believed those statements to be true at the time, I have since learned they were not totally accurate,” Robinson said.

She added she wanted to add to the next meeting agenda an item to discuss the school system’s policy of contacting employers.


AGAIN: The CJ Grisham vs. Huntsville City Schools case is not about the military….

Kudos to The Huntsville Times for finally showing up and covering this story.

One more matter needs to be mentioned about Thursday night’s school board meeting and that is the discussion where CJ Grisham was called a terrorist.

Some idiot had the gall to stand up and say that it is a shame that  someone charged with defending this country would bring the “spirit of terror” into a school that is “mostly female”.


The board, of course, let this go even after mentioning a warning to the audience before they opened comments that no personal attacks would be made.

They let someone call CJ Grisham a terrorist BUT the minute the crowd reacted to their silence they called for order.

Just to set the record straight…

  • Calling an Iraq War Veteran a terrorist – OK.
  • Objecting to that ridiculous depiction – NOT OK.

Fake outrage over “Stop Obamacare” Voter Registration Form

From the idiots at Left in 1969’s Alabama…

FYI, the back of a normal Alabama voter registration form looks like this.  No political messages, no volunteer sign-up, no email solicitation.  If this turns out to be a legal form — and I hear the SoS’ office has asked the Attorney General (also Republican) for guidance — then the Alabama Democratic Party ought to start doing the same thing.  Maybe a “Stop GOP Obstructionists” registration form or a “Stop Corporate Welfare” one or, in a more positive vein, “Support the Working Class.”

We need to stop begging people to vote. If they can’t go register themselves they need not participate in the process.

Make them go down to the “Office of Electoral Elections” and register.

Make sure you tell Marion S. Barber that “Dale Jackson sent you”.

7:00 AM – Ken Sayar with NewPeopleString Patriot
8:00 AM – Christie Carden with The Huntsville Tea Party

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