Friendly reminder: The CJ Grisham vs. Huntsville City Schools case is not about the military…

I have been told 3 times tonight at the Huntsville City School Board meeting that the military has done nothing wrong in this ridiculous matter.

Let me make this clear:


They are in the business of minimizing distractions and problems with service members and their communities. They don’t want soldiers vs. local government issues.

And guess who knows that?

  1. Williams Middle School Principal Avis Williams
  2. Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore
  3. The Huntsville City School Board

This is why when CJ Grisham started a problem with them they went to the military. They knew the military would make his life rough for “causing problems”.

They got what they wanted.

And now they are lying about even making contact.

The Huntsville City Schools now has a a senior NCO in their cross-hairs and they are willing to allow his career to be ruined instead of acknowledging one of their employees contacted his superiors over a uniform disagreement. The superintendent of schools, Dr. Ann Roy Moore ,even lied about knopwing about this contact and her knowledge of it and then ridiculously mentioned a meeting between her, Principal Williams and a Colonel with Redstone Arsenal on the matter.

The School Board has a liar at the helm.

That is unacceptable.

Kudos to Dr. Jennie Robinson for calling for a discussion on not contacting employers for their next scheduled meeting.

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