Show notes 11/16: Huntsville City Schools continues to fail…

The Huntsville City School saga continues

Last week we told you about the absolutely embarrassing behavior of Huntsville’s School Board and the principle of Williams Middle School that included but was not limited to

  • Shutting out debate on school issues
  • Trash-talking parents to their own kids
  • Contacting parents employers when parents are critical
  • Using an Iraq War Veterans PTSD against them
  • Request security personnel for a meeting with parents
  • Lying

At a minimum the Huntsville City Schools owe CJ Grisham and his family an apology and they need to let the military community in town know they will not use their military service against them during disputes.

The last one is simple, if I make a scene you don’t call Cumulus Broadcasting and tell on me, you deal with me.

Are they calling Wal-Mart parents?
Teledyne Brown?
Lockhead Martin?

Turns out Dr. Ann Roy Moore can not be bothered with concerned parents and her office was actually hanging up on people who called Friday. She needs to know this behavior IS NOT acceptable so today we will start calling her again.

Dr. Ann Roy Moore
(256) 428-6810


Your Involvement Is Welcome

The Huntsville City Board of Education encourages you to become involved in education. The School District offers many opportunities for community members to participate. You are invited to attend Board of Education Meetings.

School Board Member Dr. Jennie Robinson will be joining us at 6:30AM.

Obama continues to “think” about Afghanistan…


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