Contact The Hunstville City Schools and tell them that they are way out of line…

The Huntsville City School has taken it upon themselves to try and destroy the careers, family and life of a 15 year Army Veteran for disagreeing with a uniform policy.

  • They have called the soldiers’ unit and brought heat upon his career including threats of a letter of general reprimand.
  • They have created and environment so hostile the family which is moving to Ft. Hood will be separated for months because the parents do not want to uproot their kids again after pulling them from Huntsville City Schools to live with their grandparents.
  • They had security manhandle his wife at a PTA meeting after trying to get a cop to search the soldier.
  • They have tried to use the Iraq War Veteran’s PTSD against him.

Listen to Emily Grisham tell the whole story here.

Call Dr. Moore and tell her she and the entire school system owes this family an apology.

Huntsville City Schools Contact information:

Dr. Ann Roy Moore
(256) 428-6810


To the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education, what are you going to do about this?

District 2 ~

Doug C. Martinson II, J.D.
Elected 2002, 2006 – Term Expires 2010

District 4 ~
Topper Birney

Vice President
Elected 2002, 2006- Term Expires 2010

District 1 ~
Laurie McCaulley
Elected 2008 – Term Expires 2012

District 3 ~
Jennie Robinson, Ph.D.
Elected 2002, 2006- Term Expires 2010

District 5 ~
Alta Morrison
Elected 2004, 2008 – Term Expires 2012

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