The GOP Primary for AL-05… away we go, into the silliness…

Les Phillip and Mo Brooks are both great guys and I would be honored to have either represent me in Congress.

That said, I see this race getting very chippy, ugly and silly. And all of this is before we see the rumored 3rd and 4th candidates get in. (If they are reading this I say this… stay out)

I received the first of what I assume will be many e-mails from supporters of both sides. (Note: I said supporters not from the campaign.)

It comes from Thomas Beach, President of Concerned Citizens of Lawrence County and raises two issues… one legit and one asinine.

Legit: The Sierra Club


As you know, Mo Brooks is running for US Congress. But did you know he has been a member with the Sierra Club? has posted his bio and on page 6 is his membership history:

What is the Sierra Club?

Here is articles on this Leftist organization….

I fear that radical environmentalists will be able to influence Mo Brooks in national policy making. Ladies and gentlemen, I have heard both Congressional candidates speak.  I have heard one speak about building the Republican Party and removing Democrats, which I am all for.  However, there is another candidate named, Les Phillip who has a message that is more powerful.  His message is that we need to go back to the Constitution.  For far too long our Congress has ignored and cut corners and moved us farther away than what our Founders intended.

Brooks’ response:

Yes for six years I was a member of the Sierra Club.  I joined over two decades ago back in 1988.  I like to hike and canoe and their Madison County organization wanted me to join in order to participate in their outings.  So I did.  I also got their magazine, which featured great places to hike around the United States (my favorites are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Zion Canyon national parks).

In any event, I remember when the air was so polluted in places like Birmingham and Chattanooga that it hurt your throat to breath (as oxide gases converted to acids upon contact with moisture in one’s throat and lungs).  I remember when American rivers were so polluted that they actually caught fire and damaged bridges (the Cuyahoga River in Ohio caught fire at least ten different times according to Wikipedia).  If Mr. Beech wants to attack me for wanting our children to breath cleaner air or drink safer water, so be it.  I wear his attack like a red badge of courage.

Beach responded…

The truth is, I worry that you will take your “badge of courage” and support policies like Cap and Trade.  Will Al Gore and you have much in common?

Brooks further responded…

I concur that the Sierra Club has evolved into a left-wing organization.  That’s why I am not a member (even though I enjoyed interacting with their local branch membership on canoe and hiking outings back in the 1980s and 1990s).  But just because the Sierra Club’s recent leadership has taken it off the rails, that does not mean that their original mission (reasoned protection of the environment) erred.  I’m thankful for their role in promotion and protection of National Parks.  I am also thankful for the pollution control measures they so strongly advanced in the 1950s, 1960s & 1970s.

Really? Mo Brooks and Al Gore? Mo Brooks and Cap & Trade? Mo Brooks and extreme liberalism?

Show me in his record where he has sided with wacko leftist eco-terrorists or extreme environmentalists as an elected leader.

Anything else?

Maybe an allegation of Mo Brooks being a Muslim?

Oh wait…

Asinine: Mormonism


The truth is, you are a politician who has not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, Son of the One True God.  Your faith is of the Mormon Church.  Do you think as a Mormon, should prayer be banned from schools and that the 10 Commandments have no place on public property as well?  Can Christians depend on a politician who does not share the same faith to fully understand that our Creator gave us unalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and the PURPOSE of government is to protect those rights?

Brooks’ response:

I am a nondenominational Christian (having been baptized a Methodist but also having attended over the years Baptist, Episcopalian (where I was married), Mormon and Presbyterian services).  For example, when my daughter was married in the Mormon Temple a few years ago, I had to stand outside until the wedding ceremony was over because I am not a Mormon.  Only Mormons are allowed in Mormon temples. It would have been easy to say “I am a Mormon” for the purpose of seeing my daughter’s wedding.  But that would not have been the truth.  So I did not do that.

This angle of attack is idiotic and makes whoever does it seem petty, ridiculous and frankly, someone I wouldn’t want supporting me.

I have a feeling that we will see a lot more of this and all it does is help the Good Doctor Parker Griffith, but let’s leave the stupid silliness to the other side

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