Dale Jackson’s statement on satirical Election Day “press release”

Wed Jun 10, 2009 at 05:00:00 AM CDT

On June 9th I penned and read a satirical press release on my program from a fictional “Office of the Secretary of Electoral Elections”. There has been an attempt to imply that I was attempting to influence the State Senate race in the 7th District in Madison County. This claim much like the “press release” is absurd. In this satirical press release I used the state seal of Alabama which I should not have done. Other than that the entire release attributed to a fictional Marion S. Barber, was absurd on its face. I stated numerous times on my program the release was a joke and when I realized people were trying to imply it was legit I replaced it on my website with the Secretary of State’s real press release stating June 9th was election day.

I find it hard to believe anyone would actually believe this was actually taking place here in Alabama. Never in the history of our election system has an election took place on two days with one day set aside for one party and one day for another. Any attempt to imply that my satirical press release which I did not send to anyone or hand out to polls had any influence on the election process is as absurd as the content I penned in the first place.

On my program in the past I have talked about other satirical items including the Tampa Bay Rays moving to Huntsville and the launching of a new “all Dale Jackson” radio station on 98.5 FM. I use satire and sarcasm in my commentary and will continue to in the future.

Thank you,

Dale Jackson
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Text of the original content w/o Alabama state seal…

Breaking NEWS: Vote for Paul Sanford on Tuesday and Laura Hall Wednesday…

by: Dale Jackson

Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 05:22:01 AM CDT

IP Address:
It’s a joke folks.

{seal removed}
Office of the Secretary of Electoral Elections
The Honorable Marion S. Barber



MONTGOMERY, AL – Alabama Secretary of Electoral Elections Marion S. Barber has decided due to heavy expected turnout in the 7th State Senate District race between State Rep. Laura Hall and Paul Sanford that there will be two days of voting in Madison County.

A coin flip took place at Huntsville City Hall at 5AM on Tuesday and Paul Sanford won the ability to have his voters go to the polls on Tuesday June 9th and Laura Hall’s voters should go to the polls on Wednesday June 10th.

Secretary Barber stated, “This is necessary due to the unexpected turnout in an election where we planned for low turnout.” She added, “We hope this doesn’t cause problems in Madison County but feel this is the best way to accommodate our voters.”

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