Colin Powell is the media’s favorite Republican because he only endorses Democrats…




Let’s stop pretending.



Trump vs. GOP Senate candidates vs. the rigged polls…

Trump’s status in his race vs. the GOP Senate candidates status in their race…


Trump is dragging these guys down in their races…

Nevada NH Wisconsin
Trump: -3.6 Trump: -8.0 Trump: -6.5
Heck: -2.0 Ayotte: -0.8 Johnson: -5.3

These guys are barely surviving…

North Carolina Pennsylvania
Trump: -2.0 Trump: -5.7
Burr: +3.2 Toomey: +1.8

This is over.

“But the polls!”

Yeah, about those polls… Here is how this works

Here’s the reality about “oversampling.” Pollsters often dive deeper into certain subgroups (such as Latinos or African-Americans) to reduce their margins of error for those groups. Then they weight those groups to their actual proportion of the population.

Judy laid out an example.

If he were polling 600 likely voters in a state with a 13% Hispanic population, that would mean 78 of the voters surveyed were Hispanic. “The margin of error of that is extremely high — it’s over 10 points — and you can’t at all break that down. You can’t say, ‘What do Hispanic men or Hispanic women think?’ You couldn’t do that with any degree of mathematical certainty,” he said.

So, instead, Judy said he’d call 300 Hispanic voters — enough to look at “men and women, Republicans and Dems, age breakdowns, regional breakdowns, and in a state like Florida some ethnic breakdowns — Cubans, Puerto Ricans, South and Central Americans. And when you run your survey numbers, you weight that 300 back down to 78.”

The nonpartisan Pew Research Center also explains oversampling on its website: “A survey that includes an oversample weights the results so that members in the oversampled group are weighted to their actual proportion in the population; this allows for the overall survey results to represent both the national population and the oversampled subgroup.”

You are being played.

Trump is the problem.

Biden and Trump are both phony “tough guys”…

Biden wants to fight Trump

“The press always ask me don’t I wish I were debating him? No, I wish we were in high school I could take him behind the gym — that’s what I wish,” Biden said.

People laughed and thought it was great….

Trump wants to point out how absurd the media would be if he wanted to fight Biden…

They bite.

This is amazing, he calls out the press for how they would handle this IF he said something and they bite on it…

Bias is real.

Reminder: Neither Biden nor Trump are tough guys, they are soft pansies pretending to be tough guys.

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