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I wrote a piece for AL.com about voter fraud, the response was “THERE IS NO SUCH THING!

SHOCKER: County Commissioner Bob Harrison lone vote against ending County’s untracebale cash business…

1st there was this

Former Madison County Commissioner Jerry Craig was named and implicated in a state audit released Friday morning that alleges financial misconduct and theft of taxpayer monies.

The report by the Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts said Craig and his former secretary Deborah Kay Sims are jointly responsible for more than $176,000 of county funds that were improperly used and currently unaccounted for. The misconduct reportedly spanned an eight-year period from 2005 to 2012.

And now Madison County is doing something about it…

Sort of

Citing a need for fostering a better public trust, the Madison County Commission on Wednesday set a policy to no longer accept cash for private work.

From now on, private work customers must pay with personal check, cashiers check or money order. The county may add credit card payments in the future.

The board also indicated it wanted to install more security measures for ensuring employees are not using county gas pumps to fill private vehicles.

All commissioners voted in favor of the no-cash policy, except for District 6 Commissioner Bob Harrison, who abstained after saying the commission should set a universal cash policy for the entire county or simply leave each district commissioner to determine how to best watch finances.


Gee… I wonder why he says this?

Oh yeah!

Apparently, they are selling liquor there as well and giving away beer and violating the hell out of NFL copyrights…



Is this money being tracked?


How much money is being raised here?

Should the county be selling liquor?

Should it be a cash bar?

This is not self-defense, this is murder…

It starts off as a guy defending his home…

In it, Byron Smith, 65, shoots and kills 17-year-old Nick Brady and 18-year-old Haile Kifer on Thanksgiving Day in 2012 after the teenagers broke into his Little Falls home. He says he was frightened, hiding in his basement, on edge after earlier break-ins.

He feared the two were armed, which they weren’t.Smith is in the basement when the recording starts.

It begins with the sound of glass shattering, followed by footsteps on the floor above.

Then there are two gunshots. Brady falls down the basement stairs. “You’re dead,” Smith tells him, according to the Star Tribune.

Then it goes off the rails….

Prosecutors allege Smith shot the teen a third time in the face and later told investigators, “I want him dead,” ABC News reported.

He isn’t done…

Almost immediately after the first shooting, the rustling of a tarp is heard, then a dragging sound and labored breathing. Smith said he had moved the boy’s body to a workshop in the basement to keep his blood from staining the carpet, the Associated Press reported.

But Smith isn’t done…

Kifer’s footsteps are heard on the stairs and she calls out quietly, “Nick?”

Then comes the sound of more shots. She falls down the stairs. “Oh, sorry about that,” Smith tells her. She screams, “Oh my God!”

Again, she is robbing him, no issue with this shooting But what he does next is insane….

Then more shots. Smith tells her, “You’re dying,” and calls her a “bitch,” the AP reported.

After more labored breathing and another dragging sound, Smith calls her “bitch” again. He told authorities that after he moved her, he noticed she was still gasping and didn’t want her to suffer, so he fired under her chin with a 22.-caliber handgun, according to a report in the Pioneer Press. The Star Tribune reported Smith told investigators the last time he fired was “a good clean finishing shot” and “she gave out the death twitch.”

This guy is a murderer, period.

I haven’t seen anyone defending this guy EXCEPT people on my Facebook page

Chris Scott
I don’t get it. People break into my house. I shoot the intruders. And MY actions are being questioned!?!? And let’s say I am a little crazy. Maybe you should have thought about that before BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE!!when did this become MY problem!?!

Brian Solomon
Should it be illegal to enjoy yourself to the fullest while defending yourself & your house?

The Rule of Law and The Madison County Republican Executive Committee

How is the rule of law doing lately?

Happily, it’s looking up in Michigan because on April 22 we learned that in a 6-2 decision the Supreme Court of the United States upheld a Michigan ban on using affirmative action for admission to state universities. Conservatives should be pleased.

Sadly, it’s looking down in Republican circles in Madison County, Alabama because on April 21 the Madison County Republican Executive Committee (MCREC) replaced two of its members who were  pushed off of the committee by MCREC leaders without the authority to do so and without due process. Conservatives should not be pleased.

In February we  learned of three members of the MCREC who had moved from the districts from which they were elected. Two members were expelled from the committee this month because the MCREC leadership wrongly believes there is a requirement after the election for members to continue to live in the district from which they were elected. The third member resigned in March, and that is fine if genuinely voluntary.

I have studied the committee’s bylaws and find no requirement for a member of the committee to continue to reside in the district after being elected. Not having such a requirement is not unusual. For example, the US Constitution does not require members of Congress to continue to reside in their state after being elected (albeit not doing so could make reelection difficult). Organizations which want such a requirement write the requirement into law or bylaw and state it explicitly. The Alabama Republican Executive Committee did for members of the state committee. The Madison County Republican Executive Committee did not.

Maybe there should be a residency requirement after election, but there is not. And because there is not, the MCREC leadership has no authority to force these members off of the committee.

Nor did  MCREC leaders have the authority to act on this matter without a vote of the whole committee.

MCREC leadership is concentrated in a seven person policy subcommittee composed of the MCREC chairman, four other officers, and two other members. The authority of the policy subcommittee is described by the bylaws as follows:

The Policy Subcommittee shall formulate policy and/or ratify the policies of the Chairman. Policy decisions must be submitted to the Committee for ratification, such ratification to be given at a regular meeting. The management of the affairs of the Committee shall be vested in the Policy Subcommittee in the interim, between regular meetings.

This means that decisions by the chairman and by the policy subcommittee must be put to a vote of the whole committee. Expelling members of the committee is a weighty decision and neither the chairman nor the policy subcommittee have the authority to act alone. They may merely recommend approval and ask for the whole committee to vote on it. This was not done. There was no vote of the committee to ratify the view of the chairman and the policy subcommittee. There was no opportunity for the healthy debate that would have preceded such a vote. The purported vacancies were merely announced. This is rule by fiat.

I also asked the chairman of the MCREC for the precedents he claims support this action, but was derisively rebuffed.

The damage to the members will soon be undone when a lawfully constituted committee is selected by the June 3 primary election. The damage to the reputation of  Madison County Republican Executive Committee will last much longer. Conservatives respect the rule of law. I expected more from the leadership of  the Madison County Republican Executive Committee. We should all be disappointed that conservatives are not in charge.


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