Alabama will not issue Voter IDs because of-wait for it-racism. Except, of course, they will… #alpolitics

Two white guys in Alabama are experts in racism…

John Archibald:

Alabama might as well just send an invitation to the Justice Department. Come on in guys. Come on down.

No need to reply with an RSVP. Because we know you’ll be here. How could you resist?

Because Alabama just took a giant step backward.

Take a look at the 10 Alabama counties with the highest percentage of non-white registered voters. That’s Macon, Greene, Sumter, Lowndes, Bullock, Perry, Wilcox, Dallas, Hale, and Montgomery, according to the Alabama Secretary of State’s office. Alabama, thanks to its budgetary insanity and inanity, just opted to close driver license bureaus in eight of them. All but Dallas and Montgomery will be closed.

Closed. In a state in which driver licenses or special photo IDs are a requirement for voting.

It’s not just a civil rights violation. It is not just a public relations nightmare. It is not just an invitation for worldwide scorn and an alarm bell to the Justice Department. It is an affront to the very notion of justice in a nation where one man one vote is as precious as oxygen. It is a slap in the face to all who believe the stuff we teach the kids about how all are created equal.

Kyle Whitmire:

In 2011, Alabama lawmakers approved the state’s voter ID law, making it illegal to vote in Alabama without a government-issued photo ID.

For most folks, that’s a driver’s license.

Closures announced Wednesday leave 29 Alabama counties without a place to get a driver’s license.

In those 29 counties you might be able to register at the courthouse, but you won’t be able to cast a ballot there unless you have that ID.

That’s not just an inconvenience. That’s a problem.

But it gets worse.

Look at the list of counties now where you can’t get a driver’s license. There’s Choctaw, Sumter, Hale, Greene, Perry, Wilcox, Lowndes, Butler, Crenshaw, Macon, Bullock …

If you had to memorize all the Alabama Counties in 9th grade, like I did — and even if you forgot most of them, like I have — you can probably guess where we’re going with this.

Depending on which counties you count as being in Alabama’s Black Belt, either twelve or fifteen Black Belt counties soon won’t have a place to get a driver’s license.

Counties where some of the state’s poorest live.

Counties that are majority African-American.

Combine that with the federally mandated Star ID taking effect next year, and we’re looking at a nightmare.

Or a trial lawyer’s dream.

Sure, except this, from other reporting

Merrill said state election officials “will issue (photo voter I.D. cards) on our own” at county Board of Registrars offices. “Every county has a Board of Registrars,” he said.

Merrill responded hours after the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) said it will close 31 part-time driver’s license offices because of an $11 million cut in the agency’s fiscal year 2016 budget. The new fiscal year begins Oct. 1

An Alabama driver’s license is the identification most people will use when they go to the polls, Merrill agreed, but he said other forms of government-issued identification will also work, including the card issued at the Board of Registrars.

Merrill said his office will have brought its mobile I.D. van to every county in Alabama by Oct. 31. He said the van will return to counties when requested. “If they can’t go to the board of registrars, we’ll bring a mobile crew down there,” Merrill said.

Good job, white liberal columnist at, keep up the horrible work.

Lot’s of blinking going on

lathan before and after 9-15

Jobs Report Card for Alabama GOP

job reprot card

Questions I would ask Presidential candidates tonight….

In the order of my preference (but it is still very very early):

  • Scott Walker – What has happened to you, you went from a fighter to a light-weight?
  • Marco Rubio – You were for amnesty and now you are against it, other than this election what changed your mind?
  • Jeb Bush – Why are you always so damn cautious in your words? Why don’t you focus on your success in Florida?
  • Carly Fiorina – Hewlett–Packard just laid off another 30,000 more employees, because this will be used against you how do you defend your performance at HP?
  • Ben Carson – Your background is amazing, why are you so boring?
  • Ted Cruz – How can you appeal to anyone who is not a movement conservative?
  • Donald Trump – What is wrong with you?
  • Chris Christie – Why have you let Donald Trump steal your shtick?
  • Rand Paul – Is Ron Paul still your dad? Do you at least wish he wasn’t?
  • Bobby Jindal – What are you doing here?
  • John Kasich – Do you regret accepting the endorsement of scandal plagued Alabama Governor Robert Bentley?
  • Rick Santorum – When are you breaking out the sweater-vest?
  • Lindsey Graham – Has a single person outside of Congress said they support you for President?
  • Mike Huckabee – Has a single person who doesn’t go to your church said they support you for President?
  • Jim Gilmore – Has a single person told you they support you for President?
  • George Pataki – Since you said you won’t support Trump if he is the Republican nominee, who do you support on the Democratic side?

The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived: Miss Alabama has spoken out on Donald Trump

Larry’s Pistol & Pawn @ Huntsville Tea Party – September 10

The Huntsville Tea Party (HTP) will feature Larry Barnett, owner of Larry’s Pistol & Pawn, on Thursday, September 10 at 6:30 PM at The Place (3911 Pulaski Pike Huntsville, AL 35810).

The 90-minute meeting is FREE and open to the public. Questions are welcome from all in attendance.

Larry Barnett is a local pawnbroker selling firearms and jewelry for over 40 years. He is a proud member of the NRA for over 50 years.

Mr. Barnett is a Huntsville native who graduated from Madison Academy and served in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Mr. Barnett served on the Crime Stoppers Board, Madison County Personnel Board, and Madison County Judicial Commission. He is a charter member of the Huntsville Police Memorial Board.

Mr. Barnett is past President of Charter Arms, a Connecticut based manufacturer of revolvers

The Huntsville Tea Party is a vibrant collection of patriotic citizens who work together to better our community, its government, and the leaders who represent us. HTP is a non-partisan organization.

For more information about the Huntsville Tea Party or our event please contact HTP Board Member David Pinkleton at 256-714-1142 or

The Vietnam Veterans of America’s candidate forum for HD-05 is tonight in Athens…


The Vietnam Veterans of America are conducting a Candidates Forum in conjunction with the Republican Women of Limestone County. The Forum is for the Candidates for Alabama House Seat 5 formerly held by the late Dan Williams. The five Republican Candidates (Ronnie Coffman, Danny Crawford, Mike Criscillis, Jerry Hill and Chris Seibert) have all confirmed they will attend.

The Forum will be held Tuesday, September 8, from 6 to 8 pm at the Vietnam Veterans building located at 17915 Elm St in Athens. Doors will open at 5:30 PM and the forum will start at 6:00. All attendees will have an opportunity to submit a question for the candidates. Dale Jackson will moderate the Forum and randomly draw questions to ask the candidates.

Each Candidate will have three minutes to answer, Dale Jackson will have the option of asking a follow up question to which the Candidates will have 1 Minute to respond. Each candidate will answer different questions based on the audience’s submissions and the random draw.

The Time Keeper will be Mike Davis, a Vietnam Veteran.

We want this to be an exciting and informative event. This Alabama House seat is crucial to Limestone County and the selection of a successor to Dan Williams is very important to the future of Limestone County.

The event is open to the public at the Vietnam Veterans building located at 17915 Elm St in Athens. We hope to see you there!


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