10 counties in Alabama have more voters than people. 7 of 10 of those counties voted Democrat in 2014….


An organization called the Public Interest Legal Foundation has notified 10 counties in Alabama that they have more registered voters than voting age population.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill said he checked the numbers in the counties listed by the foundation and confirmed that all 10 had more registered voters than people 18 and older.

The counties are Lowndes, Perry, Greene, Macon, Wilcox, Marengo, Hale, Washington, Conecuh and Choctaw.

Merrill said all 10 counties have lost population since 2010 and believes some people who have left the counties remain on the voting rolls.

Here is a huge shocker, 7 of 10 of those counties voted for Parker Griffith in 2014


By the way, that made up half of Griffith’s wins as only 14 counties voted for Griffith.

What a mess.

Former State Senator Zeb Little and current Hartselle mayor Don Hall are part of the Ashley Madison hack…


Former Democratic Senator Zeb Little:

409 1st Avenue SW Cullman 35055

That address? His law office.

Here is the Hartselle mayor:

1803 Hayes St  sw Hartselle 35640

That address? His home.

Embarrassing. These are people who actually paid and the addresses they used.

That’s a lot of money spent to have an affair..

If the sorority chicks at Alabama were fat cows or a black sorority, America would celebrate their video…

First, There is not a single woman under 200lbs who is actually mad about this video.

Second, This is the one of the phoniest, fabricated and nonsensical piece of Internet pOUTRAGE of all the pieces of Internet pOUTRAGE I have ever seen….

‘The video is worse for women than Trump’: University of Alabama sorority slammed for ‘racially-homogeneous’ recruitment film

  • University of Alabama’s Alpha Phi uploaded the video to YouTube

  • Was used to attract new members and has been viewed 500,000 times

  • Shows the 72 sorority sisters partying in their sprawling sorority house

  • An op-ed in an Alabama newspaper said it is ‘reductive and objectifying’

  • Readers described the footage as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘pathetic’

  • Others claim it skirts the issue of diversity in the college Greek system  


In an opinion piece for AL.com, writer A.L. Bailey said the video is worse for women than Trump, referring to comments he made to Fox New’s Megyn Kelly during the Republican debate two weeks ago.

She wrote: ‘It’s all so racially and aesthetically homogeneous and forced, so hyper-feminine, so reductive and objectifying, so Stepford Wives: College Edition. It’s all so … unempowering.

But… if these girls were big girls or people of color gallivanting and celebrating life, we would be seeing the cultural police praising their ability to celebrate their body images and bucking “societal norms”. This is about phoniness and stupidity. This is about hot white girls and anger about how awesome their sorority life is.


Those who attack these young women, for behaving like young women, call them divisive…

The divisive piece sparked an impassioned response from readers who were horrified at the content. 

Shell Seeker 7 said: ‘Just watched the video, as a Mother with three grandaughter’s in college trying to get through college on their own, no sorority, this Alabama video is pathetic, and shameful , college is about education, not football and parties.

‘I’m sure the kid’s returning to class feel just a little bit lower having watched this ridiculous, sexual , ad for college, have a day picnic if you want fun for everyone and include all the students. …pathetic.

That person never went to college.

That person is bitter every day of their life.

One reader also commented: ‘Bad look for the University of Alabama in light of the issue of diversity of the Greek system. Not enough thought was put into production of this video. The sorority did not think that they are not only representing themselves, but the University as a whole!’

Actually, no. The video is clearly about this sorority. And this sorority only.

But because this is 2015, Alabama has apologized, for some reason….

“This video is not reflective of UA’s expectations for student organizations to be responsible digital citizens. It is important for student organizations to remember what is posted on social media makes a difference, today and tomorrow, on how they are viewed and perceived,” said Deborah Lane, Associate Vice President for University Relations.

And let’s let Leada Gore drive home how fake we can all be

It seems somewhere, in the rush to empower young women, we didn’t direct you at all about what your true potential is or, in the case of the UA sorority, the meaning of sisterhood in the larger sense. We didn’t make clear that sisterhood involves women of all ages and we’re worth more than just a video that lands us on a sports chat site with comments such as “I’ll take that one.”

It seems in many cases, we didn’t pass along the message of your worth and value and we allowed you to sell yourself short.

And for that, I am sorry. Please know you are worth so much more.

That is a professional writer who just wrote that paragraph and it means absolutely NOTHING. It was complete and utter garbage. You are empowered, but only when society agrees you are empowered correctly, otherwise you should be ashamed of yourself.

Basically, you can do what you want ladies, as long as society agrees.

Get a grip, American feminists.

None of this is real outrage.

When do the Alabama Media Group employees pony up their $62.50? Tell me, I will bring mine (and more)…

1st they told us that the pain is coming

 Stay healthy, poor people

Alabama’s fiscal year begins Oct. 1, and by then-Gov. George Wallace had called three special sessions, and before Thanksgiving, he would call a fourth.

The 1975 Legislature was even more dug-in than the 2015 Legislature. Not only had they not passed a General Fund budget, they hadn’t even started on the Education Trust Fund budget.

The Birmingham News’s banner headline on October 1 asked, “No budget; who pays Medicaid?”

The answer seems to be “nobody.”

As early as mid September, Alabama pharmacies quit filling prescriptions for Medicaid patients after the state notified them on Sept. 21 that Medicaid patients might not be issued Medicaid cards for October, and healthcare providers told the media that Medicaid patients would have to pay cash if they wanted care.

Damn. Just damn.

Payday loans

In 1975, lawmakers were even less concerned with health care for the poor than they are today, and they didn’t even seemed that concerned with what would happen to other state employees, either. Just four years before, in 1971, the state had also gone past Oct. 1 without a budget. That year, local banks throughout the state gave credit to teachers and other state employees until the state could resolve its budget problems, but a law passed in 1974 prohibited them from bailing out the state again.

And I have no doubt that these are real things BUT I also noticed something else…

The budget in this scare piece from 1975 is $188 million, so I adjusted it for inflation

Value: $850,571,406.55
Annual Inflation: 3.85%
Total Inflation: 352.43%

Bama’s actual proposed 2015 budget? 1.64 billion.

So AL.com’s solution?

Give the state $62.50

Those donations means we have $299,999,377 to go. There are roughly 4.8 million people in Alabama so if you do a little math, you will see each man, woman and child need to chip in roughly $62.50.

Yet, if you look at the new taxes being proposed my share is significantly more

Let’s look at the estimated FICA deduction for various incomes:

• $20,000 income = $77 deduction
• $30,000 income = $115 deduction
• $40,000 income – $153 deduction
• $50,000 income = $191 deduction
• $60,000 income = $230 deduction
• $70,000 income = $268 deduction
• $80,000 income = $306 deduction
• $90,000 income = $344 deduction

So, here is what I suggest… AL.com and their employees should hold a presser and each drop $62.50 in a bucket. When they do this, I will put in double… no 10 times, I will put in 10 times what you want.


Madison County GOP Freedom Gala – August 20

The Madison County Republican Executive Committee proudly announces that it will present the inaugural “Freedom Gala: A Celebration of Freedom” on August 20, 2015, at 6:30PM in Huntsville, Alabama at The Davidson Center.  The Honorable Richard Shelby will be the keynote speaker at this inaugural event where he will be presented with the MCREC Leo K. Thorsness Freedom Award.  Colonel Leo Thorsness, who will also be in attendance, is a retired Air Force pilot and a Medal of Honor recipient residing in Madison County.

This newly created bi-annual event is expected to be the single largest gathering of Republican officials, supporters, and patriots in North Alabama.  The purpose of the event is to showcase the influence of North Alabama within our Republican Party and raise needed monies for Republican issues and general election Republican candidates.  This also presents North Alabama corporations and citizens with a unique opportunity to sponsor this event.  There are several levels of sponsorship that will benefit your local Republican delegation and the Madison County Republican Party and the support of the corporate community has been overwhelming.   The event is Co-Chaired by MCREC Chairman Sam Givhan and MCREC Director of Finance Jay Town.

Please visit us at http://www.MGOP.org for more information about the 2015 Freedom Gala: A Celebration of Freedom! Individual tickets are $100.  Sponsorships are still available!

AL Department of Education using scare tactics, legislators are not buying it…

Here we go…

Some legislative responses….



And my favorite:



Now, I am not going to post the pay raises and names, because I have some self-control, BUT the pay raises range from $17,000+ to $57,000+.


Budget Reform Now

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Churchill

Dear Republican Legislators,

Although many of you may in the ongoing special session prefer to discuss the current problems of the general fund in terms of pain that will be caused if important services of general government are not funded with new revenue and increased taxes, that would be a mistaking of the problem.

You are in fact reaping a crop of troubles caused by a dysfunctional budget system crafted over 136 years of Democrat rule to please the late Paul Hubbert, his AEA, and their fellow travelers.

The current budget process merely allocates revenue to the broad functions of education and general government based on obsolete rules long locked in political concrete. As we can see today, this approach means that we spend lots of money for a number of low priority, low payoff programs in education while urgent high priority needs in general government are grossly underfunded. For example, in the coming fiscal year we will spend $48 million on a new and growing pre-kindergarten program and we will give $10 million to Tuskegee University, a private school, while the urgent needs of mental health programs and prison reform need more money.

I think it makes no sense to pass a patched up budget until you reform your dysfunctional budget process. Until that is done there is no way to establish spending priorities or to determine the adequacy of current revenue. We need a multiyear, unified budget without earmarks, and we need to reform the state retirement system. Sadly, in five regular sessions our GOP led legislature has failed to get it done.

If there is not time to fix the budget process now in the fifth year of a GOP controlled  legislature, we can pay for the unfunded priorities of the general fund by moving money from the most obviously low priority programs in the education budget and by general government reforms such as getting Alabama out of the retail liquor business.

If you value your personal and collective credibility you will not raise taxes now, you will  not expand gambling now, and you will not create a state lottery now with only a promise to fix the budget process later.

And if you value your credibility you will keep your hands off the revenue set asides required by the education rolling reserve act and reject using it to pump up education spending, and you will reject the proposal to borrow $50 million to finish the deluxe lodge at Gulf State Park.

Neither a Republican majority nor political concrete will last forever, but I hope all of us would prefer the latter be the first to go.

Warm regards,

Taxpayer Tom


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