The Decatur Daily’s embarrassing endorsement of Mark Bray…

Here are the “highlights”

First they pretend Mo Brooks wants to shoot illegals, after he stated the exact opposite and then they tell us how records don’t matter…

Brooks has only one vote out of 435, so his voting record matters little. His “look at me!” style of leadership, however, has done great harm to his district and his state.

How so? Example? Nope.

Would Bray be successful in creating bipartisan political alliances that benefit his district, as were Flippo and Cramer? We don’t know.

Is there anything the DD knows?

So… voting records don’t matter and they have no confidence in Mark Bray being able to do a good job?

This is the endorsement right?

Who could deliver today’s “A Time for Choosing” speech?

No one…Would the media allow such a person to exist?


They would be depicted as mean and uncaring, while millionaires like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton present themselves as paupers fighting a rigged system for the little guy...

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-27-14

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-24-14

Is this a good campaign ad?


Democrats do love Obama and they do love victimhood…

Democrats are already playing the victim card with Obama in North Carolina, does this ad give them more ammo?


But in Madison County, Alabama, this ad makes a lot of sense.

Finally, a situation where I can agree with the Freedom From Religion Foundation idiots…

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a group of awful people, who spend their time attacking local school districts over prayers and invocations before football games and graduations. BUT, for once, I think they got something right….

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter of complaint to Russellville City Schools after receiving a report that the high school football team chaplain baptized players on the football field.

Mark Heaton, head coach and athletic director, and team Chaplain Tanner Hall posted about the baptisms on social media.

“Three baptized after practice Thursday… Building the Kingdom!” Hall said. “Man I love that God allows me to do what I do! Baptized players today after practice!”

Yeah, that probably shouldn’t be happening right after practice.

They actually make some pretty good points…

FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel said it is illegal for a public school to “organize, sponsor, or lead religious activity.”

“Such sponsorship of religion is especially problematic in the context of athletics, given the pressure players feel to conform to what coaches expect of them so as not to affect their playing time or lose favor with the coaches,” Seidel said.

Ask yourself this, would you be cool with this if the basketball coach was Mujabar Barack Obama Muhammed and was converting kids to Islam and brought a local Imam in after practice to do it?

Of course you wouldn’t.

Mark Bray is an independent candidate who appears at Democratic events and wants to keep ObamaCare? asked Congressman Brooks and his opponent a few questions, 2 things jumped out at me:

1. Mark Bray has been going to Democratic events all year…

Question for Mr. Bray: You have attended several Democratic candidate events during the campaign even though you’re running as an Independent. Should voters take that to mean you would be more likely to work with Democrats in Congress?

Bray: No. They shouldn’t. The Democrats do not have a candidate. My presence at their events is to ensure they know I am on the ballot and how to vote for an independent (avoid straight party voting). The Democrat voters in this district are interested in new ideas and fresh solutions to the gridlock in Washington. They know exactly who I am and for what I stand. They support me in my bid for congress to serve ALL the people of the fifth district. Many of the folks at the Democrat events are independent voters who attend the event because they know I am there. Regarding working in Congress, I will work with any representative that will help me serve the interests of the people of the 5th district.

2/ Bray wants to keep ObamaCare…

Bray: Unfortunately, I believe that the GOP, with control of both houses, will continue to vote for repeal of the ACA and lawsuits toward the Administration. This, of course, means 2 more years of gridlock and nothing valuable to the people coming out of Congress. This is the ultimate outcome of partisan division.

Enjoy your beatdown, Mr Bray…. and take your fruit basket with you.


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