WVNN and NEWK’S want to buy your office lunch….


Apparently the Supreme Court ruled that you can’t buy contraception if you work at Hobby Lobby…

Why would you show up to protest at a freaking Hobby Lobby?

These people can give you a good reason either.

Carrying a yellow “Just say no to Hobby Lobby” poster, Huntsville resident LaVerne Roxby said it was her daugh­ter, granddaughter and the girls who follow behind who inspired her to participate in a protest against a contro­versial U.S. Supreme Court ruling.


Roxby joined a couple of dozen opponents at lunchtime outside the Hobby Lobby store on Carl T. Jones Drive in Huntsville. The group handed out free condoms to passersby to promote safe sex. Despite the honking horns and occasional jeer, Roxby said she was there to express her support for a “woman’s right to control her own body within the confines of the law.” She described her reaction to the high court’s ruling with one word: irate. “I yelled, I screamed at the tele­vision, but then when I calmed down, I realized with the way things are going and the way the deck’s stacked against us right now, it’s not surprising,” she said.


“I don’t feel it’s safe to be a woman in Republican-controlled states now. I don’t feel comfortable and I really wouldn’t want to be pregnant in a state like this.”

And then there is this genius…

Hobby Lobby protestor Melissa Davis, an Athens resi­dent who stopped in mid-interview to yell “God bless you” at an angry driver, said she is a volunteer with the Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates.

“We think that corporations should be kept separate from churches and that employees of corporations have religious freedom as well to use their compensation how they like,” she said.

I don’t even know how you could possibly have drawn a conclusion that could allow you to make this statement….

Amendment 1: Say No to Big Cotton

Alabama voters will have the opportunity on Tuesday to vote on the Alabama Cotton Producer Assessment Refund Amendment otherwise known as Amendment 1.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Alabama cotton growers produced 590,000 bales of cotton in 2013, a dollar value of $213 million.

Alabama cotton producers levy a fee of $1 per bale of cotton through a voluntary checkoff program to finance cotton research, education, and promotional programs. A refund policy is available to cotton farmers and approximately 7% request it.

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (AGI) is responsible for administering the checkoff program and collecting the fee from producers at cotton gins across the state.

AGI submits the collected funds to the private Alabama Cotton Commission each quarter for disbursement. The Alabama Cotton Commission is comprised of 11 cotton farmers from across Alabama who serve without compensation.

Amendment 1 seeks to eliminate the refund policy for cotton farmers who choose not to participate in the checkoff program. If passed, Amendment 1 will limit choice in the marketplace for cotton growers across Alabama.

As an advocate of choice in education and business, cotton producers should be afforded the same opportunity as parents to decide where to send their kids to school or businesses to choose how to operate with respect to their faith.

The checkoff program uses a government bureaucracy, in this case AGI, to establish the eligibility requirements and mechanism for collecting the fee on cotton producers in Alabama.

As an advocate of limited government, usage of a governmental agency to administer, collect, and disperse funds via the cotton checkoff program is inappropriate.

The better choice is to vote NO on Amendment 1 and keep the cotton checkoff program voluntary for cotton producers across the state.

The best choice is to remove control of the cotton checkoff program from the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and allow cotton growers the opportunity to establish their own program without input by the government.

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The Dale Jackson Show (WAPI) podcast – 07-11-14

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 07-11-14

Come on out to 1st Family Mortgage today and meet Ari Sarsalari (also Dale Jackson)….

Photo: Local meteorologist and severe weather expert, Ari Sarsalari is leaving to go to the Weather Channel but before he does he is co-hosting the Dale Jackson Show at 1st Family Mortgage on S. Memorial Pkwy tomorrow. More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/622651451175468/

Local meteorologist and severe weather expert, Ari Sarsalari is leaving to go to the Weather Channel but before he does he is co-hosting the Dale Jackson Show at 1st Family Mortgage on S. Memorial Pkwy tomorrow.


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