The best part is that The White House released this, thinking it made him look badass…

What a clown.

Won’t change many people’s view of Obama because most in the military already dislike him.

Here is an example, a former soldier of mine and current Warrant Officer…


Madison County Board stands behind EVERYONE still employed by Madison County….

This is absurd….

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — A Madison County Schools attorney said today that administrators at Sparkman Middle School were blameless in the 2010 rape of a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom.

Attorney Mark Boardman instead laid blame for the assault at the feet of June Simpson, the teacher’s aide who used the girl as “bait” to catch an older boy sexually harassing her.

“No administrator played any role in this at all,” Boardman said of the assault.

When asked about Simpson’s claims that she informed then-Assistant Principal Jeanne Dunaway of the plan prior to the assault — and that Dunaway was “disinterested” and offered no guidance — Boardman said that Dunaway testified that she was on the phone when Simpson “breezed by the door of her office” and that she never heard what Simpson tried to tell her about the plan.

Even the judge involved has called BS…

Putnam’s opinion shows, however, that he did not necessarily believe Dunaway’s claim that she did not hear Simpson tell her about the plan.

“Plaintiff’s evidence here suggests that after Simpson and Dunaway persuaded BHJ (the victim) to meet with CJC (the suspect) by promising that teachers would ‘catch’ them before anything happened, they essentially abandoned her. Simpson returned to the gym, and there is no evidence that Dunaway did anything but sit in her office,” Putnam writes in the opinion. “They negligently or wantonly failed to protect BHJ from harm by persuading her to meet with CJC and then making little or no effort to protect her while she did so.

these are board employees and board should be responsible for their actions.

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 09-23-14

You will be made to care about the NFL scandals whether you do or not…

You didn’t care about the Redskins name, but the media didn’t care. They are still trying to convince you

More than three of four Americans say they will watch NFL games, whether on TV or in person, as much as they always have — but 14% say they’ll watch fewer games because of recent allegations of domestic violence by some of the league’s players, according to a USA TODAY Sports poll.

Same with the recent problems with the Redskins….

A large but shrinking majority of Americans say the Washington Redskinsshould not change their team’s name, according to a poll released Tuesday finding over two-thirds of the public does not think the name is disrespectful of Native Americans.

Public opinion continues to be lopsided in favor of keeping the name, with 71 percent saying it “should not” be changed in the new poll conducted for ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” which broadcast a special report on the name controversy Tuesday night.

Support for the Redskins name has fallen substantially from 89 percent in a 1992 Washington Post-ABC News poll and 83 percent in an online Associated Press-GfK survey earlier this year. While clearly outnumbered, the percentage saying the team should change its name has grown from 8 percent in 1992 to 23 percent in the new survey.

No one cared, except the media. They beat the drum for two years and convinced people to care.

Marc Ganis, a leading sports consultant, doesn’t believe all of the 14% mean what they say.

“It’s an answer that some people may want to give for the hot-button issue of the day, but I suspect that the people who regularly watch NFL games will continue to watch them,” Ganis said. “The ratings are up, especially for CBS, and I suspect we’ll see more of that as the season goes on.”

Again, no one really cares.

Dear Democrats, STOP…

Alabama Democrat candidate for Governor Parker Griffith called a talk show host a “pussy”….

In Maine, Democrat candidate for Governor is tweeting out vulgar rap songs about U.S. Senators performing oral sex that were made for his campaign….

A video promoted by Maine Democratic gubernatorial candidate Michael Michaud features the rap song “King of Maine,” which calls for Maine’s prominent Republican Sen. Susan Collins to give everyone “brain,” a term known to mean oral sex.

The song is by Maine rapper Spose, and the controversial rhyme directly targets Maine’s senior senator in a quite inappropriate way, according to theMaine Wire.

“I’m the King of Maine, I’ve got Susan Collins giving everyone brain,” raps Spose, who often refers to himself as the King of Maine.

The lewd comment can be heard slightly before the 2:00 minute mark of the video, which is called “On the Road with Mike Michaud.”

Although the campaign was not involved in the production of the video, it was tweeted out by Michaud and his campaign director.

The video features the song as it shows Michaud stump around different parts of the state.

How about Kansas….

In [1998, Davis] was getting a lap dance at a strip club when cops raided it in search of drugs, a situation Paul Davis on Saturday described as being “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Davis was not charged with any crime, but a police chief involved in the raid wrote afterward that he had been drinking and was found “in a somewhat compromising position … in a back room of the club.”

According to police reports, he was alone with a topless stripper who was wearing only a G-string.

Davis, who was unmarried at the time, identified himself as an attorney for the owner of the strip club after an officer ordered him at gunpoint to lie on the floor during the raid for methamphetamine.

So, Davis’ defense to all this is that…he was defending the meth-dealing strip club owner at the time. And he was getting the lap dance…just as a professional courtesy?

That damn War on Women continues…

Now, back to Alabama, the same guy who compared the GOP to ISIL, Jesse Smith, is now calling for brutal tyrants to rule the Middle East….

Smith added Saddam Hussein’s brutal crackdowns on his own people kept the Middle East stable.

“You know that tyrant, that tyrant was need in that area,” he said in the interview. “Saddam Hussein was known…he would, he would gonna throw some gas on his people. He did that to the Iranians. So, they knew he was a tyrant. Sometimes you have necessary evils and I think for that area he was a necessary evil. And once he was removed, we see what’s going on now.”

Smith, who is running against Republican Rep. Mike Rogers previously made waves in August for saying Republicans are worse than ISIS.

Nailed it.

Rep. Craig Ford continues to earn his nickname, “Alabama’s Resident Dunce”…

He’s serious.

There are many things I believe a person in leadership should be: responsive to their constituents, strong in their core values, able to make tough decisions and most importantly, a good steward of the taxpayers’ money. And being a good steward of taxpayers’ money means finding real solutions to the budget problems of our state—not simply balancing the budgets on the backs of working families. Unfortunately, certain politicians are suggesting we do exactly that.

Super serious.

And I agree that we need to start looking at new options. We should be looking at creating a state lottery to help fund public education, and entering into a compact with the Poarch Creek Indians to bring in new revenue for the general fund.

AND…. More spending.

Because, he is not advocating a status-quo on spending, he is advocating creating new revenue for new spending.

The lottery hype is not serious, see Parker Griffith’s campaign.

Don’t believe the hype, this guy is a dunce.

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 09-22-14


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