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Rudy Giuliani tells the truth about police in black communities, everyone is offended…


Not really.

Also, that wasn’t really the point of what he said.

At that point Giuliani took off his glasses, which apparently is his sign that it’s time to rumble. “[Black on black crime] is the reason for the heavy police presence in the black community,” Giuliani claimed. “Why don’t you cut it down so so many white police officers don’t have to be in black areas?… The white police officers wouldn’t be there if you weren’t killing each other.

“If you weren’t killing each other” is a pretty non-PC line, it’s also the ONLY thing race-baiters will pick up on.

Nice headline, though… I clicked.

Policing follows problems, which is the exact opposite of what idiots like Micheal Eric Dyson believes. He believes policing is, inexplicably, an extension of white supremacy and a reason for a high-crime rate in black communities.

Here is video….

State Rep. Alvin Holmes is trapped in the 60s, thinks Obama is racist and wants to send him a telegram…

Why was it racist?

Not because of this:

Are we a nation that tolerates the hypocrisy of a system where workers who pick our fruit and make our beds never have a chance to get right with the law?

But because he didn’t mention African immigrants.

State Rep. Alvin Holmes, who is the chairman of the Civil Right Division of the Alabama Legislative Black Caucus, said Thursday night he thought the president’s speech was “racist,” and the president is only trying to protect people from Latin America and Europe. He also said he was going to send the president a “telegram” Friday to let him know his position on the topic.

“I thought President Obama’s speech was racist. I thought it was racist to the core. He was talking about immigrants coming to this country and the only thing he mentioned about immigrants coming from Latin America and Europe, he didn’t mention anything about immigrants coming from Africa,” Holmes said.

This guy is awesome…

Never change.

Remember, brown is the new black.

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These illegals sound like Democrats already….

What can “my country” do for me?

Reports have it that illegal immigrants across the country are throwingwatch parties in anticipation of the president’s announcement of amnesty for around 5 million immigrants here illegally.  One Chicago Latino leader, Pastor Emma Lozano of Aldaberto United Methodist Church, toldThe Washington Times she’ll be watching the address alongside people currently facing deportation:

“We’re going to be watching this very closely, people in my church,” said Aldaberto. “We’re going to have the TV on in both languages and really praying and hoping we get what we deserve.

Celebrating accomplishing nothing? Implying the county owes you something?

Oh, yeah… These guys will fit right in.

No wonder Obama didn’t want to talk to all Americans tonight….

“But… Reagan did it!” Actually he did not, moron…

Are we out of our damn minds?

Why are we being lied to by our media?

Judge Napolitano explains the difference to Megyn Kelly. In one word? The difference between what Reagan and Bush did and what Obama intends to do is the word “statute.”

As everyone knows, in 1986 President Reagan signed into law the Simpson-Mazzoli bill, known officially as The Immigration and Control Act. We’ll come back to that at a later time – the law did not work as Reagan intended (hint: No border security as promised). But for immediate purposes it is important to know that in signing the bill Reagan’s presidential signature made the bill a law – a statute. Presidents cannot pass laws unilaterally. That’s the job of the Congress per the Constitution, as every American school child is suppose to learn early on. What presidents can do – must do if a bill is to become law – is sign the bill. That’s what Reagan did.

Presidents also have the job of interpreting the statute they are sworn to uphold. So sworn by the presidential oath in which they “do solemnly swear” to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States …” and “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

What is the difference between Reagan and Obama? Reagan’s action was in accordance with the law – the statute. The very law that he had signed after – say again after – it was passed by Congress. What President Obama is about to do is unilaterally write the law – as if he were writing or re-writing a statute – all by himself. As Judge Napolitano says:

No, it’s not the same.

Every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower has suspended some deportations. President Reagan did it to 100,000 families. He did it on the basis of the 1986 statute enacted by the Congress. President George H.W.Bush did it for 1.5 million people, only about 350,000 took advantage of it, and it was based on his interpretation of the statute. President Obama does not re-interpret a statute. He takes a statute and says ‘I’m going to disregard it. I’m going to give you a better one. I’m going to set down a set of standards that I would have written had I been the law maker.’ He’s not the law maker, he’s the law enforcer.’

Keep in mind, 2011 Barack Obama agrees with me…


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