The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-14-14

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-13-14

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!

A day where white people celebrate their heritage by pretending they are sad about stuff they had nothing to do with!

Wait is that not what this is?

Sounds like I nailed it…

Columbus Day often brings to mind the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. This Monday, some cities and states would rather you think of the Sioux, the Suquamish and the Chippewa.

For the first time this year, Seattle and Minneapolis will recognize the second Monday in October as “Indigenous People’s Day.” The cities join a growing list of jurisdictions choosing to shift the holiday’s focus from Christopher Columbus to the people he encountered in the New World and their modern-day descendants.

The Seattle City Council voted last week to reinvent the holiday to celebrate “the thriving cultures and values of Indigenous Peoples in our region.” The Minneapolis City Council approved a similar measure in April “to reflect upon the ongoing struggles of Indigenous people on this land, and to celebrate the thriving culture and value that Dakota, Ojibwa and other indigenous nations add to our city.”

1492 folks, different world. Of course through our 2014 eyes what he did was “horrible” but let’s not pretend the “new world” was peaceful before the white man showed up…

Nevermind, let’s do just that…

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue … and slaughtered the indigenous peoples he found

Hahaha, I see my people are celebrating by pretending to be deep

American exceptionalism at its worst

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, my teachers were the World War II generation that proclaimed American exceptionalism’. Columbus was the great explorer who found this new land inhabited by ‘savages’, and brought them to civilization. –Paul, Massachusetts

‘The narrative: Columbus was a hero, and if you say otherwise, well, you’re just unpatriotic’

We were taught that Columbus ‘freed the Indians!’, though what they were freed from – that was never said. It started with coloring pages and silly movies and evolved over the years to textbooks and essays. The narrative stayed the same throughout the years: he was a hero, he discovered America, and if you say otherwise, well, you’re just downright unpatriotic.

We ought to look at the ugly sides of colonization and the genocide of the Native Americans, something along the lines of, Yes, we’re here now, but let’s find out how we got here. Why on Earth are we celebrating a murderer? –Kiera, Florida

‘The story was, without fail, a whitewashed tale.’

It was never a day for in-depth teaching about true history. The story was, without fail, always the whitewashed tale of a great explorer coming to America and discovering a lush paradise full of friendly natives. I never heard a single dissenting opinion or contradictory backstory from any educators.

Columbus Day shouldn’t be recognized at all. –Drew, Pennsylvania

Beyond ‘sailed the ocean blue’

All I really remember from was the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria – and, of course: in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. After that, my family moved from New Jersey to a small town in South Dakota. There, it was always Columbus Day/Native American Day. In middle school we celebrated Native American Day one year by eating traditional Native American foods. More recently, the South Dakota state legislature officially changed the name to Native American Day.

I think we should follow South Dakota’s lead and rename it to honor indigenous peoples. –Joan, South Dakota

‘We should be ashamed for celebrating this sketchy character’

I was taught like every other elementary student, from a textbook that misrepresented history in favor of the victors. I’m Cherokee, but I did not learn the truth about the Eurocentric leanings of common textbooks until college. My native elders did not speak out – they protested silently by NOT observing Columbus Day. It took me years to figure out why.

It is appalling that we recognize Columbus as anything. It is paramount to celebrating rape, murder and slavery. We should be ashamed for celebrating this mischaracterized, historically sketchy character. –Ken Bridges, Oklahoma

‘Rename Columbus Day’

I don’t remember being told anything about Columbus’s crimes until I was in fifth grade, when we had the day off for Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Day. We should denounce Columbus as a criminal and rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Day. Columbus enslaved many Native Americans. –Sam, California

If you wish to truly celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, do as my forefathers did, eat Macaroni & Cheese and drink Mr. Pibb.

Why people don’t trust “moderate” Muslims…

Can’t decry chopping people’s head’s off?

Why is it so hard?

Anchor Emma Alberici asked Doureihi if he condones the beheading of innocent journalists and aid workers, and after Doureihi was very clearly trying to avoid giving a response, Alberici said, “answer my question, please.”

“You are clearly obfuscating, and I did not invite you onto this program to do that,” Alberici said. “Why will you not, point blank, condemn the actions of IS fighters? Men that cut off the heads of innocent journalists and aid workers.”

Doureihi said the question was “offensive,” and used an argument similar to that of Anjem Choudary, saying the foreign policies of the U.S., Britain, and Australia have “directly” killed millions.

Still, though, when given multiple opportunities to condemn the actions of ISIS on a national platform, Doureihi would not do so.

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-10-14

Senator Paul Sanford Appointed to Alabama Small Business Commission

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh (R-Anniston) appointed Senator Paul Sanford (R-Huntsville) to the Alabama Small Business Commission effective immediately.

“I can think of no better person to serve in this capacity than Paul Sanford,” said Senator Marsh. “Paul is a successful entrepreneur who grew up in his family’s barbecue business.”

Senator Sanford and his wife, Danielle, own and operate Little Paul’s Barbecue in Huntsville. Recently, he launched the Camouflage Seasoning line of blends for wild game.

“I am honored and eager to work with the Alabama Small Business Commission,” said Sanford. “As a small business owner, I understand the challenges facing families and entrepreneurs. As a Senator, I understand how important small business is to our local and state economies.”

“Our number one priority right now is to create a business friendly atmosphere to help attract companies that will create jobs across Alabama. It is great when big industry comes in, but jobs created by small businesses far outnumber larger companies almost 3 to 1.”

The Alabama Small Business Commission, created by Executive Order 47, will serve as an advisory body in formulating policies, encouraging innovation, and discussing issues critical to the economic growth of small businesses.

The Commission will promote policies to assist new business start-ups and the expansion of existing businesses.

The Commission will be comprised of Alabama based small and independent business owners who will serve a two-year term with the option of a two-year reappointment.  For the purposes of this Commission, the definition of a small business will be 50 or fewer employees.

Governor Robert Bentley (R-Tuscaloosa) also created the Alabama Small Business Advisory Committee to provide technical and informational resources to the Commission.

Senator Sanford was first elected to the Alabama Senate in 2009. Senator Sanford Chairs the Job Creation and Economic Development Committee as well as the Local Legislation No. 4 Committee in the Alabama Senate.

Senator Sanford sits on the Small Business, Rules, Governmental Affairs, Finance and Taxation General Fund, and Agriculture Committees.

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-09-14


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