One man march today in Huntsville! Police Lives Matter! The Truth Matters!

Today at 4:30 I will follow the same path as Friday’s Oakwood University protest.

I will walk right down the middle of the road from Oakwood University on Wynn to University and then head east on University I will continue till I get in front of Pier 1 Imports, where I will stage a “Die-in”. My die-in will be in honor of the truth which has died a tragic death over the last few weeks.

Surely the police will close the road and protect my right to protest.Protest

The Eric Garner case is tragic BUT that doesn’t give us free reign to ignore the facts….

Here are a couple of facts that the media is either downplaying or ignoring completely.

1. Eric Garner was breaking the law and had done so repeatedly. He had 31 previous arrests and was reported by shopkeepers in the area for selling cigarettes illegally. We can argue all day that it is stupid that he can’t sell cigarettes he already bought but Eric Garner was never going to settle that issue with a group of officers.

2. Eric Garner could have avoided all of this by not resisting arrest. Period.

3. The choke-hold is NOT illegal. It is impermissible. There is a difference.

4. Eric Garner was not choked to death, he had no strangulation marks or broken bones in his neck. The guy was 350-lbs, had asthma and a heart condition. Not necessarily in cop-fighting shape. The coroner stated that the choke-hold, as well as compression to the chest, caused Mr. Garner’s death. That compression? Could it be a 350-lbs man handcuffed and laying on his chest after struggling with cops.

According to medical examiner spokeswoman Julie Bolcer, Garner was killed by “…the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police… Asthma, heart disease and obesity were contributing factors…”

The medical examiner, while ruling the death a homicide, said there was no damage to neck or windpipe and so therefore it isn’t a chokehold.

5. He could breathe. Saying, “I can’t breathe” is a good indication you can. I’ve almost choked to death, trust me, you can’t talk .Was he in distress? Absolutely.

6. The Grand Jury clearly did not see an intent to kill Garner. In fact, no can argue he tried to kill him. Maybe manslaughter would be appropriate but it’s pretty doubtful a grand jury would view this as anything more than an accidental death that occurred after a confrontation with police.

7. Cops are not hunting black men in the street.

O’Reilly then pulled out two statistics that seemingly hurt Smiley’s allegations that police officers are indiscriminately targeting black people.

“Do you know how many blacks were killed by police by gunfire last year?” O’Reilly asked.

“Off the top of my head, I don’t,” Smiley replied.

“The number is 123,” O’Reilly said. “Do you know how many whites were killed? 326.”

“There are 43 million-plus black Americans — 123 were killed by police gunfire,” he continued. “There isn’t an epidemic of this. … But when it happens it’s extremely troubling.”

When a stunned Smiley asked O’Reilly if he really doesn’t see a “pattern” on the issue, the Fox News host replied, “I don’t because the statistics don’t say there’s a pattern.”

“Again, 123 deaths out of 43 million-plus is minuscule — every death is a tragedy, I’m with you,” he added. “Three times as many whites are shot by police than blacks. I don’t think it’s hunting down blacks.”

8. There will be no DOJ Civil Rights charges. Folks, and this is important, in order to have a Civil Rights charge brought you need to prove the officer intended to deprive Garner of his Civil Rights because of his race. You need that extra requirement for the case to be a civil rights violation in these circumstances. You don’t have that.

War on Christmas in on!!!

If there is a “War on Christmas”, Christmas has already won.

Joe Scarborough spends two days ripping MSNBC, co-hosts, Rams and Democratic politicians over the nonsensical “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” lie…

Here is the New York Time’s story on the matter

What happened next cannot be resolved by analysis of the physical evidence, and the starkly contrasting accounts only underscore the unreliability of memory and perceptions. On the ground, blood splotches indicate that Mr. Brown was shot as he approached Officer Wilson, but kept moving until another volley killed him as he bent forward.

Of the 20 or so eyewitnesses who appeared before the grand jury, most of those who spoke to the issue said they believed Mr. Brown had his hands up. But some accounts were clearly not credible and were recanted under interrogation. And of the credible witnesses whose stories were largely consistent, many were at odds with one another.

Hands up! Don’t care about facts!

This story is infuriating on so many levels. A narrative brought to the media by an accomplice of Mike Brown and a proven liar is now repeated across the globe even after it has been thoroughly debunked.

Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!

It was apparently what the media decided we needed to believe Mike Brown did/said before racist Officer Darren Wilson gunned him down.

It’s all a lie, a lie repeated by people who never saw the event because they wanted to help push Mike Brown as a martyr.

We all now know it is a lie.

Some don’t care.

Some pretend that the statement is about all black men killed by cops when they didn’t have their hands up either or something.

Here are some examples…

Keep it up…

On a side note, why doesn’t the press care that it was lied to by witness after witness?

2014 Dale Jackson Show Turkeys of the Year!




  • Micheal Brown – for everything… Cigarillos, fighting a cop, charging a cop (Dale)
  • Dorian Johnson – for being a liar
  • Barack Obama voters – for causing executive amnesty
  • Snoop Dog – for going to Micheal Brown’s funeral without the facts
  • AL Sharpton – for race hustling, also not paying his and taxes
  • New York Times – for publishing the address of Darren Wilson and his wife because “it was already out there”
  • Kaci Hickox – for being Ebola nurse
  • Dallas Hospital workers – for kicking Thomas Eric Duncan out for hospital
  • Kim Kardashian – for failing to understand that at this point “we would have to go to a gynecologist to see more of her”
  • Charles Manson’s wife – for falling in love with Charles Manson
  • commentators – for being Internet trolls
  • Seattle’s Mayor – Pardoned a “Tofurkey
  • – for generally crapiness
  • Bill Cosby – for allegedy drugging and raping young ladies


  • Jameis WInston – For trying to squander his talent (Dale)
  • USC football player Josh Shaw – for lying about saving his 7-year cousin from drowning to cover-up jumping off a balcony while fighting with his girlfriend
  • Ray Rice – for punching his wife in the face
  • Ray Rice’s wife – for staying with her husband after he punched her in the face
  • Cleveland Cavaliers’ Dan Waiters – for stating he missed the national anthem in Utah earlier this week for religious reasons was a “big misunderstanding,” adding he was undergoing his “normal routine” in the locker room when he lost track of time.
  • University of Alabama board of trustees – for targeting UAB football

Prosecutor blasts the media but the media is not smart enough to understand the criticism…

Sorry guys, you suck at your job. You got this whole story wrong from the very beginning and you don’t care.

“The most significant challenge encountered in this investigation has been the 24-hour news cycle and its insatiable appetite for something — for anything — to talk about, following closely behind with the non-stop rumors on social media,” McCulloch said.

He acknowledged the lack of detail could be frustrating and might make those already distrustful of the system more suspicious. But the secrecy, he said, serves a point.

“Those closely guarded details, especially about the physical evidence, give law enforcement a yardstick for measuring the truthfulness of witnesses,” said McCulloch.

The media’s reaction…

CNN’s Jeffery Tobin shares his butthurt…


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