Is candidate for Attorney General Joe Hubbard using a fake southern accent? (Spoiler: Yes)

2014 (from a campaign ad) vs. 2012 (from The Dale Jackson Show)

BRAYruptcy: Mark Bray’s bankruptcy involving 21 credit cards and an unknown amount…

There will be one embarrassing Mark Bray fact at 8:20 everyday this week until Mark Bray explains his actions or Monday rolls around and we get the famous “fruit-basket” interview.

I often hear politicians talking about how we put all of our spending on a credit card, candidate for Congress Mark Bray lives it…


That’s $122,331 in credit cards debt on 8 cards.  Plus another 13 credit cards with “unknown liabilities”. 

How much was it, Mark?

I was going to post the whole document, but I am not a monster. Plus, Bray might be a decent human being and explain his recent actions.

That’s right the guy who wants to control America’s purse has 21 defaulted credit cards and for over half of those he has no idea how much money he owes… Nice. Fiscally responsible.

Your credit card rates are high because guys like Mark Bray don’t pay their bills.

Sooooo… send him to Congress?

Like Mark Bray said to his creditors, when they came asking for payment: No thanks.

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-28-14

Embarrassing novice Mark Bray thinks you are an idiot…

Does anyone believe this conversation with an “experienced political operative” actually took place?



Just… no.

But I do like the “Full access – to everyone in the district.” comment, especially the fact that it came hours before he banned me from his Facebook and deleted my critical comments.

The Decatur Daily’s embarrassing endorsement of Mark Bray…

Here are the “highlights”

First they pretend Mo Brooks wants to shoot illegals, after he stated the exact opposite and then they tell us how records don’t matter…

Brooks has only one vote out of 435, so his voting record matters little. His “look at me!” style of leadership, however, has done great harm to his district and his state.

How so? Example? Nope.

Would Bray be successful in creating bipartisan political alliances that benefit his district, as were Flippo and Cramer? We don’t know.

Is there anything the DD knows?

So… voting records don’t matter and they have no confidence in Mark Bray being able to do a good job?

This is the endorsement right?

Who could deliver today’s “A Time for Choosing” speech?

No one…Would the media allow such a person to exist?


They would be depicted as mean and uncaring, while millionaires like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton present themselves as paupers fighting a rigged system for the little guy...

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-27-14


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