SHCA Endorses Anson Knowles for School Board

By a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, SHCA endorses Anson Knowles for Huntsville City School Board District 3.

Mr. Knowles has a working knowledge of the responsibilities ahead and commits to understanding and acting upon the will of citizens of District 3.

Mr. Knowles will bring strong leadership in support of neighborhood schools, property values, public trust, and accessibility to quality education by all students.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of the premier conservative civic association in District 3,” said Mr. Knowles. “I am also impressed by the thorough and complete vetting procedure used by SHCA in determining the best fit for the citizens of South Huntsville.”

“When I am elected on August 26th, I will do my level best to promote the interests of the residents of South Huntsville while I am performing the duties of a Huntsville City School Board member.”

SHCA encourages all South Huntsville residents in District 3 to vote for Anson Knowles for Huntsville City School Board on Tuesday, August 26.

SHCA is a non-partisan, research, education, and oversight organization dedicated to the preservation of property values, free markets, excellence in education, and citizen awareness.

For more information about Anson Knowles visit or email

Rethinking the immigration “short game” vs. “the long con”…

I have to admit, I have really bought into the talking point that Republicans have a real problem with immigration.

That talking point says, that Republicans will experience short-term political gains on the issue of escalation of migrants flooding across our border vs. Democrats’ “long con” against low-wage Americans where they pretend to be for the little guy. boning them at every turn while hoping to get the Latino vote like they own they black vote.

But this poll makes me question that talking point

Rather than convince the American people that passing a mass amnesty is what’s needed, the burst of border coverage earlier this month convinced 77% of the American people that the kids need to be sent back home. A full 42% want the kids sent back immediately regardless of what’s happening in their home countries. Add to that another 35% who want them sent back  unless their home country is deemed unsafe.

Only 11% want what Obama, Democrats, and the media want — which is amnesty for everyone.

The numbers are not all that different among Hispanics. Only 22% want to give the children amnesty. A full 64% want the children deported. Of that 64%, 28% want them deported immediately; 36% want them deported unless their home country is deemed unsafe.

That puts Hispanics almost perfectly in line with the rest of country.

The poll also shows that the media’s collective decision to, at least for now, ignore the crisis, is out of step with the American people; 81% of whom see it as a serious problem.

The biggest tell that the media’s propaganda campaign backfired is that a full 57% of those polled believe that the jump in illegals is due to the belief the American government will grant children amnesty. Only 29% believe it has anything to do with increased violence in Central America.

The poll also shows that only 40% of Hispanics believe violence is what prompted the flood of illegal children. A full 51% believe it was the promise of amnesty.

Now maybe that talking point will work, but it doesn’t appear to be doing so now…

So we are back to Bentley wanting a special session?

What is going on?

Gov. Robert Bentley said he is still considering a special session to address economic development incentives but only if he has a consensus from legislative leadership and a there is a clear plan for the session.

Speaking at the Economic Development Association of Alabama‘s Summer 2014 Conference at the Grand Hotel, Bentley said he has tasked Alabama Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield with determining what is needed in the way of new incentives and identifying funding options.

In an interview after his talk, Bentley said the state is moving closer to the $750 million cap in the bond issue dollars for economic development the state approved through Amendment 666 in 2000. That’s even after the state freed up $160 million with some refinancing approved in another amendment in 2012.

And about the Education Trust Fund?

Today, Bentley did not say the ETF would be off limits, but did say any proposed plan would have to be a net gain for the fund.

“I will never take money out of the Education Trust Fund,” Bentley said. “Anything I will do will put more money into the Education Trust Fund.”

Why didn’t he just say that from day 1?

He needs be more forceful with what he wants.

This is confusing, it makes him look weak.

Here is how Hamas, Republicans and Democrats view the Israeli/Hamas conflict…

John Boehner says the U.S. should stand with Israel

Boehner said the U.S. House will always support Israel’s right to defend itself.

“We will not equate professional militaries with terrorist organizations that use human shields and seek to maximize civilian casualties,” Boehner said. “And we insist that the demilitarization of Gaza be not just a House goal but a shared, uncompromising U.S. and international objective.”

Nancy Pelosi thinks Hamas is a “Humanitarian” organization

Hamas, however, doesn’t care about getting civilians killed…

LEMON: “… by Mosab Hassan Yousef. He’s the author of ‘Son of Hamas,’ and he joins us now. Your father was a founding member of Hamas and you were groomed to take a leadership position. Eventually, you converted to Christianity, rejected their political and military objectives. Why did you do that?”
YOUSEF: “Well for the simple reasons that we see right now in Gaza. Hamas does not care about the lives of Palestinians, does not care about the lives of Israelis or Americans. They don’t care about their own lives. They consider dying for the sake of their ideology, a way of worship. And how you can continue in that society?”
LEMON: “Okay. I’ll ask you the same question I asked my last guest. Can you coexist with someone whose mission is to — is your destruction?”
YOUSEF: “Well, Hamas is not seeking coexistence and compromise. Hamas is seeking conquest and taking over. And by the way, the Israel — the destruction of the state of Israel is not the Hamas’ final destination. Hamas’ final destination is building the Islamic caliphate, which means an Islamic state on the rubble of every other civilization. These are the ultimate goals of their movement.”
LEMON: “Mosab, you say in your book that Hamas targets civilians as a tool of war. Tell us about the Hamas that you know from growing up in the West Bank.”
YOUSEF: “Well, in the mosques, Hamas taught us that without shedding innocent blood for the sake of the ideology, we wouldn’t be able to build an Islamic state. They were preparing us from the age as young as five-years-old. This is the ideology that Hamas was feeding us. And honestly, it’s impossible almost for anybody to break through and see the truth and real face of Hamas and be able to leave at some point. As you see in my case, I had to lose everything, just to say no to Hamas. And today, when I look at the children of Gaza, and I know what they are fed, I know that they had no choice.”
LEMON: “Mosab, thank you. I appreciate you’re joining us.’

How humane….

Sen. Jeff Sessions isn’t having any of this amnesty mess…

We need more Jeff Sessions in this world.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) offered “a warning for the more purely political” of his colleagues as Congress weighs whether to move on the president’s funding request on the border crisis: Don’t forget what happened to former House majority leader and now-outgoing Representative Eric Cantor.

“The results of recent primary elections show the American people are being roused to action, and once activated, their power will be felt — they will not be mocked,” Session said on the Senate floor on Monday. “They have begged, and pleaded for our nation’s immigration laws to be enforced for 30 or 40 years, and the politicians have refused.”

Cantor lost in a surprising upset in the Republican primary for Virginia’s seventh congressional district to professor Dave Brat. Many political observers pointed to Cantor’s stance on immigration reform as one of the primary reasons for his loss — Cantor was unwilling to shoot down reform that included some form of amnesty.

But with reports that President Obama may take executive action to grant legal status to as many as 5 million immigrants in the country illegally, as well as work authorization permits, Sessions urged his colleagues to not support any supplemental funding requests without including provisions that would limit his ability to take such actions.

The Dale Jackson Show (WAPI) podcast – 07-28-14

Another uncomfortable, accurate, opinion lands someone in “trouble”…

Get ready for a ton of butthurt in sports circle because Stephen A. Smith was not fired for stating an obvious fact.

What did he say?

First let me show you the headline:

First Take Discusses A Woman’s Responsibility To Avoid Being Beaten

His words…

And I think that just talking about what guys shouldn’t do, we got to also make sure that you can do your part to do whatever you can do to make, to try to make sure it doesn’t happen. We know they’re wrong. We know they’re criminals. We know they probably deserve to be in jail. In Ray Rice’s case, he probably deserves more than a 2-game suspension which we both acknowledged. But at the same time, we also have to make sure that we learn as much as we can about elements of provocation. Not that there’s real provocation, but the elements of provocation, you got to make sure that you address them, because we’ve got to do is do what we can to try to prevent the situation from happening in any way. And I don’t think that’s broached enough, is all I’m saying. No point of blame.

And… What is wrong with that?

No point of blame.

We should talk about this angle.

We know they  are wrong.

Here is the part no one seems to care about….

But at the same time, we also have to make sure that we learn as much as we can about elements of provocation. Not that there’s real provocation, but the elements of provocation, you got to make sure that you address them, because we’ve got to do is do what we can to try to prevent the situation from happening in any way. And I don’t think that’s broached enough, is all I’m saying. No point of blame.

He is saying straight up, THERE IS NO REASON FOR A MAN TO TOUCH A WOMAN. THERE IS NO EXCUSE but let’s not put ourselves in dangerous situations.

That’s how I took it and I don’t see what the issue is. (a paragon of inclusiveness and tolerance) founding editor Will Leitch is out to show you how shocked he is

But the next time some guy in sports media has the same thought that Smith did — and it’s a sentiment that’s far too common — he’s going to stop for a second.

And we act like this is a good thing?

People won’t say unpopular or thought-provoking things for fear of the Twitter Mobs and pOUTRAGE police in the media?


There is your message folks, there are only a couple of acceptable opinions. So stay in your lane and make sure your opinion doesn’t offend the wrong group.


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