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If your peace protest is attacked, you are probably doing something stupid…

Leave those peaceful Palestinians alone!

Slogans chanted by the protesters included “Stop the war,” “Bring the soldiers back home” and “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies,” Channel 2 reported.

This is just brainless…

Ahead of the event, the rally’s organizers said on its Facebook page: “In the face of the war which is taking a heavy, bloody toll of dead and injured on both sides, of destruction and terror, of bombings and rockets, we will stand and demand: End the war now!

Oh wait, here come some missiles!

Several thousand left-wing activists gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Saturday evening, calling for an end to bloodshed in the Gaza Strip and a return to negotiations with the Palestinians…

The demonstrations were cut short when Hamas unilaterally ended a humanitarian truce with Israel and resumed rocket-fire from Gaza.


What did America learn by electing Barack Obama? Nothing…

You messed up America

A new CNN poll shows that if voters could go back to 2012, Republican Mitt Romney would defeat Democrat Barack Obama by about a 9 percent margin – 53 percent to 44 percent among the popular vote.

Obama won that showdown two years, receiving about 51 percent of the vote. The president won 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206.

To show how dumb Americans are, they placed another candidate that can claim to be the FIRST something on ballot and she beats Romney…

But before you think the poll results are a mandate for a Romney re-run – something he said won’t happen – consider this: in a hypothetical matchup between Romney and Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State would win handily.

Of those polled, 55 percent said they’d vote for Clinton compared to 42 percent for Romney.

Because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are so different?

“Politically speaking, there is an interesting group of people who would not vote for Obama but would pick Clinton over Romney,” said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. “It turns out that nearly seven in 10 of them are women, and 56 percent are independents.”

There is a name for a person who would do that: Dumbass

The Anniston Star’s lack of common sense…

The Red Star is at it again, this time they are tossing around the word “compassion“…

In writing recently about the humanitarian crisis along the U.S. southern border involving young children, U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Saks, couldn’t manage one word of compassion for Central American children fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries.

Not one word of compassion for children is found in a recent message from Rogers to his constituents. Many of these children captured along the border travelled without an adult from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. These children — estimated to be at least 50,000 in the last 10 months — covered more than 1,000 miles. Along the way they faced danger and uncertainty just for the dream of escaping a life of torment in Central America.

The hard truth for these children is they most likely won’t see their dreams come true. Most probably won’t be granted asylum. A a 2008 federal law requires that an immigration judge review the cases of undocumented children from places other than Mexico or Canada. The Obama administration predicts in most instances these children will be shipped back to their homelands.

It’s heartbreaking, a situation that should touch the hearts of every American.

Can you hear the violins?

Funny how concerned liberals are with “compassion” for these kids?

Where is the compassion for the workers displaced by illegals?

What about those who have seen their wages stagnate because of illegal labor?

What about those killed by illegals?

No words of compassion for those folks?

Doctor stops shooter from killing people and we wonder why the doctor has a gun at work…

Doctor stops death at the hand an insane criminal

A troubled patient opened fire on a caseworker and psychiatrist in a small office at a unit of Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in Delaware County on Thursday afternoon, police said, leading the doctor to draw his own weapon and shoot the assailant.

The confrontation left the caseworker, 53-year-old Theresa Hunt, dead and the 52-year-old psychiatrist, a veteran doctor at the hospital whom sources identified as Lee Silverman, with a graze wound to the head. The patient, Richard Plotts, was in critical condition Thursday night from three gunshot wounds.


Authorities said they believed Silverman shot Plotts three times in the torso and arm. Silverman was expected to be released from the hospital Thursday night and recover fully.

Let make sure we make an issue of hospital policy involving guns at work…

It was not clear why Silverman, a doctor for nearly 25 years, was armed at the office. Bernice Ho, a spokeswoman for Mercy Fitzgerald, said Thursday it was against hospital policy for anyone other than security guards to carry weapons.

Donald Molineux, chief of the Yeadon Police Department, said that if Silverman returned fire and wounded Plotts, he “without a doubt saved lives.”

He should have just let that guy kill people, less he violate a policy…

Obama is working on our immigration problem… WITH HONDURAS!

As illegals continue to flow in to the US and as the government gets ready to send them to Alabama, Obama is on the case.

But he is trying to bring more immigrants here

The White House is floating a sure-to-be-controversial plan to ease the flood of young immigrants trying to get into the US illegally: It would screen the kids in Honduras to determine whether they’re eligible to head to the US on refugee or humanitarian grounds, reports the New York Times. That way, the youths would avoid the dangerous trip across Mexico to the US border, and border communities wouldn’t have to deal with them. If the proposal is adopted and it works, similar programs would be set up in Guatemala and El Salvador.

Smart. Instead of dealing with the border issue, he wants to help them get here legally….

The White House says it’s only a proposal at this point. It would cost an estimated $47 million over two years.

What does that have with the influx of minors?


Here we go: Illegals are headed to Alabama….


WSFA 12 News has learned Maxwell Air Force Base could be used to house illegal immigrants.

According to Lt. Col. in the Secretary of Defense’s office, the Defense Department has offered space at Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base to Health and Human Services.

There are however no illegal immigrants being housed on base at this time. Lt. Col. says it’s up to the services department whether they will be placed there.

Governor Bentley’s has confirmed….


Communications Director Jennifer Ardis says the governor’s chief of staff got a call from the Federal Emergency Management Agency late Wednesday afternoon. She said it’s not known how many children will be placed at the base or how soon they will arrive.

She says no state resources are being used to help the children. But she noted that Bentley joined five other governors in sending a letter to the president on Tuesday. It expressed their concern that immigrant children will end up using public schools, social services and health systems largely funded by the states.

Will Governor Bentley call the Alabama Legislature into special session? Who knows….


Gov. Robert Bentley said Wednesday that he plans to call a special session of the Legislature after the November election to shift from the state’s General Fund to education funding to pay for economic incentives to lure new businesses.

Speaking at a workforce development summit in Washington County, Bentley noted that the state is running short on money to lure manufacturers and other larger employers. That money traditionally has come from the General Fund, which pays for Medicaid, prisons and other non-education functions of government.

But Bentley said the additional tax benefits that new businesses bring to Alabama mostly flow to the Education Trust Fund.

I actually agree with this great Bentley line…

“Who pays for the incentives? It’s not education, but they benefit from it totally. … You ought to eat what you kill.”


During a tour of the state Wednesday, Gov. Robert Bentley said he might call the Alabama Legislature into special session later this year to consider offering economic incentives to new industries.

Critics immediately panned the proposal, saying any money for incentives would likely come from the state’s school budget. Bentley denied any plan to draw money from education funds.

“That was basically somewhat misinterpreted,” Bentley said in a late-evening stop in Oxford.

Well… OK… then.

I’m not sure what was wrong with his initial comments but the media pounced and he backed down.


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