George Barry can’t tell the difference between a State Senate campaign and a campaign for Madison County Executive Committee…

It’s probably a good thing this guy was so embarrassingly defeated.

Bill Maher makes a completely accurate analogy about Hamas and no one likes it…

Why is this offensive?

Because it mentions hitting a woman?

I guess, if you ignore that she is trying to kill you.

He is saying Hamas is weak and could easily be stopped but the world just let’s them rage, eventually they have to be dealt with.

Check your sensitivities… This is brilliant and spot on.

QUICK! Tell the kids sodomy is legal…

An Alabama appeals court overturned the state’s sodomy ban in June. Aimed at criminalizing homosexual sex, the law was used to convict a Dallas County man for sexual misconduct, although the jury found the homosexual encounter was consensual.

Due to the court’s ruling, Michael Sibley, an Alabama Department of Education spokesman, told this week that the language in the state requirement is “is legally wrong and no longer operative,” and that “‘homosexual conduct’ is not illegal in Alabama.”


Tell the kids!

Monica Rodriguez, president of New York-based Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, said the law discriminates against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. She urged lawmakers to amend it.

“It’s one of those forms of institutional oppression that’s bigger than one line in the sex policy,” said Rodriguez, whose group advocates for comprehensive sexual education reform. “It can be a pervasive attitude that influences school climate. It not only impacts health, but it impacts their academic achievement.

I am sure that is about to happen.

“Hey kids, anal and oral sex is now legal in Alabama! Have fun!”

Here is what actually needs to happen in Alabama…


They are already doing it.

They also know what cause pregnancy and don’t care.

What we need to be focusing on is this

Sexually transmitted disease cases for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis in Alabama are nearly double the national average based on population, county health records show.

This is the most easily avoided issue in the world.

Wear a condom. The end. We might want to start focusing on that.

The condom also is relatively effective a presenting pregnancy. The current obsession over birth control methods that DO NOT prevent disease but creates a false level of sexual protection and freedom.

Tipping is racism and classism…

Who are these people…

Tipped workers — whose wages typically fall in the bottom quartile of all U.S. wage earners, even after accounting for tips — are a growing portion of the U.S. workforce

You know why? Because it is an unskilled job that anyone can do.

That’s called supply and demand.



If terrorist were attacking the US, we would cheer their demise…

CNN reporter calls a group of Israelis “scum“…

She couldn’t, for a second, get away with something like this if she was referring to any one except the Israelis….

This IS NOT a situation where both sides are wrong.

This is not a school yard confrontation where you get in trouble for retaliating…

You have one side that willfully initiates violence and terrorism by firing rockets, the other side responds and defends itself. One side fires with no concern of hitting civilians, the other side tries to target only Hamas. Hamas hides behind human shields when they fire their rockets. One side values life, one side hopes civilians die are killed they can use it as propaganda.

There is no moral equivalency…

The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 07-17-14

Somehow rampant illegal immigration is a catalyst for amnesty…

Because, that’s what liberals wanted all along….

For a number of reasons, the current crisis at the border is an argumentfor broader immigration reform, not against it. The fact that the border debacle has only dimmed whatever chances there were that Republicans would act on reform captures just how perverse the immigration debate in Congress has become.

In this case “immigration reform” means amnesty.

And “perverse” means unwilling to reward illegal behavior.

Congressional scholar Norman Ornstein outlines a route by which Dems could try to procedurally force the bigger issue. House Republicans are expected to offer a proposal that combines less funding to address the crisis than Obama wants, with some form of changes to the 2008 trafficking law, to speed up removals. Ornstein notes that any such changes to the law — as opposed to mere appropriating in the form of giving Obama money — could procedurally open the door to Dems offering a “motion to recommit with instructions” which would attach the House version of comprehensive immigration reform to the House GOP effort.

And if Republicans don’t give in, with what the Democrats wanted all along, well they are uncompromising monsters…

The dream outcome would be that such a thing somehow gets to the floor, putting a handful of vulnerable Republicans in tough districts in a tough spot and forcing the House GOP to vote down reform. But of course getting that far is an extreme long shot, because Republicans likely would procedurally kill such a move at the level of the Rules Committee or in some other fashion. But it’s still worth doing, Ornstein says: “Even if it gets killed, Democrats can frame it as, ‘Republicans had another chance to do comprehensive immigration reform, and they killed it again.’”

The basic point here is that this could offer an opening for Dems to procedurally push the envelope. “Democrats haven’t used all the weapons available to them — this is an opportunity,” Ornstein says.

NEVER let a crisis go to waste…



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