Mark Bray sought the Tea Party endorsement AFTER saying these things on his now deleted Facebook posts…

This is the guy who is going to bring people together?

“By the way…the tea party is a special interest group who accepted slavery.”  September 30, 2013 10:11PM


“And rather than lead, they [the tea party] have become belligerent and cruel openly calling for the collapse of the US government regardless of the bloodshed and poverty that would result.”  September 30, 2013 10:13

Read more about Mark Bray’s embarrassing nonsense here, here and here.

Also, don’t forget about the “Take your fruit basket with you!” interview Monday…

Parker Griffith can’t be trusted #3,557,092, this continues to confound writers…

Here is the last line of Kyle Whitmire’s last piece on Bentley vs Griffith….

Griffith might be an unapologetic party hopper, but he isn’t the only one who’s being inconsistent.

Soooooo… Griffith, yeah he may be an unapologetic opportunist but pointing that out is apparently wrong.

What is Bentley’s inconsistency?

Pointing out Griffith voted against ObamaCare?

“Parker Griffith first ran for Congress as a Democrat,” she says. “Then to save his own skin and save his seat, Griffith turned on his friends, ran as a Republican and voted against what President Obama considers his greatest achievement, Obamacare.”

Catch that?

It’s subtle, but in contrast to the red meat Obama-bashing this year, it sticks out like a high-society debutante in a brothel.

Of course, this radio spot is running on radio stations throughout the state that have a mostly black audience.

Um… Griffith is leading among blacks 68-8, what better way to chip away at that then point out what a phony Griffith is?

Bentley did not change a single position, he did not pander or lie AND was in no way “inconsistent”.

Pointing out your opponent is an inconsistent opportunist is completely appropriate and targeting his strongest base of support is smart.

All this is is wanting to be able to call both men inconsistent…

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Now Mark Bray has removed a pledge to be open to all constituents from his website… Why?

Was it the absurdly fake conversation that prompted the now deleted post?



Just… no.

But I do like the “Full access – to everyone in the district.” comment, especially the fact that it came hours before he banned me from his Facebook and deleted my critical comments.

Was it his behavior over the last few days that show his claims were fake?

I don’t know, but it’s pretty damn funny.

Here is where the link takes you now?


Maybe this should be his new logo for his campaign…


The Dale Jackson Show (WVNN) podcast – 10-29-14

Borderline plagiarism, sloppy reporting or pettiness of “$8 an hour, C+ Journalism School Grads”?

All three….

There was this:

Then this:

3 hours later from the pinnacle of journalistic integrity,, with no attribution…

Best part is, story is still wrong.

Bray said had about five or six credit cards for various reasons, including two business cards for a side business beyond his job as an aerospace engineer at Kennedy Space Center.

Why? Gattis doesn’t have the documents. I do.

Let’s count those “five or six credit cards”, shall we?





Way more than 6 listed as “CreditCard”, not including store charge cards as well.

Why didn’t Gattis know this? He hasn’t seen the report, his story is based off my original story.

Which, I gotta believe, is as close to plagiarism as you can get..

Good job, buddy. Way to further erode that trust in the 4th Estate…

Is candidate for Attorney General Joe Hubbard using a fake southern accent? (Spoiler: Yes)

2014 (from a campaign ad) vs. 2012 (from The Dale Jackson Show)


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